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"Sister Trish review from The Local Review"

Sister Trish review--the local review

If you were into Alternative in the 90's, this band is for you. They take a familiar sound like Pearl Jam, or Alice and Chains, and throw in some Dimebag style riffs. The clean voice this band shove at you is DEFINATELY radio worthy. If alternative bands make a comeback, then look for this band to be ahead of the game, and since music goes in cycles.................... The only downside to this band is its going to be hard to find a steady group of bands to gig with. Most of the bands in this area are influenced by New Metal, or Hardcore. Final thing is, this isn’t really my style of music, but I have respect for Sister Trish. They are a tight band and have obviously worked hard, that is easy to see after listening to the song "Tearing down the wall". You should check this band out, because if this is your style of music, you will LOVE these guys, because they are IT. Go to and see for yourself thanks

--the local review, , September 2005
- The Local Review

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31/08/2007: SISTER TRISH
22:37:59 - Billy - Bands/Artists
I like this band over many other hard rock bands that I hear for the simple reason that their music has depth. There are several layers of heart pumping sound ringing through my ears, but its not just one big mess that I hear from some hard rock bands. Part of this is because of the high recording quality, and part is because they are excellent musicians.

The recording quality is awesome, especially on the track that I've been listening to called, "Reason". I like recordings that keep my ears and brain interested throughout the entire recording. I never once wondered off to something else while listening to this song. Which I am tempted to do with some songs because they may be boring or because my A.D.D. kicks in. The mix, panning from left to right for different parts, the background vocals, the talking at the beginning... all these things come together to create one rather interesting masterpiece.

It's not just the producer/recording though. Even if the recording quality wasn't all that, this band would still have a great sound. Instead of just thrashing throughout the entire song, with no finesse, and with just one loud roar, they break it up. They mix the soft with the hard sounds very well and they don't just play the same three drop D chords over and over. The guitarist and bass player actually play notes, and a lot of them! In fact, I was really drawn to the bass player in one part. Which is odd to me. Why? Maybe this is just my bias, but I find that a lot of times, when I'm listening to hard rock, the bass player will just following along with the guitarist the entire time, and nothing exciting really happens. Sister Trish's bass player, well, actually plays very good sounding bass lines. Lets not forget about the drummer. The drummer actually sounds like a percussionist and not just someone banging on the drums as hard as they can. Although, it's fine to hit the drums hard, but, it just sounds like he knows what he's doing, that’s all. What I'm trying to say is, this is a very talented drummer.

Sister Trish is more than just another hardcore rock band. They are musicians. Artists. Hear for yourself below...

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- Billy from


new single "Reason" has airplay on 99.3fm the Planets Upstate Unsigned radio show as well as internet radio and
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Official Live Bootleg 2005
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Sister Trish is a firm believer that music is entertainment. Some bands feel that music is a hobby; we see this band as our job…our way of life so to say.
Sister Trish was formed in 2001 Tony Greenway and Donald "Duck" Weiner decided to come out after a four year absence from music to re-emerge with a completely revamped energy and dedication to bringing you the in your face style of music that has been portrayed as an “original sound”. Sister Trish has been ripping it up through out the Carolinas, including major cities as in Charlotte, Grifton, Gastonia, Shelby NC, Taylor SC and Rock Hill SC covering events such as poker runs and charity events for the Cleveland County Independent Bikers Association, The American Veterans Association, the Cleveland and Rutherford County Kidney Association and numerous bars clubs and pubs. Highlights for 2006 include making it to the finals in the 2005/2006 and 2006/2007 East Coast Showcase featuring 216 of the east coasts best unsigned bands and beating out thousands of bands to win a trip to Atlanta, Georgia to play for a $1,000,000 contract in front of the record company. Sister Trish has not held back in 2007 making it all the way to the finals in this years Emergenza Festival and finishing sixth in the state of North Carolina.

At this time Sister Trish has two (2) full length CD’s available as well as a live DVD from the performance in each year of the ECS to date. The band is currently writing and recording new material after the exciting response from their new single “Reason” There is also an online merch store with several items available for our fan base as well as a digital mp3 store for all of the music in albums or singles, ring tones and even apparel.