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"Six Gallery"

Columbus locals, Six Gallery,
released their LP, Breakthroughs in
Modern Art, Friday June 27th at
Skully’s. The album was 9 months in
the making…and well worth the wait.
The music and live show’s sound is
seductive and reminiscent of fall nights
on campus. It reminds me of Ohio
University in Athens, which makes sense
because this is where they originate (and
we’re fellow alumni). It's truly great
alternative music: whimsical and
designed for the young...and young at
Alex and Ben explain in an
interview during sound check that it was
a “Long, long, process.” Everyone’s amp
broke at some point and they had quite
a scare when their producer’s U-Haul
was broken into and both of the hard
drives that contained backups of the
album were stolen. “Our hearts dropped
when we found that out. We didn’t know
if they were backed up anywhere [else].
Luckily we found most of the stuff on the
computer and it was still salvageable,”
says Alex.
And next, they are off to the east
coast for a list of dates. Alex say’s it is like
his vacation for the year. “It’s like, what
do I have do today? Oh, wake up and go
play a show. It is a lot of work and it can
be stressful, but it is worth it. Playing for
people that have never heard you play
before. - - Jess Meadows


Rather than clearly defined verse,
chorus, verse, chorus... bridge
formulations, the songs on
‘Breakthroughs’ are, for the most part,
linear progressions from order to chaos,
sometimes back again, riding waves of
multiple climaxes both within themselves
and together as a collection. The
aesthetic virtue of the whole is under a
constant threat, but never falters, even in
the whirlwind of an incomprehensible
abundance of notes spurted in bizarre
timing, such as the guitargasm that
makes up the second half of ‘Just Hey’.
Singer and newest member
Daniel J., crochets complex and
sometimes straining melodies,
constructing a solid pillar within the fast,
free-fall of guitar-prominent
instrumentals to place his passionate
serenades of loose metaphors and
somewhat obscure references. The
resulting meaning is fleeting, unfolding in
anticipation and excitement, but never
concludes with a perceivable agenda. In
layman’s terms that’s sweet, sweet ear
candy, which happens to be wrapped up
in an equally complex and pleasing
production quality: crisp and clear in the
headphones under the hoodie and the
audiophile’s setup alike.
The album title’s pretentiousness
may be tongue-in-cheek, but Six
Gallery’s merger of profound
musicianship and poetics actually does
feel like a breakthrough in... something.
Simultaneously victorious and
dangerous, what Six Gallery have done
with ‘Breakthroughs In Modern Art’, is
created a work that contains no room for
improvement - Melt Magazine: Tyler Starkey

"Columbus Alive"

Six Gallery always dreamed of
adding vocals atop their finger-tap-happy
prog-rock compositions. Each member
took a turn on the mic at some point
during practice, but nothing clicked, until
Daniel Francis joined the fold in
November 2009.
It quickly became clear that this new
Six Gallery would be better off writing
new material than trying to salvage old
songs. All but one song on Breakthroughs
was written after Francis joined the band.
Vestiges of the old sound remain,
most notably guitarists Ben Schreiber
and Will Vokac's rampant finger-tapping
combinations. But that technical
wizardry shares space with Francis'
passionate wails, spinning outlandish
tales about the lost city of Atlantis and a
Uruguayan rugby team forced into
cannibalism. - Chris DeVille

"Band Spotlight: Six Gallery"

Columbus, Ohio’s Six Gallery has been on my radar for a while now. I recently (finally) downloaded the band’s 2008 EP, entitled Prelude, and I am left extremely impressed once again. The band plays a dynamic brand of instrumental rock. This is fantastic stuff if you prefer your math rock more fluid than choppy. -

"Columbus Band Six Gallery"

For three years the Columbus-based progressive-rock band Six Gallery was an all instrumental 4-piece.

This Saturday, January 17th, Six Gallery will take the stage at Blind Bob’s with their new vocalists and fifth member Dan Francis.

“It was never a decision we made to be instrumental,” said bass player Alex Weinhardt. “It was just how the music turned out. Actually throughout the entire existence of this band, we have been trying to incorporate vocals. It just never worked out and we always sounded good as an instrumental outfit.”

Weinhardt also assured me that fans in Dayton will relish the differences from their last visit.

“The last show we played in Dayton was only the second show with our vocalist,” said Weinhardt. “Our friends and fans who came to that show know that things have been evolving with us, especially with the addition of vocals. Expect to see something a little different than you are used too with us on Saturday.”

The band, who met and began playing in 2005 while attending Ohio University, have a dreamboat sound in line with Unwed Sailor and the Appleseed Cast.

Last year Six Gallery released a 4-song EP entitled Prelude. The band is currently working on their first full length due out this Summer.

Playing with Six Gallery at Blind Bob’s Saturday will be local electro-punk favs Astro Fang.

If you miss them Saturday the band will be back to Dayton on February 26th with Joe Anderl also at Blind Bob’s.

