Six O'clock Saints

Six O'clock Saints


"It's like you smushed Depeche Mode in a room with the Talking Heads and David Bowie. And not only did they get along, they recorded some awesome tracks." -Kristie M Grey - Artist Relations - Seventh Wave Studio


Six Oclock Saints started as Lumpy Balboa Condition, a 14 piece noise band with no real direction musically, but all the right ideas by way of their live stage show. It had the energy and power that most bands don't even attempt to emulate. But, fate soon changed hands for the band when the brothers (Singer Tony Jimmy Jackson, Keyboardist Jackson Alavaugn and Guitarist Blind lemon Jackson) older brother died. "He was the reason we started making music in the first place" says the brothers. "That's when we knew we had to choose a direction musically but make it our own." They spent the next two years creating an entirely new sound. They started drawing influence from favorite bands of theirs such as the Cure, Depeche Mode, David Bowie, and the Doors. They dropped the name "Lumpy" to just be called Balboa Condition. That's when the wheels started turning. "We just wanted to make GOOD music", says keyboardist Jackson Alavaugn

In the few months that followed, the band then dropped Balboa Condition alltogether and re-named the band "Six O'clock Saints"

"We didn't want to confuse our fans with the new music. It's completely different sound. We were starting over, from the beginning, but with a ton of styles under our belts"

With their debut album almost near completion, Six O'clock Saints are ready to show the world what they believe music is all about.


Pretty Face

Written By: Allen Jackson

I may never see your pretty face again. And given what the state of both our lives are in, we'll see tomorrow differently from now on.
I could never hide behind these eyes agian. Confessions left this vexing breath between us and.. you'll look upon me differently from now on.
It's not a sin for you to fear those words from me. The feelings I've expressed could ruin everything. But I wouldn't take those words back dear if I could...

Hey there Mrs. Sinner girl, yeah I've been thinking of you. You knew before I told you.
Hey there silent siren girl, yeah I've been drawn into you. You knew before I told you.

Heard your voice stained tearfully. The miles from your side have got the best of me. Suffering in silence seems to have lost.

Hey there Mrs. sinner girl. Yeah I've been losing to you. You knew before I told you.
Missed you so my sugar girl. You know I'd come back for you. Don't cry. I can't deal when your blue.

Let it rain and give me something else to hear. Besides this akward silence hanging in the air. You said it all by saying nothing at all...

Hey there Mrs. sinner girl. Yeah I've been thinking of you. You knew before I told you. Goodnight Mrs.sinner girl. Yeah I've been falling for you. You knew..knew that I loved you.



Set List

Typically, we do an hour set list, depending on how many bands we play with. Our songs include:

Emotionless Ecstacy-
Momento Mori-
One Eats the Other-
Cancer Girl-
Something Sweet-
Pretty Face-
Gotta Beat the Boss-
Myself Underneath-
R. Lee-

Covers come out only when the mood strikes us.
Covers we've done:

R.E.M. : It's the end of the world as we know it -
The Cure : Lullaby -
Butthole Surfers : Who was in my room last night -
Faith No More : Edge of the World -
Psychadelic Furs : Love My Way