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""Sittin' Idol" BWBK Magazine Review"

“Dare I say the best band out of Calgary?”

Sittin' Idol is an up and coming hard rock/metal band from Calgary, Alberta, Canada. The sound of Sittin’ Idol is heavy, dynamic and captivates the listener, demanding their full attention. Tight rhythms, powerful vocals and three-dimensional songs are the hallmark of Sittin’ Idol’s style.

In November 2001, Sittin’ Idol’s self-titled debut CD was released. Self-recorded by the band in their very own Asylum Studios, this CD is truly an album in the classic sense, taking the listener on a journey through mountains and valleys of sound.

“Opening with an instrumental track that takes a while to kick in and then ends before you want it to, Sittin' Idol grab your attention just like the scent of a fox captivates a bloodhound. First single, "Conformist Wine" combines Pantera with Blind-era COC. Great hooks, juicy riffs and just enough changes makes for an infectious tune from a tight-knit, obviously talented band. "Redline" gathers steam like a locomotive, starting out slowly, building, picking up speed, and then kicking it double time; a great piece of work. And there are five more songs to savour. Both Trouble and Alice in Chains appear to be influences, when added to the band's own aggressive attitude equals an original, impressive debut from a band to watch. - 9/10”

Go to for more info, sound clips and contact information.

By Aaron Small, reviewer

Brave Words and Bloody Knuckles Magazine - Review from June 2002 Issue #60 - Brave Words and Bloody Knuckles

""Gallery" BWBK Magazine Review"

“Gallery” - Sittin' Idol scored 9/10 with their debut, back in issue #60. After a string of shows opening for Damageplan (R.I.P Dime) these Calgary natives have returned with disc number two, full of venturesome, catchy modern rock akin to Shinedown, who SI have also opened for. Dynamic song structures, potent vocals and a unique flair that becomes addictive: what more can you ask for? "The Current" and "Falling Apart" showcase the band's affection for Tool while and excellent cover of Pink Floyd's "Shine On You Crazy Diamond", situated in the middle of the album, finely displays the musical professionalism possessed by these up and comers. 9 out of 10.

By Aaron Small

Brave Words and Bloody Knuckles Magazine - Review from July 2005 Issue #89 - Brave Words and Bloody Knuckles

"Calgary Herald Article"

Sittin’ Idol continues to make concessions to get its music to the ears of potential fans. The band has just finished recording a new album called Gallery, released Feb. 20 at the Rusty Cage. Not only is Sittin’ Idol’s CD release party a free event, but the band is also giving away free copies of the disc to the first 200 patrons.

“I think we’re stronger than we’ve ever been,” Hatch says, “(The experience with DamagePlan) makes me realize that we probably could make a good go of things if we make the right sacrifices along the way.”

By Nick Lewis

Calgary Herald – Condensed article from February 20, 2005 - Murdered guitarist gave locals their biggest break

"Calgary Sun Article"

For the third time in as many years, the nation’s music station will stop by and take the pulse of the Calgary scene. On Feb. 19 at the Den on the University of Calgary campus, six local acts will perform at an event that will be shot by MuchMusic’s West Coast reporter Chris Nelson.

MuchMusic Does Calgary has become a popular annual event, with shows selling out and bands clamouring to get added to the bill.

For Greg Curtis, promoter and booker for the venues at the U of C, watching the Den pack it out for an all-local bill is a gratifying thing, and ultimately, why he got involved with it three years ago.

This year’s lineup, as always offers an impressive cross-section of Calgary talent including metal band Sittin’ Idol.

Curtis says the lineup each year is chosen by a committee of local industry insiders, which is kept a secret “so they’re not harassed,” with the main criteria being that the band should be established and ready for that next step.

“It’s who’s going to get out of Calgary soon or who’s coming out of Calgary now,” he says. “It’s not the first step, it’s not the band that’s just coming out of the garage and here’s their opportunity to get exposed, it’s the next step.

“It’s the step where they’ve been playing around town for awhile and not it’s time to take things seriously…it’s who’s about to take that step out of this market.”

