Six degrees of Separation

Six degrees of Separation



There are no real strangers. We are all connected to one another by a short chain, no more than six human links long; The Six Degrees of Separation.

Reciprocally linked as brother, brother, best friend & best friend, Joe Russell (vocals, keys), Sam Russell (guitars) Hayden Lewis (percussion) and Sam Ludeman (Bass) connect to tell the stories of their relatively short but adventure and tragedy filled life times.

With a few exceptions their sound could be described as Beatles style pop music played by The Red Hot Chili Peppers and could be fairly easily traced back to their influences; The Beatles, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Michael Jackson, Ben Harper and Nirvana.

This CD is named after a fifth band member who disappeared without a trace before they began recording in December last year. It is built on the thoughts and recollections of Singer Joe Russell and contains stories of love, friends lost, back alley rendezvous, brushes with death, the eternal search for the meaning of life and even a duet with then girlfriend, Australian Idol finalist Natalie Ferguson (Love in this city).

Living in Victoria, Australia they have played at various clubs, concerts and events including:
Live in the Park
Flanaghans Irish Bar
Wesley Hall
Einsteins Club (Deakin University)
Live appearance on 98.5 One FM
G.V. Hotel
Big Night Out
Ballarat University and many more.

Life is just music waiting to be written.

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Debut album: "Where is Johnson?" released independantly in January 2005.

Set List

(3 X 30min sets)
Original material and stylised covers:

*Next Life (Orig.)
*Save tonight (Eagle Eye Cherry)
*Love in this city (Orig.)
*Drank before I Went (Orig.)
*Mad World (Garry Jules)
*Forget your friends (Orig.)
*Fire to the sun (Orig.)

* Where the wild roses grow (Nick Cave)
* Shake it out (Orig.)
* Black hole sun (Soundgarden)
* For a short while (Orig.)
* Crown (Orig.)
* My own kind (Orig.)
* Slice of Heaven (Dave Dobbin)

* Back in the USSR (Beatles)
* Fix-it kit (Orig.)
* Alley (Orig.)
* Lay down your guns (Jimmy Barnes)
* Sad Stories (Orig)
* Games they play (Orig.)