Sister Resistor

Sister Resistor


While performing only as a duo, Sister Resistor infuse barbaric minimalist drums with analog synth and guitar molded together through a sampler, giving an impromptu originality to each song.


After ditching conventionalism by playing with 11-man experimental bands around the northeast's psychedelic underground scene, Sister Resistor founder Ryan Renn decided to focus on his own compositions and exploit the benefits that come with freedom in small numbers.

While recording his first EP in Brooklyn, Meet & Greet in the circle of Wolves, he met and became a student of Richard Lloyd (ex-Television) to receive close instruction on his brilliant esoteric musical teachings.


Lip Explosion

Written By: Ryan Renn

Don't look for advice if you're lonely
Just lift your nose, endangered doll
Our eyes perceive
Good scenes and bad ones
So celebrate in the circle of wolves

Two eyes elope in lava brain flow
And in the retinas-where molten shows
I caught some shrapnel
From your lip explosion
Meet me and greet me in the circle of wolves


We crouch in fear at the setting sun
Night induces the need of a family tree


2008 -- Meet & Greet in the circle of Wolves (EP)

Set List

You Think it's Magic
Cracklin' Candled Coffins
Tucked Tooth
A Forest took her Away
Throw your wishes In
Lip Explosion
The Thirsty Sea
(approx. 25-35 mins)