The Six Foot Poles

The Six Foot Poles


The Six Foot Poles have been playing classic rock with a Motown twist together for over 15 years. Their eclectic mix of songs draw from the Beatles, Smithereens, Smokey Robinson, Kinks, Moody Blues, Jefferson Airplane, and Melissa Etheridge, using vocal harmony, guitars, keyboards, bass and drums.


The Six Foot Poles are a five-piece band that plays vintage classic rock and roll with a Motown twist. The musical knowledge and experience of the Poles spans five decades and has accumulated over 100 years of combined experience playing in various local bands. The Six Foot Poles have played together for over 15 years and includes three brothers, Dave, Mark and Mat Brzezinski (all over six feet tall), and their “brother from another mother,” Theo Smith, and the "five foot pole", Joelene Piatt Brzezinski. Mat handles the drum kit as Dave, Mark and Theo all trade off on guitar and bass duties. Theo can also add various keyboards to the mix whenever the song calls for it. All of the members of the band sing, the majority being the harmonies of Mark and Theo with Joelene as a featured vocalist. The Poles enthusiasm for classic and eclectic rock songs reflect their various influences, including the Beatles, the Stones, the Smithereens, Smokey Robinson, the Doors, Kinks, Moody Blues as well as obscure one-hit wonders from the 1960's and 1970's. When the band calls on Joelene, they expand their range to include Jefferson Airplane, Melissa Etheridge and beyond.

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So where did the Six Foot Poles come from?

I'm glad you asked.

All of us have had various musical experiences before drifting together as the Six Foot Poles.

Dave is a veteran of the Sixties, where he started out as a "roadie" for many local bands in the Detroit Western suburbs, probably because he drove an old 1961 Ford Econoline van. After a series of small bands, he drifted off into college and married life until he was drafted by his younger brothers, Martin and Mat, to play guitar in their Six band and Ivan Pavlov's Salivation Army.

Mark got his start early in the Fred Jam Band, which led to a string of bands and hanging out with some of the great local musicians. He even had a short stint on the staff of one of Fred Smith's early solo bands. Mark's interest in theater led him to parts in musicals and ultimately meeting his future wife, Joelene.

Mat was the drums in the Six band and Ivan Pavlov's Salivation Army. Ultimately, he hooked up with local legend Jim "Largebeat" Gertz in Ann Arbor and has performed in most of the many incarnations of the Largebeat bands right up to the present.

Theo has played extensively in the Detroit area in various bands, starting on bass guitar, but expanding out to add keyboards and guitar to his many talents.

Joelene grew up in the theatre singing and doing ventriloquism, but was also influenced by her older brother's many rock bands.

Although Mat, Mark and David were brothers, they only infrequently played all together until the Six Foot Poles were formed. Mark knew Theo through his day job and adding Theo and Joelene greatly expanded the musical scope of the band. The Six Foot Poles have played mainly around the Ann Arbor area.


We have a few tasty original tunes that you can download from our MySpace site.

Set List

We can rock your world all night long. We play mostly classic rock covers from the 60's, 70's and 80's, but we have a few tasty original tunes that reflect our influences.

We typically play about 12 songs in a set, which lasts for about 45 minutes. We are normally prepared to play one to four sets, but we can play longer if necessary.

Song List: (We're always adding)
19th Nervous Breakdown - Rolling Stones
Afterglow - Small Faces
A Little Help From My Friends - Beatles
All Day and All of the Night - Kinks
All My Loving - Beatles
Alone - Heart
American Idiot - Green Day
And I Love Her - Beatles
Another Summer - Six Foot Poles
Back in the USSR - Beatles
Bad Little Boy - Beatles
Bang a Gong - T-Rex
Be My Girl - Six Foot Poles
Behind the Wall of Sleep - Smithereens
Birthday - Beatles
Black Magic Woman - Santana
Boris the Spider - Who
Born Under a Bad Sign - Howlin' Wolf/Cream
Brown Eyed Girl - Van Morrison
Bus Stop - Hollies
Chain of Fools - Areth