By Mike Bell

Calgary Sun – Condensed article from February 18, 2005 - MUCH Does Calgary is at the Den on Feb. 19

"Calgary Sun Article #2"

Local band Sittin’ Idol know the routine. Since forming eight years ago, they’ve had to deal with the giant “H” and “M” assigned to them and the style of sound they embrace.

While bassist Mark Fassina understands where the tag comes from, he’s also quite aware it might give the wrong impression and scare some away from what they do.

“A lot of times were labeled as a heavy-metal band and we kind of shy away from that label because…it comes with a stigma,” Fassina says. “It sounds like it’s going to be really, really aggressive and hard to listen to on certain levels for certain people…I’d rather just call it music, and hopefully someone will listen to it and like it.”

More and more people are liking what they’re hearing from the quartet, and those numbers should increase greatly with the release of their second CD, Gallery. The disc, which they’ll release tonight with a gig at the Rusty Cage, is a throbbing hard rock record that takes the stoner rock of Kyuss and tones it down with a more straight-up Metallica metal approach. Those who hear it, or see the band’s phenomenal chops offered live, will get it, and get into it, no matter the preconceptions they may have about metal.

“Some people that might not necessarily like heavy metal, we feel that we can reach out to those people and show them some grooves that they can get into and they don’t have to be screaming and banging their heads – they can just get into the flow of it.”

By Mike Bell

Calgary Sun – Condensed article from February 20, 2005 - Sittin’ Idol worship

"FFWD Weekly Article #2"

One heckuva road story: After playing what was supposed to be a one-shot opening gig for DamagePlan and Drowning Pool on May 12, Calgary’s heavy heroes Sittin’ Idol wound up opening six shows for the bands in the southwestern States.

By Jennifer Abel

FFWD Weekly – Condensed article from June 2004 - Local rockers Sittin’ Idol make the most of an opportunity

"FFWD Weekly Article #1"

Given the current state of Calgary radio - and the notable shortage of rock - it seems like it would be easier if all the local rock bands converted to the school of Ja Rule and Jay-Z to get some airplay. Not that there's anything wrong with hip-hop or good ol' rhythm and blues, but man, raise your hand if you think there aren't many options in commercial radio.

Sittin' Idol remain true to their hard rock and quasi-metal ways. With the exception of their drummer Stu, they're been playing together since junior high school. Now in their early 20s, they're becoming far more technical, but their idols have stayed the same: Corrosion of Conformity, Tool, Pantera, and a band that was immensely cool long before Dave Grohl joined the roster.

"It's nice to hear things like the Queens of the Stone Age on the radio," says Scott Lennox (vocals, guitar), explaining that it's the highlight of his workday. "Most of the bands we listen to aren't radio bands and we don't aim to be one ourselves. We tend to write songs that are maybe long-winded and maybe harder for someone to grasp in one listen. That's something that I don't think radio (stations) like."

An absence of mainstream radio play never stopped bands like The White Stripes and The Hives from building a hot buzz. Since they (and artists before them) eventually took the world by storm, Sittin' Idol knows it's possible to bypass radio and still be a huge success.

"I think it's very rare, but there's a few bands that do it for sure," says Rick Hatch (on guitar). "It just takes a lot longer."

"I'm not opposed to radio," continues Scott. "If I'm opposed to the setup of radio in Calgary, I know that there are cities and radio stations that would probably cater to our musical style - then we'd have no issue with someone promoting us in that setting.

In Calgary, on CJAY 92, it's not likely that you'll hear us. On CJSW, that's fine, we're all for going in and doing interviews and getting in to play our songs - if that'll help us reach people, that's a good thing."

Despite the lack of support from commercial radio, Sittin' Idol have been remarkably good at reaching people over the last year. Most recently, they won this year's Garage Warz. Before winning the intra-campus contest, Sittin' Idol released their debut CD. Quite an incredible listen, it seemed to come out of nowhere. The entire project was recorded by the band over a six-month period and released without much ballyhoo except a gushing review from metal mag Brave Words and Bloody Knuckles.

From the professional sound of the release, you would never know that they built a recording studio in their basement and simply used the gear they had laying around to record the album. Released one year ago, it was one of the better surprises of 2001 - this group is far more multifaceted than one would expect from a straight-up hard rock band.

