if Big Star had a baby named Elliott Smith, who went to a Wilco concert after trading Elvis Costello cd's with a friend and listening to dad's Burt Bacharach records. It's melt your heart pop music.


In 2002, Thai-American singer/songwriter, Siwat embarked on a spiritual
journey that led him to produce a style of folk/pop music that is
melting the hearts of all that come across his path.

After playing in various post- hardcore bands in the mid to late 90's,
Siwat decided that it was time to take a break from distortion pedals
and ripping power chords. He realized "kicking out the jams"
wasn't fulfilling all of his creative needs. It was time for a change.
However, after many collaborations and a stint in music school, he stopped playing and writing music all together.

Looking back, he says, "The spark just wasn't there anymore."
It was during this time, that he went searching.
Leaving the States, he moved to his native Thailand and ordained as a
Buddhist monk. He lived at a monastery, gave up all material
possessions, (including even listening to music) and studied the
philosophies of his religion.
"It was the best thing I ever did." When he returned, things made
sense to him, music made sense again.

Armed with his guitar and new determination, material started to pour out. Siwat's songs blend a mixture of beautiful folk melodies with simple pop sensibilities and mindful lyrics.
He admits. "I became fixated with the idea that a good pop song can usually make it's point within 3 to 3 1/2 minutes and I wanted to be able
to convey my thoughts and ideas quickly and precisely".

In 2005, Siwat put together a band and began playing shows around
downtown Manhattan and Brooklyn. At local venues such as: The Annex, Pete's Candy Store, Cakeshop, Sin'e, Cb's Gallery,
Piano's, Luna Lounge, and Don Hill's to name a few. The self
released, bedroom e.p., "I'm Not Going To Get Too Sentimental" has
sold-out after only a few months of playing shows and self promoting.

Siwat is in the process of mastering a series of limited releases.
These three song special albums will be limited to one hundred and fifty copies
and all art will be original artist screen prints.


Crazy In Love

Written By: S. Thitiwatana

wouldn't you know, i'm always on the notice and i need some good sleep to move off of it...
i know what you mean cause i've been that way forever, sleep is just such a treasure, it's something that can't be measured...

i'm crazy in love...

run through the town, i could scream out "where you going?" but no one else would know it, it echoes inside my head...
all that you need, is the cost of how you're livin', 'till you find out what you're given, will you play that hand tonight?

i'm crazy in love...

what can i say? i could wrap my head around it, i could think in a dark place, with a mind you helped erase...

i'm crazy in love... (x3)


"I'm Not Going To Get Too Sentimental" e.p. 2005, self released, (soldout).

Set List

"Don't Wake Up!"
"Blood & Amen"
"Crazy In Love"
"Is It Easy?"
"You Will Always Be Alone"
"I Found Out"
"A Tear In The Sea"
"Replacement You"
"I Can't Do Anything Right"

The typical set is between 1/2 hour to 45 mins. sometimes the band will break into a Smiths cover or maybe Hall and Oates.