Six Chasing Seven

Six Chasing Seven


Jazz/Rock backed by hip-hop and funk rythms.


Six Chasing Seven was formed in the early part of 2005 with the idea of making great music to be loved by the average listener as well as the critical musician, fronted by lyrics with more depth than today's standards would require. Through a short period of time, each member fell into their respective positions with this unified goal in mind.
The band boasts highly trained musicians from all walks of life. While having some similar interests in music, every member draws from very different backgrounds, bringing unique sounds to the table. This ultimately creates what they believe to be a new sound yet to be heard.
In the short year that they have been together Six Chasing Seven has built a reputable name for themselves. With live shows that have everyone dancing one minute and relaxing to melodic sounds the next, this group envokes roller coaster-like energy that keeps people coming back for more.


"Things Unseen" EP 2005 Currently being played in regular rotation on 90.9 The Light in Central Va.

Set List

Up to 3 hours of continuous music with mostly original songs and covers drawn from the 60's and 70's soul and funk genres, James Brown, Stevie Wonder, Jackson 5 etc...