A powerful mixture of melody, crunch and intelligent lyrics. Straight forward, intense and catchy all in one. The Cure having dinner with Black Sabbath.


SITUS is an Atlanta based New Rock trio featuring Marcelo DeSautu (vocals/guitar), Matthew Urbanek (drums), and Robert Hannon (bass). Having collaborated since their teens, DeSautu and Urbanek have developed a powerful sound that draws from their broad range of influences that includes everything from The Police to Stone Temple Pilots. In late ’99 they brought their sound to Atlanta from Austin, TX and performed locally under the name Blindspot. In January of 2002 they were joined by well known sound engineer Robert Hannon (Tree Sound Studios) who has also performed in local bands and brings his creativity and expertise to the table. SITUS is currently working on a new CD project and playing locally at CJ’s Landing, The Library, The Dark Horse Tavern, Masquerade, etc.


Fowel taste: a 1997 self produced LP released under the name Goose.
various demos recorded under the name Blind Spot.

Set List

SITUS sets are between an hour and a hour and a half of original songs. At times we will through in 'king of pain" by the police or "dreams" by fleetwood mac.