BandHip HopR&B

Pure hip hop, radical lyrics, knowledgeable story tellin, references of real life stories, its a relative music sound that people can feel and connect to themselves through concrete rigid rhymes.Mood: RightARMalarm


M.C., Producer, Actor, Voice Talent, Son, Brother, Cousin, Friend, Father, Husband, athlete 6'4 is where I meet, the highest that my eyes can see... Plus Im a independent artist that owns his own record company, I write, produce, engineer, publish, master, and distribute all my music and any artist that is signed to my label. . Also a father of three, and a husband of twelve years...and still countin, and a blessed man thru YHWH!


Don't Bring It!
Focus On This Grind
U Wanna Ride?
Endo Make Yo Mind Go