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""Held Under" holds its own"

I always find myself chuckling when folks put things about their band
putting “rock back on the map”—in this case they’re just quoting what some
hapless reviewer said. But right if it wasn’t for your band or album, we
probably would all be wrestling with the puzzling question of what happened to
rock-n-roll. Regardless and thankfully for this band they actually do a pretty
damn good job of rockin’ out in a sort of alternative rock way that somehow
bridges a gap between pop-rock goddess Alanis Morissette and Third Eye Blind.
The result of going into the studio with Grammy-award winning producer John
Seymour whose resume includes such rock luminaries as Thursday, Bouncing Souls,
Dave Matthes, Santana, and The Mighty Mighty Bosstones is staggering and they
can sit high on their laurels if they wish and cast the first stone even. -

"Slip into Six Day Slide"

Down the Merrimack River in Lowell, there is a band that is quickly garnering talk on the local music scene. This pop-rock quartet, known as Six Day Slide, was established in 2003 from the ashes of "Decadence" and has since built a strong sound. With their latest release, another EP, entitled Held Under, they justify the buzz-worthy craze that is beginning to surround the band.<br><br>

The 2004 release of their self-tided 5-song debut displayed great potential with standout tracks including "Release" and "Much To Real." To follow this up; Six Day Slide went into the studio with Grammy-award winning producer John Seymour (Dave Matthews Band and The Mighty Mighty Bosstones). The resulting product, Held Under, was released this past January and displays a stronger sound. Lead Singer
Dave Fortin says that "by growing as musicians and people, I think we ended up with a much more solid effort on Held Under. Though, only a small sample of Six-Day Slide's talent, the 4-track EP couples exceptional songwriting with an infectious sound.<br><br>

Fortin says, "For the most part I try to pull on life experiences and things that I've gone through. It's important to me to choose lyrics that mean something and don't just rhyme or fit well. It's always easiest to write a song when something monumental or tragic happens in my life." This can be easily found in Held Under’s first and best track, "New Day". The heart-wrenching lyrics are in response to a close family friend of Fortin's whom recently passed away from cancer. Fortin sings, "I know I may not see tomorrow, so I'm hanging on to now. I'm trying to turn these minutes into years." It is an appealing song due to its universal theme that is transformed into an elegantly personal homage.<br><br>

What truly backs up such lyrics are the band's musical talent, which fuses influences from the different tastes and backgrounds of each member. "What's really cool is that we are able to take all of these different tastes and backgrounds, and arrange our songs the way we do. I might come to rehearsal with a few new songs that I’ve been working on and they'll each add there own flavor to the mix and it always comes out much better than I could have imagined.”<br><br>

Held Under's tempo increases on track two with the catchy "Fallen" that centers on being saved by a developing relationship. Berklee trained drummer Dave Jacintho reels the listener into the driving "I fear" with a strong opening beat. He and bassist Matt Beals anchor the band's strong rhythm. “Try To" is a plea to a friend to take back control of their life as they fall deep into a serious drug addiction. Fortin sings “You can't seem to break the line. One step closer to freedom yet one step away from saying goodbye." The song also showcases the talent of lead guitarist Andrew Fortin, also Berklee trained, who leads the way with strong riffs and an infectious hook before his backing vocals.<br><br>

To promote the band's latest release, Sic Day Slide has been rocking out shows across New England. This includes a sold out CD release party show at the Middle East Nightclub in Cambridge, as well as stops here at Merrimack for a rare acoustic performance at the 2005 Rock For A Cause Unplugged charity concert as well as at the Battle of the Bands. Also be sure to check them out here on Saturday April 30 as they [are] one of the bands that will be playing Merrimack's Spring Weekend festivities. For more information, check out the band's website at<br><br> - Merrimack Journal


With a bouncy upbeat delivery, Six Day Slide has designed four cool tunes on their E.P. sampler. Well-crafted vocals, catchy melodies and fine musicianship are Dave Fortin's ace in the hole when it comes to this recording project. With universal appeal, Fortin's music will capture the attention of everyone from classic rockers to contemporary pop crafters with his lush arrangements and jangling instruments. Look to hear the radio friendly hit "Fallen" to permeate local college and commerical airwaves with heavy rotation. - Unknown


This was a cool CD. The songs are well written, the band is very talented, and the vocals are very melodic. It's the kind of songs that you find yourself singing along with. These guys are basically putting rock back on the map. I definitely look forward to hearing a full length from these guys. - Unknown

"168 Magazine"

Published: December 08, 2004

With elements of style similar to those of Toad the Wet Sprocket, Live and Matchbox 20, Six Day Slide can add opening for Sister Hazel to their resume. It had the opportunity to play alongside the national act last September.

To add to that, the band is no stranger to playing sold-out crowds.