"I think someone would be surprised if they came out and hung out with Sittin' Idol for a night," says Scott, chuckling.
"Rick is a full-on musician and he does all of the producing and sound engineering. I spend time on the halfpipe in the backyard. I skateboard, and myself and the bass player (Chris Hansen) belong to a four-by-four club, so we end up going off and building up big trucks...As far as something that comes out onstage, we let the music speak for itself."

No oversized fans to blow their hair, no Motorhead-styled strobe lights that could induce a seizure. Just the music. And sometimes, when it's done this well, that's enough.

By Aubrey McInnis

FFWD Weekly - Article from November 7, 2002 - Idol Hands play the devil's loud music

"FFWD Weekly Article #3"

Has it been awhile since your last metal show? Sittin’ Idol wants to change that. They have been getting together with other bands in the Calgary metal community for monthly “metal meetings” at Brew Brothers, where such bands as Divinity, Inner Surge and Halo have been brainstorming about how they can improve the scene. The Calgary metal experience is mighty – it has a small but loyal following in such clubs as The Underground and The Back Alley, but metal music has a tough time reaching out to a broad spectrum of listeners who might just enjoy the “dark whistle” (as the kids call it), if they gave it a chance.

There aren’t a lot of mediums for metal exposure in town according to Sittin’ Idol’s Mark Fassina, folks have typically found out about these bands through word of mouth, but in the last couple of months (an online forum for metal music fans and bands) has helped broaden Calgary’s horizons. Sittin’ Idol’s horizons are set to broaden as well.

First up is a peach of a show February 19 at the Den at the U of C, where Sittin’ Idol get to play the Much Does Calgary show. This is the second time that MuchMusic has come to highlight Calgary’s best and Sittin’ Idol will share the stage with The Summerlad, Falconhawk, The Cape May and Dragonfly Empire. “It’s cool that we get to play with bands from such different genres – I’m really stoked to hear Falconhawk,” says Fassina, “You can’t be narrow-minded in your focus.”

Another highlight for the band will take place on February 20. Sittin’ Idol are set to release their new album Gallery at the Rusty Cage (or as I like to say, “They gonna rock the Cage!”). “We haven’t played in Calgary since last May, so this should be a bit of an event,” says Fassina. Phattoe and Breach of Trust are also scheduled to rock the Cage that night.

FFWD Weekly - Condensed article from Feb 17, 2005 - Metal-metal-metal-whoo! – The kings are crowned, the Cage is rocked and zombies control the ‘dark wh

"REK Magazine Review"

Gallery is the second release from Calgary’s Sittin’ Idol and their first since going through a line up change. The current incarnation features Scott Lennox – guitar/vocals, Rick Hatch – guitar, Stu Purpur – drums and Mark Fassina – bass. On Gallery, Sittin’ Idol combine aggressive riffs and driving rhythms with melodic and dynamic vocals. Engineered and produced by the band Gallery is a sonically powerful straight ahead album. Coming in at just over 50 minutes this album has ten songs in total, nine originals and one cover (Pink Floyd’s Shine on you crazy diamond). Songs like “spread the word” “whole lotta’ nothing” and “westpoint” move the sound forward with intensity. If you’re a fan of bands like Corrosion of Conformity, Helmet, Alice in Chains and Pantera you will dig this album.

By Ian Bunting

REK Magazine – Review from May & June Issue 2005 - Sittin’ Idol – Gallery (Independent)

"Calgary Sun Article #3"

From the distant, tropical shores of Lake Midnapore they hail. From days dating back to cul-de-sac street hockey and parent-planned block parties, summers swimming in the man made lakes and growing up as friends in the syrupy sweet suburbs of the deep south. This is my relationship to a modest local band by the name of Sittin' Idol.

They define their music as 'really heavy hard rock.' But to any layman listener, good 'ol heavy metal might better sums things up. But regardless of genre, it would be tough to find any local band that's held true to their original roots, their founding members, their trademark sound and original name for 10 solid years as is the case for Sittin' Idol.

Back in the long, lazy days of wasting time in the cafeteria at Bishop Carroll high school, Scott Lennox, Rick Hatch and a few other regulars at Table 5 talked often about their pipe dream to form a band.

