Six Six Five

Six Six Five


Six Six Five sounds like something you'd be open-minded enough to check out!


"Six Six Five" was formed in 2008 from the split of "Nina's Dimension" (2004-2008) from which three of the former members kept on playing under a new name. With the addition of a vocalist, the line up is now complete.

The line up consists of Dato on vocals, Givi on guitar, Gio on bass, and Vakho on drums.

Although the members are all quite young, most of them have extensive roots in music. Having first gotten together as kids who were simply annoying neighbors, now they have played wherever possible all over Gerogia. However, having done so under a different name, they plan to do it all over again and hopefully this time round they may get the chance to deliver their music beyond the borders of this country and be able to perform to wider audiences.

And so, here they stand now - after many years and many different line ups, a multitude of songs and concerts, "Six Six Five" have formed into a tight ass kicking band. But of course, you can make up your own mind about the ass kicking, so please take a listen to the home recorded demos, check out the video below (1st place - Rustavi 2) and do check back soon since they are currently in the process of recording more munchy-crunchy music.