Having done it once last September at The Middle East in Cambridge, Mass., Six Day Slide hopes to continue its streak in January when it returns to the popular club for its CD-release party.

For more information about Six Day Slide, visit
The pop rock quartet’s talent and good fortune attracted Grammy-winning producer John Seymour, who mixed their album, “Held Under.” Having worked with national acts such as the Mighty Mighty Bosstones and Dave Matthews, Seymour was instrumental in making the band’s music available to the masses, said guitarist and lead vocalist David Fortin.

Really, he said, the CD is an extension of how Six Day Slide performs live. “We all just kinda glue up onstage,” Fortin said. “We feed off each other’s energy.”

Contributing to that energy are Fortin’s brother, Berklee-trained lead guitarist Andrew Fortin; drummer Dave Jacintho (also Berklee-trained); and bassist Matt Beals.
Fortin wrote the lyrics for all four songs on the record, citing the first track, “New Day”, as his favorite.

“We don’t write songs about stuff we haven’t been through,” Fortin said, explaining that “New Day” is about a close family friend recently passing away from lung cancer. Fortin said writing and performing the songs are a way to cope with momentous events in his life.

Emerging from Greater Lowell, Six Day Slide has played together for almost two years now. Before that, it was just the two Fortins, who played under the name Decadence since 1999. Bringing together their own unique talents, the four band members create a blend of rock that puts them on the map.

“Everybody’s got their own type of influence on the band,” Fortin said. And at their shows, “it seems like everybody has a good time, including us.” - Leah Gladu

"Amplifier Magazine"

Though many DIY release are relegated to the cut-out bins, this five-track EP by a young and hungry New England hard-pop ensemble is well worth hanging on to. Dave Fortin sings with the grit of chart-topper Rob Thomas, embellished by the smooth harmony vocals of drummer David Jacintho and guitarist Andrew Fortin. Power chord anthems such as “Bend” and “Less of a Man” fit snugly alongside the organic mid-tempo rocker “One Thing Remains” and the obligatory ballad “Release.” With its deft balance of electric and acoustic guitars, Crushed explodes with the polished sound of a major label release sans glossy overkill. - Tom Semioli

"Six Day Slide Is Pop & Indie Musical Matrimony"

By Matthew Rand

Posted: 3/8/05

Six Day Slide is “trying to…spread the word a bit,” says lead singer Dave Fortin.

Recently, they appeared at VH1 ‘Save the Music’ at Merrimack College on February 21. They also performed at the Middle East to promote their new album, Held Under.

“Six Day Slide is “Pop rock with slight Indie Rock influence,” says Fortin.

Six Day Slide appeared live at UMass-Lowell on February 24, and At UMass-Amherst the next day. Upcoming performances include performances at ‘Reflections’ in Chelmsford on March 12, ‘The Asgard’ in Cambridge on March 19, and Blaggards in New York City on April 2.

Six Day Slide landed a track on Heavy Rotation Records' Dorm Session compilation CD. Affiliated with the Berklee College of Music, Heavy Rotation Records is guided by faculty advisor Jeff Dorenfeld and co-directed by Nils Gums and Christopher J. Oquist. However according to Heavy Rotation Records, students perform all aspects of management for the label.

“We try to play a lot of colleges, says Fortin. “If we can, we hit the College scene hard.”

The new album, 'Held Under', was produced with Grammy-Award winning producer John Seymour, who has also produced Dave Matthews, The Mighty Mighty Bostones and Bouncing Souls.

Andrew Fortin is the lead guitarist for Six Day Slide. The Fortin brothers are backed up by drummer Dave Jacintho and Bassist Matt Beals who round out the group. Both Jacintho and Andrew Fortin received training at the Berklee College of Music.

“People are always giving us comments on how tight our lyrics and vocal harmonics are on stage,” says Dave Fortin. “I probably write 99 percent of the lyrics, but it is the band that really puts it together.” Fortin says it is the individual personalities of the band members that make their music work.

“There is a lot of work that goes into it,” says Fortin.
But he relates that he writes his best songs when something hits home for him.

“My best stuff comes out when I am at my most vulnerable,” says Fortin. “It is like my therapist. I sit down and get everything on my mind out.”

Still relatively new on the scene ‘Six Day Slide’ formed in 2003. This was after the break up of the band ‘Decadance’ in 2003. Six Day Slide has received radio airtime at Boston College, Harvard, Colbey-Sawyer.

“Its kind of slow but everything we do is a step forward,” says Fortin. “There was was a time where I thought we were a little over a plateau. Maybe I am holding onto a dream.”

“Most of the time [the ideas] for my lyrics come together piecemiel,” says Fortin. “I’m always editing. I seldom sit down and everything comes together.”

