Sisters Morales

Sisters Morales

 San Antonio, Texas, USA
BandAmericanaAdult Contemporary

Two sisters that have strong vocals, sibling harmony, play guitar,write their own music,and they also sing in Spanish. Their sound is Rock, Country, and Latin. Steve Berlin from Los Lobos produced their latest cd, "Talking To The River".


A veritable spectrum of sounds and styles can be heard in the music created by Lisa & Roberta Morales & their long-time multi-guitar co-hort David Spencer: Music rooted in the Southwestern spirit of Texas( where they live in San Antonio), Arizona(where they grew up) and Mexico(their family and cultural roots) by artists raised on everything from the Beatles to Buffalo Springfield, Johnny Cash,and Merle Haggard.


Talking to the River 2008-Luna/Dig Music
Para Gloria 2002-Luna
Someplace Far Away From Here-1999 Luna
Ain't No Perfect Diamond-1997