Six Months to Live

Six Months to Live


Six Months to Live are Denver's premier purveyors of power pop. Honey-coated harmony vocals; warm, melodic bass; tuneful drums; snarling and flawless guitars; and finely-crafted tunes add up to an alternately stunning and thrilling rock and roll experience.


"With influences that range from the British Invasion to New Wave and modern Indie Rock, Six Months to Live forge... a modern psychosocial amalgam that includes harmonic surprises, time changes, and bridges that never return to the verse, but will instead launch into a crescendo coda. Their lyrics range from brilliant articulations of heartbreak to quirky hallucinogenic wordcraft. With dynamic arrangements that build tension over the whole affair, Six Months to Live often seem like they are balanced precariously over a pit of destruction. And yet, at the conclusion of a show, the audience inevitably has the wide-eyed look of those who have undergone an intensive--and remarkably affordable--session of group therapy."

-Quoted from Enfuse Magazine April 2007


Don't worry. Six Months to Live are here to help. We'll coddle you with our eight sinewy arms and rub your hair until you stop your sobbing.


Let the langorous lyrics touch you in places you didn't know had nerves. That's not so bad, is it? Now sink back into the downy bass lines and close your eyes.

That rat-a-tat-tat you hear isn't the sound of branches clicking on your window. Far from it! That's the sound of drums. They're getting louder. You're feeling a whole hell of a lot better.

Would you like to dance? The sonic glee of guitars bursts into your room and lifts you to your feet.

Joy. Pure joy.

This is so much better than lying in bed and feeling sorry for yourself! This, my friend, is the auditory bliss of Six Months to Live. Revel in the glory that is Denver's Popsadelicious answer to all your worldly problems.


EP - Starting As of Now 2006

Songs played on 1190 AM, KTCL, KGNU, and various internet stations.

Songs have appeared on the following comps:
Adventure Records Cuvee #3
Public Service Records #3
Adventure Records Cuvee #4

Set List

Sets can run from 30 to 75 minutes. Sets typically include one cover. Here are some examples of covers:

Take Me With You - Prince
I Want to Tell You - Beatles
Eyes Without A Face - Billy Idol
I Don't Want to Spoil the Party - Beatles
Big Black Smoke - Kinks
Hey Bulldog - Beatles
Up the Junction - the Squeeze
Happiness Is a Warm Gun - Beatles