Six Foot Orchard

Six Foot Orchard

 Holly Springs, North Carolina, USA

This is a band whose musicianship and stage performance is noted by the crowd every time they perform. They are a 4 piece with a very original metal sound, with driving technical guitar work,amazing melodies, progressive drums and intense vocals this band is what a metal head needs to hear!


ix Foot Orchard (SFO) stands for the beauty of death and the breath of life a concept made by 5 North Carolina local musicians and the driving sound that this band creates proves it. Exposing listeners to a heavier sense of passion, anger, and misanthropy time and time again SFO creates a new breed of heavy music. From the battle ready percussion and technical guitar work to the aggressive vocals and lyrics this band is deep rooted and will not give any mercy till all is bled dry. With two self released albums, All Fears Come Alive which is a angst filled view into the decaying soul and The Gods Have Forgotten You which personifies the darkness and woe of the exiled this band continues to write and break molds. (check out The Gods Have Forgotten You Via Itunes.) Their intense live show really is the basis of the band, with unmatched energy, SFO always gives 100% in every neck breaking performance. Be sure to see them at their next show!!
After spending 2 years as a 5 piece SFO re-organized their line up into a 4 piece sonic assault, Warren Sharp(guitar), Logan Lawson(vocals), Bobby White(drums),Nathan Dickens(bass). The 4 musicians create music that is a manifestation of anger, pain, misanthropy, philosophy, aggression and hope:
"Our music is a look into a fallen world and a disdained soul, what is produced is a view that some people wouldn't be able to grasp or want to understand. But, for those with the courage to look beyond the surface will see the beauty covered in darkness and chaos made by the music we createā€¯. Do you have the courage to look beyond the surface?


All Fears Come Alive
The Gods Have Forgotten You (on Itunes and Amazon)

Oath To Heresy(myspace & reverbnation)
Death of a Legend(myspace & reverbnation)
Filthy Creation(myspace & reverbnation)
No More Sight(myspace & reverbnation)

Set List

30 min set (heavier crowds)
Blood From The Sky
Atrum Tempestas
Filthy Creation
Skeleton Closet
Set Sail to Dark Shores

30 min set (crowd friendly)
Blood From the Sky
Atrum tempestas
No More Sight
Death of a Legend
Set sail to dark shores

45 min set
Blood From the Sky
Filthy Creation
No more sight
Skeleton Closet
Atrum Tempestas
Set Sail To Dark Shores