The Sister's three.
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The Sister's three.


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"Annachristie and the Sisters Three"

Singer/songwriter Annachristie first began attending local open mic events at 12. By 16 she was writing her own songs, and at 17 she began work on her first full-length album, Elixir For the Human Heart. Now 20, Christie has rounded out a style the echoes Jeff Buckley, Ani Difranco and Portishead. "I love lyrics," she explains, "I started writing poetry, then I would write and play guitar every day." Christie recently returned from recording a live performance with her sisters, Cassandra and Beatrice, at Saint Catherine North Studio in Canada, the same venue that has in the part hosted acts such as Broken Social Scene. She also plans to release her second full-length album at the end of summer and is playing with the idea of starting her own record label - all while juggling school and live dates on the east coast. "I would like to have a career in music," says Christie, "to be able to play for people and pay the rent. But to be able to share my thoughts with people, that's what makes music such a power medium. - Relix Magazine

"Anna Christie: Elixir For The Human Heart"

Imagine—having a legendary saxman like Richie Cole volunteering to appear on your first CD. You could call it luck, but Anna Christie has the style and talent that attracts such serendipity. Her voice has a natural and genuine ‘60s singer/songwriter quality that floats wonderfully along with Cole’s rich, sweet alto. Anna has been writing poetry, singing and acting in stage plays from as far back as she remembers. In her mid-teens, she began penning songs and playing guitar, performing live with friends, honing her skills in preparation for this, her first CD. After hearing a sampling of the tracks for the CD, Cole volunteered to join the project. Other great musicians followed, including Bob Harris (personal accompianist for Vassar Clemmons), Drummer Steve Hollaway (River Dance), the great mad violinist Travis Wetzel, and pedal steel guitarist Joe Dye. Adding vocal harmonies are Anna’s sisters Cassandra and Beatrice Sadler. Anna has a powerful voice with an edge that could shatter a wine glass, or be as soft as silk blowing in a breeze. Her style tosses Jazz, Folk and acoustic rock with a bluesy touch of soul. Her songs have evolved from the poetry she has written throughout her life and reflect her hope that lyrical beauty can unite people. Fresh, full of life and most enjoyable. -RL - Singer & Musician Magazine (Formerly Singer Magazine)


Elixir for the Human Heart 2004
Self Titled album to be released 2007


Feeling a bit camera shy


Originally known as the "Sapphires" to the family tree, we debuted our first song "Living in a Dreamworld" live from our bedroom closet at ages 5, 7 and 10 for which we prepared a full repertoire, intermission snacks, backstage passes and autographs after the show. At first Beatrice was deemed the groups interpretive dancer as Anna and Cas had declared that at 5, her voice had "not yet developed". Clearly, these were matters of utmost seriousness. In the beginning the songs were mused from hours or lulling younger siblings to sleep. Years passed and our passion for writing and performing flourished. Together we discovered William Butler Yeats, Edger Allen Poe, Shakespeare, our fathers rythm and blues record collection and acting. Homeschooling gave us all the time in the world to write and do improv to our hearts content. We made recordings of our first demos. They exist somewhere in the rubble of a garage filled with 8 childrens worth of past junk. Anna got a guitar, pursued a solo career and released her first album (Elixir for the Human Heart) and Bea attended art school, while Cas moved out and continued writing and singing with other local artists. The three regrouped in 2005 and thus the story goes. Here they are today, featured in Relix's On The Verge Section: The girls have played all different types of venues ranging from your local Philly dive to Canada's NXNE to CMJ music festival in New York City. They plan to tour, release their upcoming CD and see where the road takes them from there.