Six O'clock News

Six O'clock News


Hard Hitting Rock band from the cold north. These 5 guys give 110% energy on stage and in their recordings. Have toured with bands ranging from Evans Blue (Hollywood Records) Hard Rock to Ill Scarlett (Sony Records) Punk/Ska. Be on the look out for Six O'clock News


History has taught us that rock music is about rebellion. Today more then ever we are in need of a dose of this reality.

We live in an era where so called ‘Rock Stars’ are voted on or off the proverbial ‘Island’ and then paraded in front of an adoring audience like cattle marched to the slaughter.

Where did the bands go that care more for the music?

Where did the Rock Icons who cared more for their fans instead of the latest article of them in Blender Magazine?

This hard hitting group from Guelph Ontario has been tearing up the scene and shows no signs of slowing down. They have been honing their live performance while garnering rave reviews and earning them a passionate core of fans.

Barrett Mucci, Mike Sanvido, Tim VanderMeulen, Mike Tavares and Jonas Feenstra are what bands used to be about.... The music

A “grab you by the collar” type sound that could wake the dead, mixed in with thought provoking lyrics make Six O’Clock News one of those bands you had better keep your eye on.

Their hard work, determination and ultimately their sound has not gone unnoticed. The band has had the pleasure of shareing the stage with some of Canada's top artists like Evans Blue, Ill Scarlett and 'Hair Metal' legends Helix to name a few

Six O’Clock News is on now…Be a part of the Rock Solution….


Six O'clock News - SkinFlix & Politics Release TBD 2009 LP

Six O'clock News - Angry Place Release 2008 EP
Radio campaigne for SkinFlix & Politics in Canada and USA

Six O'clock News - 6604 Release 2006 EP
2K Units plus sold

Six O'clock News - Self Titled Release 2004 LP
10K Units plus sold

Set List

All in Vein
Live to Play
Only One
Another Day
Words Fall Down
The Nothing
Vs 9
Angry Place

Skid Row- Youth Gone Wild
Motley Crue- Kickstart My Heart