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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Peter Bochan"

"Don't know where they came from or how they came up with the longest titled, strangest-named first release but this time go to track ..6 (Beware of False Prophets). The piano, and the guitar play in sync and give you clear directions--this is going to be an interesting ride. Here comes the R.E.M, here comes the chorus, here comes the western poetry, here comes greatness--"We all were waiting..." Spectacular and from out of nowhere, man." - WBAI FM

"Impact Press"

"Ten beautifully-crafted, emotional pop gems.. amazing landscapes of sometimes haunting, sometimes soothing sounds.. This isn't music to start a party; this is music to listen to after everyone has already left." - Impact Press

"Long titles, lots of potential."

"A catalyst, in the history of popular music in the 20th century, always seems to come from the underground and effervescing forth until it becomes a lingua franca. Summerbirds In The Cellar might just be the type of outfit to take all the disparate sounds that are today known as "indie-rock" and make something new." - Transform Online

"The Music Appraisal"

"With a solid record like this, and lots of touring experience, it's hard to stay under the radar for too long." - The Music Appraisal

"The Red Alert"

"Local band today, universal band tomorrow? Well, their debut full-length certainly merits the attention, aching with moody melancholy and turning heads with its dense, meticulous guitar-rock." - The Red Alert

"CD Review"

"They exist on an intellectual plane of their own.. a genuinely astounding album that's a triumph of artistic ethos." -- Bao Lee Hu

full review here --,0,3345735.htmlstory?coll=natent-music-headlines - Orlando Citybeat

"since Medicare.."

"A somber yet thumping electronic indie band that’s being hailed as the biggest thing to happen to Orlando, Fla., since Medicare."
- San Diego Citybeat - San Diego Citybeat

"thank God, Jah, Allah, & Yahweh.."

"The layer-upon-layer-upon-layer rock of Summerbirds in the Cellar’s ethereal vocals, blasting guitar, marching drums, and serene synth lines is enough to make me scream, cry, and bellow into the night, thanking God, Jah, Allah, and Yahweh for the opportunity to bear witness."
- Rolling Stone Online - Rolling Stone


With The Hands Of The Hunter, It All Becomes Dead (2005 Slow January Records)

Multiple tracks on the release have charted in the top 10 on many college and mainstream stations in the US and Canada

a partial list includes, but is not limited to, the following stations --

KVRX -- Austin, TX
WBAI -- New York, NY
WELH -- Providence, RI
WNMF -- St. Petersburg, FL
WBAR -- New York, NY
CISM -- Montreal, QC
KANM -- College Station, TX
WCUR -- West Chester, PA
WUNH -- Durham, NH
WZKW -- Kingsville, OH
WRPI -- Troy, NY
WTUL -- New Orleans, LA
KNDS -- Fargo, ND
WOXY -- Cincinatti, OH
WMBR -- Cambridge, MA
WPRK -- Winter Park , FL
WVFS -- Tallahassee, FL
CJAM -- Windsor, ON
WMFO -- Medford, MA
WRIR -- Richmond, VA
WUOG -- Athens, GA
KCRW -- Santa Monica, CA
CJSW -- Calgary, AB



"The layer-upon-layer-upon-layer rock of Summerbirds in the Cellar's ethereal vocals, blasting guitar, marching drums, and serene synth lines is enough to make me scream, cry, and bellow into the night, thanking God, Jah, Allah, and Yahweh for the opportunity to bear witness."
- Rolling Stone

The fledgling band caught its first break opening for Saddle Creek artist Now It's Overhead in 2003. Singer and star producer Andy LeMaster ( R.E.M., Chris Martin, Bright Eyes) was immediately entranced by Summerbirds, and invited them up to his Chase Park Transduction studio to record.

The resulting release, "With the Hands of the Hunter It All Becomes Dead," is a stunning collection of songs that's long on mystery and short on cliche'. The quartet's sound is rooted in rhythm and is layered with a dense wall of guitars that spills beautifully over the listener. Chief vocalist Brad Register has a lot on his mind, and he spends the epic, ten song debut, dropping introspective, psyche-searching parables into thick, psychedelic washes of sound.. all of which is punctuated by a throbbing synth line thick enough to carpet the floor with. LeMaster's expert ears and attention to detail is vastly apparent in the graceful production of the record which also features guest vocals from Neely Jenkins of Tilly And The Wall.

Summerbirds spent much of the last 4 years on the road, headlining numerous tours and supporting Now It's Overhead nationally as well as in Europe with REM. Register and Brown performed double duty on the tour, performing in both Summerbirds and as the current guitarist and bassist for Now It's Overhead.

Summerbirds have also supported acts such as..
Rilo Kiley
Bloc Party
Explosions in the Sky
Brian Jonestown Massacre
The Toadies
Man Man
The French Kicks
Elf Power
The Kills
The Bravery
The Twilight Singers
Human Television
Tilly and the Wall, & more..

Initial demos from "Druids," the forthcoming full-length release, showcase staggering growth and suggest a monumental follow-up record. Summerbirds' ambitious project features a 30-person children's choir on three of the songs, and massive, epic production.

Music critics in Georgia have already taken notice of Summerbirds' success, with Atlanta 's Creative Loafing naming Summerbirds one of the "Top 10 Bands to Watch for 2007." While Slow January Records is tentatively on hand for the current recordings, Summerbirds are actively seeking a more seasoned label home for "Druid's" release..