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SIVA Addiction

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, United States | SELF

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, United States | SELF
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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Spent Some Time Here"

"Dirty Secret" - Opening reminds me a Sixx AM riff. I like the tightness of the drums and the early on "here's what I can do with these sticks" tom rattling going on... Didn't expect a female singer but it totally works. I think the chorus, expecially with the open power chord in the beginning of the transition, seems like it could be a page from Paramore. The break is very tough and kinda metal-ly but I pretty sure that's what they're going for. Chorus comes back in and I'm there again. Great production of this sound. Interested to see what else they can do. - FacesEast

"Rock Out!"

"Dirty Secret" - I love this song. Whenever the distortion in a rock track makes you want to reach for a beer its a win win! Awesome vocals & harmony as well. I love when a metal joint is unafraid to explore thoughtful melodies. - Dre A1

"Hard Hitter"

"Dirty Secret" - This one kicks you in the balls right from the start, and continues to do so . The guitars and settings used are perfect , contributing nicely to the heaviness.The hook and Melodies/ Vocals are very good , Bass is perfect. Drums keep perfect rythym .This song has mainstream radio quality Production gets an 8 out of 10 ! nicely done guys!

- KG Canada

"I Dig It!"

"Sharlette" - Cool guitar riffs... nice and crunchy... digging the squeals.

Vocals are great!! Nice feel to them and I dig it when a chick sings this way!

Alot of feeling in this track...

The intro is good... like taking a breathe before kickin into the song!!

mood: nice and dark...

I like this one alot!! - Big Bass Baby

"Hats off to The Vampire Lounge and Rivethead!"

The wipers were doing their best to beat back the rain. It seemed as if all the traffic in the Metro was driving way to damned slow! Rounding the corner there was already something in the air! Was it the lighting? No just electricity! Pulling into the parking lot of a nondescript strip mall on Joe Fields road in the Asian biz district. The are really no signs that this place could house one of DFW's finest live venues! Getting closer to the door the the air became thicker. Muffled music filter out in to the night air.

You are greeted at the by a smiling mountain of man! As you all know a smiling bouncer is at best rare! Standing there you can catch a glimpse of a the infamous coffin table embossed with a Huge cross that could house Frankenstein or King Kong! Black is the basic color, black light glows in the faces of the crowd.

Which is already quite large and the place just opened the doors! I would suggest that you get your ass out there before the rest of DFW finds out about this place and you will have to wait in line to get in! If you can get in at all! Looking towards the back you lay eyes on Day-Glo stained glass windows! And a stage that is huge in comparison to the rest! The music is pumping through the PA, voices begin to mingle together becoming a loud mumble, electricity fills the air!
The lights go down. You see images moving across the stage.

There is a seamless sound check, hats off to the sounds man! Very Professionals! You look up to see a stunningly beautiful "Healthy" young lady milling about like a caged animal ready to pounce! There is a LOUD crash an your senses are assaulted! Screaming guitars light up the night! A wonderfully melodic voice cuts through! I was taken aghast at the sound I was hearing! YES this is a female fronted Metal Band! Yes I know what you are thinking but you have to hear this band that is Siva! From the first note You Will be Blown away!
After Siva has ripped me a new one I headed through the crowd (for another adult beverage)that has more than double since they took the stage! I didn't see em come in! Could have been that I could not take my eyes off this incredible band!
There is very quick Very professional stage change! Another seamless sound check! Thinking to myself I say this spot right here is gonna be tuff! Sandwiched in between Siva and Rivethead! Man I don't think I would want to be there! But then there is this bombastic sound that hits you like a Mack F**king Truck! And a Horse Called War! Is right in your F**king Face! Another of the brave souls that made the trek from across the border down from OKC! Is this onslaught of Heavy Metal ever gonna stop? I sure as hell hope not! A horse Called War torn the f**king place up! Come to find out one of their guitarist was a hired gun! I have seen some hired guns in my day but this dude has to be in the top 10! From note one these guys worked it!
Then Rivethead hit the stage.