Six Day Slide is the band to watch. They are creating a strong buzz and if you ask me, I think they are on their way!

For more with Six Day Slide head over to:
- Skope Magazine Web Feature

"NOMASONHA (live review)"

January 21, The Middle East Upstairs Febuary 11, Club Fuel

In a very Cramped, sold out room at the Middle East Upstairs, fans and friends helped Six Day Slide celebrate the release of their latest and much anticipated LP Held Under. Visibly nervous, nervous,but adept at channeling that energy, guitarist and lead singer David Fortin, guitarist Andrew Fortin, drummer Dave Jacintho, and bassist Matt Beals dove right into their nine song set which was comprised of their new work as well as, what appeared to be, old favorites of the excitable crowd. Dynamic, yet understated, and sounding every bit as good live as they do on disc, they were well received and enjoyed an homage paying, albeit drunken, chorus line of sorts during their last song, "Kalie."

Still riding the high of their successful release three weeks later, SDS hit the stage again, this time at Club Fuel in Lowell. The circumstances couldn't have differed more. The packed room was replaced with a sparsely populated dance floor, complete with disco lights and cages. But far from being daunted, the band played with an ease and grace that was somehow absent before. Nerves having subsided, the quartet allowed themselves to enjoy the music, playing a looser set and taking more chances. Lead guitarist Andrew Fortin seemingly
immerses himself in each note while Jacintho drummed with fluidity and a precision to match that of Beals' bass work.
David Fortin stood center stage, injecting each performance with
a charismatic presence, a measure that was lost on the unenthusiastic
group at Fuel, and swaying his hips (in time) to the music, a feat which should give white men on dance floors everywhere a new hope. The band's personal chemistry was more evident but their ability to draw the rapt attention of
their audience was clear at both shows and their efforts to pull
people in at Fuel were nothing short of valiant. Those who were
on board were treated to the slower sweet-sounding "Listen," a
ballad which illustrates the potential of the band. The vocals and harmonies provided by both Fortins were a highlight tune and
rang with a purer skill that is less evident on their faster tracks. It
is easy to see why their following continues to grow. - meg c
- Meg C


"Lights" - EP, 2007, produced and engineered by Giles Christenson and Ken Dziok of 10-35 Productions

"Held Under" - 4 Song Self Release, 2005 (mixed and mastered by Grammy award winner John Seymour)

"Six Day Slide" - 5 Song Self Release, 2004

Westford Teen Arts Council Compilation CD 2002
(includes "Less of A Man," and "Release")

Westford Teen Arts Council Compilation CD 2001 (includes "Stay The Same")

Tracks from both "Held Under" and "Lights" are played at independent and college radio stations across the country.




“Don’t need street lights. Boston’s got me in her arms…There’s no place I’d rather be than right here walking these streets.” - Lights

The saying “you are a product of your surroundings,” might be a hackneyed maxim, but brothers David and Andrew Fortin prove it to be true. Growing up with a musically gifted family – their father passed up moving to Nashville with his band to start a family – it’s no surprise the brothers went on to form New England-based Six Day Slide with drummer Dave Jacintho and bass guitarist Matt Beals.

“We’ve always been really close and I think because we’re so close we’re able to do a lot of great things musically,” admits vocalist and guitarist David Fortin. “Neither of us have any reservations about telling the other one that something isn’t going to work or just flat out sucks.”

After forming in 2003, Six Day Slide has been relentlessly performing at bars, colleges and events throughout New England and the northeast including charity concert Rock for a Cause. Formed by students of Merrimack College, the charity concert series benefits the VH1 Save the Music Foundation – a charity dedicated to preserving music programs in America’s schools.

Lights was recorded at Blue Jay Studios in Carlisle, MA with Giles Christenson and Ken Dziok.Recording Lights in New England was a conscious decision made by the members of Six Day Slide. “We recorded our last record down in New Jersey with John Seymour (Mighty Mighty Bosstones, Dave Matthews),” says Fortin. “But we decided as fun as that was, it would be easier to really put everything we had into the record if we did it right here in Boston where we felt at home.”

The mellow, yet solid pop song “New Day” takes a break from the more ferocious tracks on Lights. “I choose to live like tomorrow never comes/ I choose to die like tomorrow never comes,” sings Fortin. The lyrics seem to pay homage to one of the band’s biggest supporters, the Fortins’ grandfather Anthony Manfra, who passed away last spring. “It was because of him that we were finally able to put it all together, keep chasing our dream and record our first full-length record,” explains Fortin.

“City Streets” is an upbeat track laden with Boston imagery – from neon streetlights to people watching. As the infectious hook of the chorus echoes “this will always be my home,” it is clear that Six Day Slide isn’t going to abandon New England anytime soon.