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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Rollin' Stoned is # 4 on TOP 100 HotNewHipHop.Com"

"Rollin' Stoned" is moving with the speed of light on Top 100 chart -

"Six - This Summer"

This young and talented artist from California named Six, formally SixStar, released his first single called “This Summer” off his new mixtape, Rookie Season, coming soon. Keep this dude under your radar. -

"Six - Teenage Wasteland"

Rapper Six (previously known as SixStar) gets with DJ Ill Will & DJ Rockstar to release this 8-track mixtape Teenage Wasteland. The downfall of this tape is that it’s only 8 tracks. I had never heard of Six until listening yesterday and am left wanting to hear more.

The DJs keep their mouths shut throughout the entire thing, thankfully. It features all original production and material. This guy reminds me of Wiz Khalifa and Diggy Simmons. He shouts out Taylor Gang in a few tracks so I’m thinking he may be part of Wiz’s followers/group/clique/whatever you wanna call it. For the most part though I’ve been struggling a bit to find out more.

I’ll definitely be watching out for anymore from him. Like I said, I wish it were more then 8 songs. Give it a listen below or DOWNLOAD HERE via Datpiff for Free (no account needed).

Top Tracks: “Invisible” “Intro (Welcome to Teenage Wasteland” “Everywhere That I Go” “Take A Breath” and “Last Night (Loverboy)” -

"New Kid On The Block"

Bossip: So, Rosa Acosta was tweeting about you. How old are you- 20

SIX. 20

Bossip: How long have you been pursing your music?

Six: Since I was 16. But I moved to LA from The Bay Area and I met my label owner Mack YOLO Music Group LLC

Bossip: That’s our boy Christopher Mykel Monroe. Your New Ep your dropping with DJ iLL WiLL & DJ ROCKSTAR is titled “TEENAGE WASTELAND.” Why that title?

SIX: I was recording and dropped a line saying ” Teenage wasteland Hollywood Playground ” My Manager Mack was like name the Ep ” TEENAGE WASTELAND” and it fit. Teenage Wasteland Is a state of mind that most of today’s youth live by so I just touch on topics that are directed to those individuals.

Bossip: In your music you have a variety of street and great cross over appeal. What are some of your musical influences?

SIX: I remember I got into trouble at school and my Mom took me to see The Jay-Z Black Album movie. She recited every line word for word. I was like that’s crazy that someone could have that effect on a person through words. My mom always played hip hop. I grew up with the greats Tupac Biggie and Jay-Z.

Bossip: “Phlo Finister” is a New Kid on The Block Alum for Bossip… how did you connect with her?

SIX: Our manager just introduced us and the rest is history “Take a Breath”and “Invisible” are dope records. She inspired me to be more open with my art form. Phlo is dope.

Bossip: What can the world expect from Six?

SIX: Six -


"Rookie Season" upcoming third mixtape
"Teenage Wasteland" mixtape (
"Thicker Than Air" mixtape



Once in a while a leader emerges from a generation of followers. SIX, born Nicholas Green, may very well be that leader. Six was born in Los Angeles California and soon relocated to Oakland and the bay area where his mother raised him. His humble beginnings bear a striking resemblance to another leader in the world of music: Keisha Cole. Her childhood home is not only on the same block but directly across the street. Influenced by the greats in Hip hop like Jay-Z , DMX and 2pac, Six’s music is based on honesty and the idea that being yourself is not just cool but in a world of followers it’s exceptional.

At 21 years old Six has been through his fair share of ups and downs as he went from having his own place in Los Angeles to sleeping on his managers couch while they negotiated recording deals.
Six began writing rhymes in the third grade and released his first mixtape "Heavier Than Air" in February of 2010. However due to a lack of marketing it was overlooked by many in the industry. Fortunately, "Heavier Than Air" did give him the content needed to secure a management and production agreement with YOLO Music/3783 Media Group.

Six released his sophomore mixtape "Teenage Wasteland" hosted by Dj Ill Will and Dj Rockstar on a In a recent interview with Six described the EP’s title as “a state of mind that most of today’s youth live by so I just touch on topics that are directed to those individuals.”

Six currently working on his secong mixtape "Rookie Season". Debut single "This Summer" was featured on to give you a taste and a vibe of the new mixtape.