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"Six Ft Sissy Press"

Six Ft. Sissy's new album, "The State of New York" is garnering attention of fans and various media. Here is a list of publications, online media, and direct quotations from notable performers:

* Top 25 Best New Artist - Music Connection Magazine, 12/08
*"Mob and Dance" selected by Editor's to be in Top 25 Mp3's of 2008.
* May, 2008 - Pick of the Month,
* July, 2008 - Chosen as one of the exclusive 10 "Choice Cuts" on
* "Mob and Dance" - peaked at #3 on the Indie-Music single charts.
* August, 2008 - Featured on August Edition of Mike Cameo's Indies Top 10 show.
* Famed rapper Ludacris selected "Cold Weather," "New Roc," and "Dirty Man" among his top picks to be featured on his indie music promotional website, ""
* Rotation on internet, podcast, and radio in various markets.
* "The State of New York" is available for download on iTunes,, Rhapsody, and CD Baby.

"Wow sound really, really good!!"
-Rick Dobbelaer of Universal Recording Artist Unspun and Energy Recording recording artist Last Tribe

"State of NY rocks...everything sounds awesome...well recorded, well produced, well played, etc...fine stuff"
-Brian Joyce of Stinky Recording Artist Benzos

- Six Ft Sissy


"The State Of New York"

2-Cold Weather
3-New Roc
4-Mob And Dance
5-Papa Grande
9-Stick It In Your Toe
11-Conceited Bastard
12-Dirty Man
13-Chuck Taylor



*Chosen as Top 25 Best New Artist in Music Connection Magazine-Dec08'
*Song "Mob and Dance" chosen by Editor's to be in Top 25 MP3's of 08'
*Featured in September Issue of Music Connection Magazine
*Chosen as an Editor's Pick for the month of May 2008
*Chosen as one of the exclusive 10 "Choice Cuts" on for the month of July 2008!
*Single "Mob And Dance" peaked at #3 on the single charts
*Featured on the August Edition of Mike Cameo's Indies' Top 10 show.
*Ludacris has chosen the song "Dirty Man", "Cold Weather", and "New Roc" as a Top Picks being featured on
*Signed agreement for placement in Film & TV with MREG DLV Famous Artist Music
*Rotation on internet, podcast, and radio
*Available on iTunes,, Rhapsody, etc

Six Ft Sissy is fronted by Danny Dolce ("Dole"), a 6'4" wordsmith whose musings include NBA folklore, youthful tripping at the county mall, and the acceptance of a "warm sweater" in place of a winter coat. In doing so, he challenges the absurd, if not harmless, self-aggrandizing that once hallmarked the music industry's ability to confidently predict a "hit." His words are charged with a conversational, humorous, often sarcastic, folk-hip hop style, and are delivered and designed to place as little importance on life's daily grind as possible.

During the performance, Dole arrives onstage clad in anything from monastic robes to outlandish wigs as he exposes the placticity of the Hip-Hop-Meets-Suburbia world.

The band, energized by fiery syncopation, captures a refreshing juxtaposition to Dole's airiness, being deeply rooted in funk-oriented grooves, riffs, and melody. The result is a unique sense of humor and style. Dole's perplexing and alluring stage charisma keeps the band at a safe, self-mocking distance from the trap of taking themselves at all too seriously. But make no mistake about the total package: Six Ft Sissy is a serious musical force, not to be taken lightly. Armed with enough talent to sell out arenas, the band offers a refreshing originality and relevance in spite of what seems at first to be mere entertainment.

SIX FT SISSY’s "The State of New York" has garnered much critical acclaim both inside music industry circles and out, especially with online editor and user picks. Reviewers from Music Connection have noted that “[SixFtSissy’s] musical mission to take the piss out of suburban white posers who are into hip-hop culture” (September, 2008). The hip hop/rock band based in New York whose songs layer early-era rap vocals over explosive classic rock riffs, funk, jazz, and blues is composed of, coincidentally, six members: Dan Dolce (vocals), Paul Saenz (guitar, vocals), Brian Connally (bass, vocals), Sean Nolan (vocals, keyboards, guitar), John Joyce (drums), and Tory Ridder (keyboards/percussion).
The State of New York strips down the enormity of New York City, capturing its cultural essence and emotional perseverance through its continuing post-9/11 reconstruction. In its own unique way, the record is collection of stories - stories of fictitious New Yorkers who insist on choosing resilience over melancholy. The result is a fun, upbeat, bop-your-head collection of 12 infectious songs, each expressed from the unique viewpoints of ordinary citizens who simultaneously experience their toils during the same "New York minute."

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