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Six Paces


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Learn to Live

Written By: Clement Tay; Lisa Tay

I’ve been around, from deserts to city lights
I’ve been around, seen all the different sights
From the Park in New York City
To the backstreets where the scene ain’t pretty
I’ve seen it all but this journeys just begun

I don’t know where this road is heading
I don’t know which direction the wind is blowing
But the world is ours, lets do it now

Standing at a crossroad in our lives
Won’t someone just hand us a map already
Or must we learn to live
Before we die

This world we live in, it ain’t no paradise
Make the best of it, cos you just can’t do it twice
Remember the dreams you started out with
Forget all those who told you to quit
Cos at the end, it’s you who pays the price

At the end of your life
When you look back in time
Are your dreams still dreams
And you never believed

Would you rather have said
Would you rather have known
In those days God gave,
You did, you reached, you lived