Six Corners

Six Corners


Is it Bluegrass? Is it Irish Celtic? Is it Canadian Singer-Songwriter Folk? Is it ridiculously foot-stompingly four-part harmonizingly fun? The answer is yes.


Even when times are hard, good friends and good songs will never let you down. Start with that philosophy. Add Heather MacDonald, guitarist and veteran of the Bruce County bluegrass scene, and member of folk duo Clever Girls; Polly Edwards, small town girl, multi-instrumentalist, and all around artistic soul, also a Clever Girl; Richard Garvey, banjo player, songwriter, dramatist, volunteer music teacher, and front man virtuoso of Far From Rich; and Dan Arnott, mandolin player, connoisseur of rocks, dirt, and water, and singer/instrumentalist from Red River Rebellion; simmer in a living room in Kitchener over a pot of tea, and you're in for a heaping helping of hooting, hollering, and four-part harmonizing.

So dig right in! Dance, sing, stomp, clap, and don't be afraid to love - there's plenty of music to go around.

We're nice too! As Steve Ritchie of Tanglefoot recently said, "If their music is anything like their personalities, they're a really wonderful band."

See our "Set List" section for more info about our music!


I Want To Be A Farmer

Written By: Daniel Arnott

I want to be a farmer, want to see what it’s about
I’ve been too long in the city and I feel like getting out
I get home from an office feeling sad and weak and small
And wonder if the work I’ve done means anything at all

I’ve done a little labour so I know I have the will
I‘ve been up north a-logging core and working on a drill
I think I know a thing or two but I’ve got a ways to go
But instead of making copies, my own dinner I could grow

I want to run my city hands through soil soft and wet
I want to smell manure, diesel, hay and grease and sweat
Oh we all ought to know which side our bread is buttered on
As soon as we remember where the butter and bread come from

I want to be a farmer, want to live that way again
I remember stacking bales and picking rocks when I was ten
Pull the harrow or the seed drill behind the old John Deere
And wonder why I’d want to be in any place but here

Now Grandpa he still owns the farm but leases out the land
And London’s growing north so it’ll soon be in demand
But somewhere there must be a hundred acres to be found
Where better men and women grew a life out of the ground


I want to be a farmer but I don’t know where to start
They say that it’s a science, they say that it’s an art
They tell me what I do is helping out the company
But I’m getting sick of working for anyone but me

Now the work is never over, you can’t take a holiday,
And your co-op cheque goes straight into the loans you’ve got to pay
But there’s a certain satisfaction comes from working with your hands
And you can watch a new tomorrow rising up out of the land
You can watch a new tomorrow rising up out of the land

Worth My Weight In Gold

Written By: Richard Garvey

worth my weight in gold I am, oh you know
worth my weight in gold I am, oh you know
devil made me sure yeah we made a deal
worth my weight in gold I am

sold my soul to find it out, you know I did
sold my soul to find it out you know I did
sold my soul for my weight in gold
worth my weight in gold I am

worth my weight in gold I am, oh you know
worth my weight in gold I am, oh you know
carry no soul just a bag of gold
worth my weight in gold I am

got my fortune told, my palms read
got my fortune told, my palms read
never did like what that fortune teller said
worth my weight in gold I am

drank my worth of gold, you know I did
drank my worth of gold, you know I did
carry no gold, just the story I told
worth my weight in gold, I am dead

Gettin' By

Written By: Polly Edwards

I’ve been told I should want a house
A car, a career, a baby and maybe a spouse
I think that’s mostly lies
Good friends, good songs and a bike are all I need to get by
I’ve been asked, mmm, what have you done with your life?
I say well, I’m 27 and I’ve...I’ve... hmmmmmm

But I’m not lazy
I’ve just been wasting time
I spent years searching
For things that I never wanted to find

I never cared much for TV
And advertising doesn’t influence me... much
And I try to live simply
But sometimes that translates into apathy
Oh, but lately, I feel like I just woke up
Yeah, apathy and me, we recently broke up

‘Cause I’m not lazy
Though I have wasted time
I sat still waiting
Instead of finding out what it is I want to find

But oh, I’m ready
I want to take a leap
Don’t want no shallow life
No, I want to wade in oh, so deep

(Whistling/instrumental solo-y goodness)

You don’t have to want a house
A car, a career or even a spouse
When people ask, mmm, what have you got in your life
Smile and say good friends are all you need to get by

Oh, and it’s not crazy
To stop wasting time
Chasing after everything
That you never wanted to find
It’s not too late
No, you’ve still got time
But you’ve got to stop and question
Exactly what it is you want to find

Lichens and Mosses

Written By: Daniel Arnott

Oh my life’s not the way that I want it to be
I’m sick of this city, I’m tired of trees
If I had my way then I’d probably be
With the mosses and lichens and Labrador tea
With the mosses and lichens and Labrador tea

Oh I don’t want the syrup from the maple syrup tree
Or those reel-to-reel movies we watched in Grade Three
Or the way all these people keep looking at me
They’ve got none of that stuff in the Arctic


Those hills and those valleys that you find so plain
Are the gifts of the glaciers, their loss is our gain
The eskers and drumlins and outwash moraines
Are all beautiful in their own way


From the ptiniest ptarmigan to the big polar bear
The caribou herds and the brave snowshoe hare
I’m confident all of my friends will be there
So come on, what are we waiting for?


It's Good To Be Together

Written By: Richard Garvey

Its good to be together
with my sister with my brother
its good to be together
with my friend and with my lover
its good to be together

we're all sons
and we're all daughters
we're all sisters
and we're all brothers and...


the road we walk
the words we talk
we pray oh they bring us together


when I meet a stranger
i'll say hello
and welcome them
into my home



What's Tickin', Bub?
- 9 track EP, released 2010

Hear samples at
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Another CD is in the works!

Set List

We can do sets of any length. We also have themed sets if desired such as The Railroad Set, The Nautical/Pirate Set, The Farming Set, The Happy Hippie Love Set, and more!

With all four of us being songwriters, we have more than enough originals to do entirely original sets, but we also have a hefty repertoire of fun covers we can sprinkle among the originals as well if people want to hear something they know (or something they'd wish they knew if they only knew they didn't know it yet).

We're pretty eclectic and flexible.

Some of our popular original hits include:
- I Want To Be A Farmer (a song about wanting to be a farmer)
- When The Ice Goes Out (a song about global warming and the joy of friendship)
- After Hours (a song about not wanting to go home at night; includes funny sound effects!)
- Gettin' By (a song about being a folk musician, broke and happy)
- Singin' Don't Pay The Bills (a song about being a folk musician, broke and unhappy)
- It's Good To Be Together