A new force in alternative rock music. Dynamic 3 piece, a must see live act with powerful riffs, hard hitting drums, thick rocking bass lines and heart melting melody.


six10repeater were born in manchester mid 2007.
Hailing from various parts of the north of england (carslile, blackpool, preston) the trio met through a love of the same music, all drawing influence from bands such as the foo fighters,jeff buckley, muse and nirvana.
The trio soon found themselves with an abundence of material and set there first demo "Tradiola" at oxygene studios in salford with the help from christophe, who had produced demos for bands like hard fi and clint boon.
The "Tradiola" ep was quickly followed with a second ep "Hearts And Nails" which turned heads on the manchester scene and gained the band venues such as manchester academy 3 (with support from s.a promotions) and a t.v. appearance on manchesters one and only channel m, and also to the highly coveted "In The City" festival 2007 to which they gained alot of fans and good press reports from numerous magazines...
Not bad for less than a years work!!!!!
six10repeater seem to leave a imprint on audiences and venues wherever they play....

Currently recording a third ep (due for release in mid 2008) six10repeater are a must see live act, stunning audiences wherever they play.


Tradiola EP
Hearts And Nails EP

Set List

six10repeater set... usualy 35 minutes.

today somehow
from grace
hearts and nails
farewell to the fall
(into outro)