Visit to hear a few songs and watch some videos. - Dayton Daily News

"Six Gallery"

Columbus-based Six Gallery’s debut album, “Breakthroughs in Modern Art,” is pungently fueled by passion, and expertly charted by star-crossed irony. The words blur sometimes, but discreetly persistent crooner Daniel J. is figuring it all out, as his bright-eyed swoon orbits the moon (of Six Gallery’s compressed, never constricted dynamics), unerringly passing once again through love’s golden flame, where “I wish I was convincing as you are/But I’m not second-guessing what we are.” But he’s not ready to be a stationary museum piece either: “I’m like/The things you said you’d always do!” - UWeekly

"Six Gallery - Breakthroughs in Modern Art Review"

Nobody likes a showoff, but let’s be honest: Six Gallery plays guitar better than you.

This fact becomes readily apparent in the first few minutes of the Columbus, OH’s debut LP Breakthroughs in Modern Art. What isn’t immediately apparent to those unfamiliar with the band’s mathy guitar breakdowns and flitting, frenetic percussion is that a massive change has taken place in Six Gallery’s musical mentality. Such is the case when an instrumental band moves to a new town, trades out a drummer, and decides to give the whole vocalist thing a whirl. Has starting over ever sounded so good?

Provocative hyperbolic questions aside, there’s no denying the fact that Six Gallery’s latest costume change is an inspired look. The musical machine gun of Will Vokac and Ben Schreiber’s finger-tapped guitars is still there, but the addition of Daniel Francis’ fervent vocals has pushed the group into uncharted territory. One could go on and on about the ways in which Francis bounces from expression to expression, often ripping into a soulful cry before sinking into a whisper (give the standout “Built to Last” a try). His rambling lyrics drop facts, allusions, secrets, and tall-tales with equal earnestness and we’re not sure whether to believe all of it or none of it. The sheer excitement his stories offer sprints arm-in-arm with the sparkling guitars with an incredibly balanced, energetic effect.

It’s this symmetry that sets Six Gallery apart. From a band known for its instrumental aptitude, it’s nice that the shift to a vocally-driven band has not actually manifested itself in a shift to a vocally-driven band. Guitars and vocals are given equal footing, harmonizing rather than dueling on the platform created by the talents of Alex Weinhardt (Bass) and Ben Miller (drums). “A Live Nativity Scene” epitomizes this dichotomy. Francis takes a turn with some poignant lines before stepping aside as electric riffs drip and dot into place. The two then join for a pulsing chorus that leads into the explosive final two minutes of the track. “Say Matte” takes a similar approach, subtracts some attack, and adds a touch of smokiness to create a thing of beauty. The only song that can’t seem to identify itself is “Just Hey,” a jolting trip through disorganized, heady breakdowns that gets lost somewhere along the way.

The majority of the album’s tunes tend to blossom organically, casually (but not unnaturally) eschewing the typical verse-chorus format. Crystalline riffs and earthy bass blips intertwine, vine-like, with shakers and snares in “Edie & the Marble Faun,” forming a song so cavernous it feels as if we could sneak right on in. It’s borderline disarming, a characteristic that can easily catch up on an unsuspecting listener. At times, between the kaleidoscopic instrumentation and the delirious story-telling, it can be difficult to locate one’s self in the din.

Still, the transition from instrumental to full band has been successfully navigated and it has resulted in an LP that could have easily been a mess of missteps, but isn’t. Despite its ironic title, Breakthroughs in Modern Art is clearly not afraid to show something new. You won’t even need the pretentious instrumental secret song to prove the fact that Six Gallery plays their guitars much better than you. And now that they have a vocalist, you’d better watch out.
- - Travis Parno


Prelude EP (2008)
Music For Medicine Single (2008)
Breakthroughs in Modern Art LP (2009)



Six Gallery formed in the summer of 2005 as a four-piece instrumental act in the small university town of Athens, OH.  In just two short years, Six Gallery released two E.P.'s, graduated from college, relocated to Columbus, OH, replaced a drummer and played around 100 shows throughout the Midwest and Northeast.

In November 2008, Six Gallery changed the direction of their instrumental progressive post rock sound with the addition of vocalist Daniel Francis. With a full lineup for the first time, Six Gallery began the writing and rehearsal process for their debut L.P., Breakthroughs in Modern Art.

Released in June of 2009, Breakthroughs in Modern Art displays an artistic vigor and explosive power that engages listeners. With the release of their debut LP, Six Gallery has attracted the attention of prominent independent labels, radio promoters, and booking agents alike.

Six Gallery has shared the stage with national acts like Maps and Atlases, The Heartland, La Dispute, The Ataris, Andrew WK, Kevin Devine, The New Amsterdams and Mouth of the Architect further expressing their abilities as a cross genre act.  The band has toured through the Midwest and Northeast and will be continuing to do so in Fall 2009 in support of Breakthroughs in Modern Art.