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This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


"Band set to begin Gulf Coast tour"

...not having a particular style is a big advantage when performing with other groups and the public in general doesn't seem to be complaining." - Mid County Chronicle

"Local Music Guide"

"These guys are pure high energy. They aren't punk, they aren't metal, but they are parts of both and use it to rock out. Their singer would rotate from keyboard and rhythm guitar, all the while still managing to jump everywhere during the whole performance and sing too. Incredible!"
- Tommy Mann

"Southeast Texas Music and Arts Review"

"These guys are an awesome mix of musicians." - Scott Lackey

"Southeast Texas Music and Arts Review"

"Their sound and lyrics are both very deep and has a purpose that only they could explain. They just create a mood in their live shows that to me has so much energy it's incredible." - Chris Sturgis

"Local Music Guide"

"Sivan.....rocked balls."
Review of Dog Jam 3 which included 3 Doors Down, Sevendust, Element 80, Presence, Revis, Shinedown, Seether at the Ford Pavillion in Beaumont Texas. - Tommy Mann

"Beaumont Enterprise"

"Sivan is coming hot off a win at the Battle of the Bands.....throwing out enough combustive energy to take out a small city" - Brent Snyder




Feeling a bit camera shy


Formed in the fall of 1999, Sivan was originally made up of Ryan Johnson (drums), Greg Achord (guitar), and Chris Badger (bass). After playing off and on with various vocalists, Chris left Sivan to play with Dr. Teeth and the Hamburger Ninjas and The Lost City Souls.

Around that time, Sivan’s sound was heavily punk influenced with nu-metal elements. However, when Josh Castillo (former vocalist of the now defunct band TBM) joined the band, the sound evolved into a slightly harder tone.

Chris left his other two bands and joined back with Sivan, playing bass as he did before, while Josh moved to the guitar and lead vocals. The band’s sound has grown to embrace its punk roots, while adopting a more electronic hardcore sound. The band, however, are quick to shun the label of “hardcore” or “screamo” and just consider themselves to be a rock band. “Each member brings their own style to the band when writing new music” says bassist Chris Badger.

With a progressive sound, Sivan is quickly gaining momentum. Every show explodes with raw energy and force, while offering a positive spiritual message. Shattering barriers and cultural stigma, Sivan is a must see and hear!