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This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"Sixdeep, a global appeal"

Sixdeep, live hiphop/rock band. I agree.This multicultural band is the physical manifestation of the influence of hiphop and rock music around the globe. No wonder their homebase is New York.Their songs are meaninful and their live performance is extremely energetic and intense. - Podium


Rating: 10 / 10
I'm not a fan of hip-hop at all. usually metal. but you guyz are really good. good stuff. hope it all goes good for yall. I usually only listen to metal. metal, metal, metal, then some more metal. maybe some rock sometimes. but now i am listening to a shitload of reggae and alt. hip hop. mainly thanks to robert nesta marely and six deep. (sixdeep's song one blood would be the main reason for hip hop). so yeah. expand your horizons and keep and open mind.
- Psychosis


Our releases include:
1) Our self entitled album "SIXDEEP"
2) Second Album "rise"
3) "push it" on "A tribute to Tool" (in stores)
4) "angel's son" on "Sevendust tribute" (in stores)
5) "A.W.O.L" on " A very special tribute to Yellowcard" (in stores)
Songs from our album can be heard directly from our website


Feeling a bit camera shy


Live hiphop,rock, reggae music for people who need to release & lose it!!