Sister Ray

Sister Ray


like a MiG-29 landing in someone's living room with both engines on fire and the pilot's skull burned to a post-Soviet ash.


Sister Ray is an independent 4 piece band from Salem Oregon. Members include Justin Miller on vocals, guitars, and keys, Robert Harris on drums, Matthew Hall on bass, and Benjamin Bond on guitars. Their unique blend of alternative, psychedelic, and folk rock music, along with a hard edged D.I.Y. attitude has earned them respect and appreciation in the musical community.
The band started in October of 2004. Miller and Bond had been experimenting writing music together for the past few months and had just begun laying down rough cuts of what they had come up with. It was at this time they met Harris, through Bond’s younger sister, Nicole. Harris’ talent as a drummer proved to be the perfect backbone to their emerging guitar styling.
The band was off and running as a power trio under the name “White Heat”, Miller took over the duties of vocals and he and Bond switched off playing bass and guitar. In June of 2005 Harris met Hall through a mutual friend. His bass playing style was a match for the band and the low end anchor that they needed. With the addition of a new member the band changed their name to “Sister Ray”, after the Velvet Underground song.
Soon, Sister Ray was frequently playing shows at Salem venues like The Ike Box, The Sip, and Coffee House Café as well as local fairs. The band also provided music for independent films and was growing a reputation as a band with dynamic and well thought out performances. The band had always been about original music and recording was on the forefront of everyone’s mind, the only problem was financial. With no way to afford the outrageous fees of local recording artists, Miller and Bond decided to take the task into their own hands.
With only $500 the two set out to get the job done. They bought an old analog recording machine and set it up in the attic of Bonds fathers’ luthier shop, Sonrise Woodart. The attic would later become the home of Kidsmoke Records and the Sister Ray loft.
The band has since put out 2 official EPs and one full length album entitled 1,000 Shades Of Sunlight, all recorded and written by Sister Ray. Miller has also gone on to record other local bands and writers in Salem under Kidsmoke Records.
Other than various local and out of town gigs, Sister Ray has also won first place and a $1,000 prize in the Concerts First battle of the bands held at the Roseland Theater in Portland Oregon.
The band still writes and records all their original music under their own independent label.


Electric Water

Written By: Sister Ray

Electric water, take me away
Electric water, give me sunshine way
Electric water, take me on a trip
Take me on a trip out to sea

Electric water’s like a copy machine
Spiting out copies crisp and clean
Binaural heads blow me down
Fish tank reverb, tubes of sound

PFG (Plastic Face Girls)

Written By: Sister Ray

Plastic eyes and
Cellophane lips
Styrofoam bones and
Hydraulic hips

Now come on baby
You don’t look that good
They say plastic can’t breath
I don’t know how you could

Painted on jeans
Like everybody else
I’d pay a million, girl
Just to watch you melt

You’re a dirty hag
Without a soul
A burnt out bitch
And a heartless whore

A platinum card
And your bleached blond hair
You play a game
That you know isn’t fair

Now come on baby
Move your feet
Your feeling stiff
Let me give you some grease
She’s a glue gun mama with an artificial face mud packed pajamas and her hair of lace look into her eyes you wont see a soul behind this disguise is a big empty hole tomorrow they will come disassembled in a box deaf dumb and blind and powered by clocks you will need a wrench to adjust her head she’ll keep on ticking until the day your dead

You are so fake and
You are so cheap
You’re so unreal that
It’s hard to conceive
That you’ve got

Plastic eyes and
Cellophane lips
Styrofoam bones and
Hydraulic hips

The Crow

Written By: Sister Ray

Broken glass and crimson blood
Among the mass the deed is done
The crow that flies eats the bread
A thousand die a million dead

The widowed mother is in the street
Her crying children are at her feet
The broken father is long lost gone
While the dark black bird sings his song

What do you live for?
Is it worth or is it love
What would you die for?
Other than heaven up above

Marching people of the sun
The light will dim to the blazing gun
Turn away from problems here
See with blind eyes, hear with deaf ears

Shall we let the crow live to fly
Or shall those people die
Will the eyes of liberty see
That the poor mans poor and the rich are free

Give us Something to Feel

Written By: Sister Ray

Give us something we can feel
Give us something that we know is real
Give us something from above
Give us something we can truly love

Give us something we can feel
Give us something we can feel
Give us something we can feel
Give us something we can feel

Give us something we can know
Give us something we can truly show
Give us something we can breathe
Give us something we can truly believe

White Keys

Written By: Sister Ray

You say you love
All that is real
You only love
What you can feel

You say you are strong
And I am weak
But you are wrong
You just turn the other cheek

You could dream in your bed
But you sleep instead
You could dream in your bed
But you sleep instead

You say you will fall
If I let go
But if I did
You wouldn’t know

You say that you’ll miss me
When I leave
But you’ll only dismiss me
And you’ll never believe

You say you love all that is real
You only love what you can feel

13th Sun

Written By: Sister Ray

Sightless eyes and dried out minds
Afraid to see the day
You sleep on the hilltop
While the ground is washed away
And as the seas and age old trees
Wither in life’s tide
You sit back, begin to laugh
As they slowly pass on by

You’re living out your numbered days
Seeking to get higher
But vengeance comes in wind and wave
An earth of blazing fire
Your cities crumble beam by beam
They’re blown away as dust
Fall into the ocean left to rot and rust

Selective Seeing

Written By: Sister Ray

You see what you want to
You fear what you can’t do
Make up what you don’t know
Dropkick what you can’t throw

You were blinded by the sun
Or was it your won light?
You free speech with your tongue
Then you kill with your bite

You taste something sour
You hear something louder
Cut off all your long hair
You sit with a blank stare

The Observationist

Written By: Sister Ray

The observationist sits upon the bus
He sits, he wonders, he watches he waits
Walks down the ally
With his knobby legs
Walks down the ally sideways

He looks into a puddle of mud
Sees the reflection of the sun
Looks into the windows
Like they were mirrors
The observationist sees everyone
Yellow street lights reflect off his spectacles
As he reads the pages of yesterdays news
The car exhaust is like a cool breeze to him with those mirrors that reflect off his shoes

Look at him he has no face
He doesn’t need it for what he does
He’s not me, nor him, nor her
He is part of everyone

Devil's Run

Written By: Sister Ray

See the devil running so far away
See the devil running run from the day
He’s got your sister; he’s got your ma
He’ll crucify you; he’ll make you fall

If you don’t find him, he’ll take you down
Down to his kingdom, to kiss his crown
Go grab your six gun go grab your knife
You’re going hunting to save your life

You will be set free
You will be set free
You will be set free
You will be set free

Put down that black book, it won’t help you
No hex, no verses can tame the doom
Your blessed soul to him is a ghost
Salvations nothing when he wants you most.

Pull back the trigger, let the hammer fall
Out goes the bullet to end it all
See the devil falling, devil falling down
See the devil crawling, crawling on the ground


1,000 Shades of Sunlight

Nico's last Migraine EP

Ghost's up here EP

Set List

Electric Water
Selective Seeing
The Crow
The Observationist
Give us Something to Feel
Not If...
13th Sun
Devil's Run
Sister Ray (If covers are allowed)