Sixes & Sevens

Sixes & Sevens


A unique blend of Progressive Rock, Metal and Alternative music, Sixes & Sevens combine melody, thought provoking lyrics, humour and amazing musicianship in a heavy, dark, brooding mass of sound and texture which makes up the Sixes & Sevens sound.


Sixes & Sevens is a band rooted in Progressive Rock and Metal. With a unique blend of aggression and melody, they challenge the audience and listeners with soundscapes, textures, heaviness and catchy songwriting. These boys are not afraid to show the world that they are masters of their respective instruments. What sets this band apart is professionalism and musicianship. The members of Sixes & Sevens have all been fixtures of the Toronto scene for years in different bands. Together, the Toronto quartet create a a very hip, progressive and accessible blend of metal and hard music that attracts a wide range of music fans. Their influences include Dream Theater, Evergrey, RUSH, Faith No More, Soilwork, NIN, Meshuggah, Bad Brains, Prong, Freak Kitchen, Pantera, King's X, The Deftones, King Crimson, Yes, The Police, Entwine and Genesis.


none as of yet. They are working on an indie CD.

Set List

1 Antitrust
2 The Scream Within
3 Hands Of Time
4 Sea Of Tears
5 The Bleeding
6) Inconvenience
7) 30 Days Of Night
8) Crimson Tide
9) Dark Water
10) My Broken Faith