Sister Lip

Sister Lip

 Phoenix, Arizona, USA

Sister Lip is a four-piece of lovely ladies whose sexy sound draws upon the influences of rock, blues, and jazz.


Sister Lip's sound was born on the stages of Arizona in 2012, the same stages where the four lovely ladies continued to hone their skills with almost-daily shows. Each dynamic member is continually learning and growing every day. The girls draw on a wide variety of influences, and it shows. A unique blend of scat-filled, sexy smooth vocals, interesting tempo changes, a little bit of improvisation, and a whole lot of rocking have catapulted the ladies of Sister Lip into a quickly-paced and successful beginning. 

So far Cassidy (vocals, guitar), Ariel (drums), Jenny (piano, backing vocals), and Emily (bass, backing vocals) can tell of some life-changing experiences together. Behind them in this time they have an acoustic promotional tour across the U.S. & Canada, an appearance at the unofficial SXSW, a debut studio EP (with a banging debut release party in tow), and numerous live tracks and videos. Most recently, they are wrapping up their first full-band tour: a two-and-a-half month nationwide adventure across 42 cities. The "Four Girls One Truck Tour" will wrap up in September with a live release of some of the shows from their travels. 

Sister Lip is a lot of things. Sultry, talented, riveting, interesting...the list goes on. Wherever Cassidy sings, heads turn and faces appear, mesmerized. Where Ariel and Emily's rhythm section rumbles, no foot stands still. Where Jenny's keys speak, people speak back. And one things is for sure...these four passionate women are not nearly through. 


2012: "Sister Lip" (pre-EP sampler)
2013: "Sister Lip Unplugged" (acoustic)
2013: "Flat Pillow" (single)
2013: "Santa Baby" (single/cover)
2013: "Threads" (single)
2013: "Live at the Orpheum" (live show)
2014: "Thanks for the Mondays" (official studio EP)
2014: "Sister Lip Does America" (live compilation, upcoming)