Site of Suffering

Site of Suffering


Aggresive assault on the inner eye of your senses. Like digging concrete with a spoon. We represent the working class of the metal music scene, working hard for what we want is our number one priority.


Before an earthquake devastates all that is built on top the land, often there is a slight rumble that warns us the unstoppable catastrophe that lies ahead. Site of Suffering is that act of God that promises to annihilate Richmond metal as we know it. With one debut sneak-peak performance to date, the band is currently preparing to give Richmond a wake-up call unlike any other. Arising from the ashes of Cikada and Behelmod, this hardcore metal band features heavy In Flames/Lamb of God-style guitar work, and a brutal vocal assault from one of the biggest, baddest, and by far craziest motherfuckers in Richmond. Keep your children close, and your sanity closer, and prepare yourself for the most brutal assault on Richmond since the Civil War.

The name actullay came from a place right here in Richmond, Va. called Belle Isle, where 5,000 starving, sick confederate soldiers died in the prison they called Site of Suffering...


1. Journeys in red
2. Thanx for the scars
3. End of the rope
All three songs are streaming

Set List

We ahve 7 songs, our set list is 45 minutes long (for now) Songs are:
These hands are blood
End of the rope
Secret name of the plague
Maybe Memories
Journeys in Red
Thanx for the scars