Six Months to Live

Six Months to Live


Unlike many indie rock groups, Six Months to Live embraces the joy of rock and roll with well-considered abandon. Their soaring vocal harmonies, tightly constructed songs, professional musicianship, and electrifying stage presence leave audiences slack-jawed.


"With influences that range from the British Invasion to New Wave and modern Indie Rock, Six Months to Live forge... a modern psychosocial amalgam that includes harmonic surprises, time changes, and bridges that never return to the verse, but will instead launch into a crescendo coda. Their lyrics range from brilliant articulations of heartbreak to quirky hallucinogenic wordcraft. With dynamic arrangements that build tension over the whole affair, Six Months to Live often seem like they are balanced precariously over a pit of destruction. And yet, at the conclusion of a show, the audience inevitably has the wide-eyed look of those who have undergone an intensive--and remarkably affordable--session of group therapy."

---From Enfuse Magazine 2007


2008 - A Better Place - LP
2006 - Starting As Of Now-EP

Set List

Shows can range for 30 minutes to two hours. Songs are typically 3-4 minutes. Covers include Billy Idol, Kinks, David Bowie, Beatles, Big Star.