"It was one of those things," says Scott. "I had a guitar when I was about ten, because my dad was a guitar player. But because he wanted me to play guitar I didn't want to. Later on I met these guys and wanted to do it again. I still have that guitar."

As for Rick, it was a no-brainer. He'd been playing music for as long as he can remember. And despite the new baby with wife Bonnie and the starter home in the suburbs, the soft-spoken lead guitarist hasn't changed his long-haired locks or his groupie-magnet signature sound for well over a decade. In fact, every time the thought of my old friend Rick comes to mind, it is most often some distinct memory of him listening to, talking about, or strumming along to Led Zeppelin.

The band's first ever gig? Sittin' Idol made their debut on a Wednesday during local band night at Morgan's Pub on 17 Ave. S.W. back in 1998.

"They paid us with a recording of our show. So we came out of that with a tape," laughs Scott.

While a few of the band's members have come and gone over the years, the foursome that is Sittin' Idol now – lead vocalist Lennox, Hatch, Mark-Aviation-Safety-Officer-Fassina and Stu Purpur – the classically trained musician of the bunch, have been together as a solid unit since 2004. Also a rarity in the changeable world of garage bands and local music.

But calling them a garage band is hardly appropriate anymore. After all, they've toured the U.S. all the way to Texas with Damage Plan, been interviewed on MuchMusic, opened for Godsmack at the Jube, and have gotten to the point where they're finally able to turn down the odd show and pick and choose their venues. Partly as a result of growing up and having families, babies and real jobs to worry about, and partly because they can finally afford to.

"We just love making noise," says Stu. "We're not bitter that were not famous, we're not bitter that people don't know us, we just love making music together and that's the best thing in the world."

And get along together they do. Notably when mulling about on the suburban sidewalk at Rick's place in Tuscany debating whether the best place for baby clothes these days is the Superstore or Costco.

But don't mistake their soft sides as a sign that they're softening as heavy metal-esque musicians. Street conversing is cut abruptly short by the need for the radical rockers to load up the trailer and head downtown for their gig at The Underground, as part of the club's Saturday night JunoFest line-up.

And light up the local JunoFest stage last night they did, playing old favourites to loyal followers, and tracks from the new album currently being recorded.

For more on Sittin' Idol - a Calgary gem that's gone full circle, gig to gig, album to album, suburb to suburb, check out

By Kelly Doody

Calgary Sun - Full Article
from April 6, 2008 - Sittin' down with Sittin' Idol


2001 - "Sittin' Idol" (Full Length)
2005 - "Gallery" (Full Length)



Throughout North America, Sittin’ Idol has become renowned for a stage show that is both powerful and energetic. Sittin’ Idol combines aggressive hooks reminiscent of the early heavy metal movement with smooth modern rock melodies. Mixing unique and dynamic song structures, Sittin’ Idol captivates any audience from start to finish. Tight rhythms, powerful vocals and three-dimensional songs are the hallmark of Sittin’ Idol’s style.

Since Sittin’ Idol’s formation in 1997, they have seduced fans from all genres with their one-of-a-kind sound. In 2001, the band released their self-titled debut, which has garnered may rave reviews from music critics all over the world. Throughout their existence, Sittin’ Idol has had the opportunity to perform alongside other notable acts such as Godsmack, Alexisonfire, Three Days Grace, Sloan, Default, Saliva, Shinedown, Jackyl, The Headstones, Dry Kill Logic, Nashville Pussy and many others. In 2004, Sittin’ Idol completed their first major American tour, along with the world-renowned DAMAGEPLAN (featuring Dimebag Darrell (RIP) & Vinnie Paul of Pantera,) and Drowning Pool. More recently, Sittin’ Idol released their long-awaited second album, “Gallery” early in 2005. The follow up to the release of “Gallery” included the band’s release of their first single “Forgotten Sun”, their first music video “Stray” and their first interview appearance on MuchMusic. Sittin’ Idol is currently in the process of recording their third full-length studio album, which is slated for release late in 2008. Whether seen in person or heard on record, Sittin’ Idol provides an experience not soon forgotten!

Sittin’ Idol maintains that professionalism is paramount in all aspects of the music business. If you would like to find out more about Sittin’ Idol refer to the additional links in this electronic press kit or contact us using the contact links.