Six Ounce Gloves

Six Ounce Gloves

 Fresno, California, USA

S.O.G has been touring the western states for 3yrs. They have shared the stage with 5 Fingered Death Punch, Machine Head, Walls of Jericho, as well as Slipknot and Disturbed. They are looking to keep up the momentum that they have now and proceed to the next level


The city of Fresno California is the home base and flash point of hometown howlers, Six Ounce Gloves. Exhibiting a sound that's both unique and familiar Six Ounce Gloves is not another cookie cutter band. They stand apart with their aggressive nature that is balanced by warm harmonies and lightning rod precision. They're on stage, in the pit, in the audience and in the hearts of their loyal fan base. Bottom line, Six Ounce Gloves just ROCKS.

Six Ounce Gloves brings a hardworking, anytime, anywhere attitude to the music scene. Touring a large majority of the western United States relentlessly for years they have created a large following and fan base that just keeps growing. Their songs "Where Do I Go", Coma, The Cliché and new song 28 Feet (not yet released) among others have modern rock anthem stamped all over them. Their song Where Do I Go has climbed to the second most requested song on Clear Channel affiliate KRZR 103.7 in California and was nominated by the LA Music Awards for Best Song Of The Year. Through this unshakable dedication and hard work theyve found themselves sharing the bill with numerous mainstream heavy hitting acts such as: Korn, Slipknot, Disturbed, Machine Head, Five Finger Death Punch, Puddle Of Mud, Hinder, The Red Chord, Walls of Jericho, Tap Root, Chevelle, Breaking Benjamin, Papa Roach, Queens of the stone age, Sum 41, Theory of a dead man and many more.

Six Ounce Gloves has won the National Independent Hard Rock Band Of The Year Award at the Hollywood Fame Awards affiliated with the L.A. Music awards, followed by receiving Male Vocalist of the year from the South Bay Music Awards. They are currently unsigned and released from all record label contracts and are seeking solicitations from major record labels. With their sights set on major tours throughout the United States and Europe with the signing of a major label. Six Ounce Gloves is continuing their hard work as they are currently working on a new album with a projected release in the fall of 2010.


"Timing is Everything" Released 06/06/06 On RockRidge Music
"Flee", "Where Do I Go" and "Exhale" Radio Singles
"This Time For Change" 08/08/08
"The Cliche" "The Coma"

Set List

Our typical set duration is about 1 hour and 15 minutes, with 10-12 songs. We do play shorter sets when needed.

The Estate
The Ritual
The Rescue
The Remainder
The Coma
The Cliche
The Tension
Where Do I go
28 Feet
Tryall and Err
Rising Sun