They knew that they had to work their asses off after seeing what we had just seen! And they Did Not disappoint! Faces hidden by Day-Glo makeup they worked like men on a mission! The mission? To rock your face right the F**k off! Attack of the warlocks and the Beast! (you guys know what I am talking about!) Sing along! HEY! HEY! Unbreakable! Note to self at this point! Grab self and kick the shit out of me for not getting a backup battery for the camera! During a brilliant cover of Smack My Bitch up they invited the beautiful ladies of Empire Leather to join them and brought the rest of the ladies up as well! I could kill myself for having a dead battery!
but I can still see this in my mind's eye! wink!
Just in case you have been living under a rock! Empire Leather makes some of the finest leather goods around! And have 4 of the reasons that we call this the Great State if Texas working for em! Ck em out! They are on my Page along with Rivethead The Vampire Lounge where there Is "Life After Dark", and soon to be added Siva and A Horse Called War!
If this line up is Any-Where near you get off your ass and get down there! You (as I was) will be blown away! Long live Rock! A special thanx to Kevin for showing some love to the Brave Men and Women in the Armed Forces of The United States of AMERICAN! Thanx from the bottom of my heart goes to you Brother! And D3BO you found some Bad Ass Talent and brought to the DFW THANX Bro!
I got some good shots but have to get off my lazy ass and edit and upload em! No wait i am not lazy it has taken this long to get over the Assault That Siva, A Horse Called War And Rivethead layed down on my ass Saturday night! Yeah that's the ticket! Your ticket is waiting on you! Get out there DFW has some of the baddest Bands in the country just waiting for you! - (S)aint

"Tattoo Palooza Is In The History Books"

Sunday, April 1, 2007, provided a much welcome relief from the downpour of rain that Oklahoma has been experiencing. It also provided a gathering of tattoo enthusiasts, tattoo professionals, local bands and even passersby.

Joe Wilbanks, of Inkside Out Tattoos, organized the gathering over the last few months and with the help of his staff and friends managed to pull together 8 local bands, Jasmine formerly of Power 103.5 and Bladerunner former of the Katt. Tattoo Bob made an appearance and worked the crowd. There were two jewelry vendors DSK Jewels of OKC and MudPuppy Designs of Edmond both set up selling their beautiful creations and Leo’s BBQ was on hand selling some of the best BBQ in OKC.

The party got started a little slow with the first band taking the stage at about 1:20 but after that the music started playing, the beer started flowing and we even got to witness DJ Brian Zero doing a little dance to Morris Day and the Time and Jasmine formerly of Power 103.5 lending her sexy voice talents to the MC efforts.

Navajo Mud Toy was the first band up followed by Navajo Mud Toy, Siva, 31 Stab Wounds and Trademark Twitch. By this point everyone in the crowd was really cooked and I had to make the executive decision to pack up my gear and head home to the cooling relief of Aloe cream. But, according to other attendees, Souljur, the next band on the lineup had decided to leave without telling anyone. The crowd wasn’t displeased though because Chronicles of Mayhem and Six Years Dead really brought the house down and closed out the evening with a bang.

Tattoo Bob rolled onto the scene around 3 p.m. and the buzz created was instant. Fans and other professionals alike flocked to him to schedule appointments and catch up on the happenings in the tattoo industry. Bladerunner made his appearance around 4 p.m. and relieved Jasmine of her MC duties. Bladerunner was the epitome of class as he posed for pictures and spoke to everyone that approached him. We were even privileged enough to have him hamming it up for the camera every time we pointed it anywhere in his vicinity.

Although I couldn’t endure the entire 9 hours due to a very bad sunburn the crew had a fantastic time and we look forward to next year. The first year of any event is a learning curve and Joe Wilbanks did a great job with the event and we hear rumors that he may make this an annual event. - By CJ of

"Local Band, Siva"

Well, another day in Oklahoma City and another blog post. I don't know if anyone reads these but hey it's fun to write 'em. This past Saturday I made the trek to TP's out on 29th and MidDel Blvd for a local band concert performance. The headliner was a band called Sweet Action and I mainly went to be the designated driver plus also my friend Rufus (bass player for Bleeding Wisdom) went to support Sweet Action. While Sweet Action is definitely worth going to see, the true surprise and the event that made me glad that I went was the performance of a Local Band titled: Siva. Especially the talent of their lead vocalist: Bridgette. She has a great deal of talent, an amazing voice and a good stage presence. While at times, it was hard to hear the lyrics a few times, turn the instrument sound volume down???, what I heard is mightily impressive.
From what I understand this band is pretty new (6-7 months) but if what I saw last Saturday evening is any indication, they will definitely be a long lasting one. - Robert Hall

"Dirty Secret"

"I really like it. Nice instrumentation. I like it. Very complex and interesting. Strong, strong vocals." - HM Magazine


Live at Trust Me Too - released April 2007
The Demo - released February 2008
Artifice - released April 2009



SIVA Addiction, an American hard rock band out of Oklahoma City that is grouped with bands like Disturbed, Drowning Pool, Mudvayne and Evanescence. SIVA’s heavy but not too heavy. Easily falling within the confines of radio-friendly song lengths, hovering around the four-minute mark, this five-piece packs plenty of interesting hooks showing comprehension of musical dynamics, building up before rocking out. Collectively, SIVA is poised to blow people’s heads off with aggressive beats, solid rhythmic bottom end, monster riffs and powerful vocals.

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