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This kid seems to be the complete package;
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Melvin Jones known to the world as MELE MEL is an artist/songwriter whose passion is to minister the word of God via Hip-Hop. A true lover of Christ, he tries to live his life according to God's word realizing that one of the most powerful forms of ministry is to lead by example. He was raised in a rough housing project in Pittsburgh, Pa where seemingly there was a black cloud and not a hint of God’s presence. A self-described “ex-knucklehead”, he was a slave to drug dealing, alcoholism and every other aspect the streets had to offer a faithless child.

At age 20 Mele Mel was forced to relocate a considerable distance from home and any familiar faces. It was at the end of that one year period that God would do his greatest works in his life. He reached his all time low when he first discovered that his favorite social hobby had evolved into full blown dependency of alcohol. Making matters worse his crack career brought about a client who was a fellow classmate’s younger sibling who was only 18 years of age. It was then that Mele Mel’ lifestyle transformed from boastful to shameful. He had prayed a million times before but this time was different, he got on his knees, surrendered to God and cried out “God I need you, this thing is bigger than me and I can’t do this myself, I need change, please help me and his life was forever changed! He attended church for the first time with no real expectations but would soon be led to give his life to Christ on June 29th, 2003. With no hesitation he quickly brought an end to his heavy drinking, smoking and drug dealing lifestyle and would soon be baptized, enroll in college and begin working a full time job. God tugged at his spirit for many months telling him to use his gift of music for his glory, but he repeatedly rejected his call to ministry as he found the idea of Christian hip-hop to be extremely lame. That fortunately changed a few years ago when he realized that he could no longer outrun this calling on his life. He is currently hard at work on his debut album entitled ‘MY TESTIMONY’ which tells of his compelling journey from hopelessness to righteousness. Mele Mel can be heard on several radio broadcast such as; Rapfest Radio of New York, KING fm 99.5 of Los Angeles, Wamo, WGBN, 106.7fm and Point Park University 670am of Pittsburgh and WPPJ, Revolt Radio of Baltimore. Mele Mel has been featured on the cover of “The New Pittsburgh Courier,” “Pittsburgh Post Gazette” and “Exodus” magazine. In November 2007 Mele Mel shot his first video Titled “God or Hip Hop” which has been receiving rave reviews and as of Jan 2010 Mele Mel has received his 4th Hip Hop Award nomination.

Listening to him minister, it's impossible not to notice the anointing placed upon his life and sense his genuine love for Jesus Christ. Christians and non Christians alike can't help but to recite the lyrics to one his most powerful Anthems; “Soldier” which boldly illustrates his soldier status in the army of God. Without missing a beat Mele Mel change gears and take you to a peaceful place with creative selections like “My Bible –n- My Bus Pass. ””Only You,” his latest single, has been running through radio and making its way around the world due to its Universally Refreshing sound. And September 2009, Mele Mel would win “The Breakout” contest, which is a national contest held by Holy Culture Radio in which they searched the world for the next Gospel Artist who they feel has the potential to breakout and be the next big star. This kid seems to be the complete package, most known for his authenticity, passionate rhymes, creative concepts and uncompromising delivery, Mele Mel has already begun to fulfill his goal of changing this world one soul at a time.

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