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"Get stigmatized with Six Stigma"

You have to wonder how being a design engineer plays a role in Jason Carroll's music.

"Uh, it doesn't really," Carroll said.

But the lead vocalist for Six Stigma says his day job "inspired me to try to do my best."

It's also at his job where he got inspiration for the band's name, while attending a quality control class.

"I saw a poster that read 'SIGMATIZE your world,' " Carroll said. "And I thought it would be more truthful if it read 'STIGMATIZE your world.' The name Six Stigma was born."

And they say all work and no play is bad for you.

Here's the Q&A.

Name: Jason Carroll, lead vocals

From: Six Stigma

Performing: 10 p.m. today at Port of Wichita, 1548 S. Webb Road. Cover is $4.

Other band personnel: "Sweaty" John Splichal (bass), Token (guitar) and Lucas Daniel (drums).

Type of music: Modern rock/heavy alternative.

Any albums out? Yes, it's entitled "Within".

Does your band have a Web site? or

How long has it been together? Over 2 years with current lineup.

Your music is best described as: Thoughtful, hard-hitting, catchy and understandable.

Originals or covers? Both.

Does your band have any ties to the local music scene, past or present? We have all been in a few local bands around the Wichita area. (Carroll and Splichal used to perform in Waste of Time.)

Does your music explore a particular theme over and over again? Our music deals mostly with personal issues that are converted into catchy, hook-laden songs.

What first made you want to be in a band? Watching (local band) Ten Day Wish at the Indian Center three years ago. They rocked the place and looked like they were having fun. I asked myself, "Why can't I do that?" The rest is history.

Your band's T-shirt slogan would be (is): What's YOUR Stigma?

How has music changed your world? It allows me to have fun with the best musicians I have ever met while at the same time sharing our music with the world.

Offer advice to bands just getting started: Learn how to put on a show. Even if your music sounds great, no one will want to pay money twice to watch a bunch of stiffs on stage.

If you weren't a musician you would: Go back to school and get my Ph.D. in mechanical engineering or pick up cans along the road. They would both pay about the same.
- Wichita Eagle

"Within-Six Stigma"

Six Stigma whips up the kind of musical gruel you're likely to hear on any corporate-owned radio station in the country. Vocalist Jason Caroll understands exactly how to deliver highly emotional lyrical content with the numbed, disconnected tough guy reserve heard in bands such as Puddle of Mudd and Staind, though he can also pull off naked, Layne Staley-esque emotions when needed. Guitarist Ian "Token" Demory knows his way around a low-end riff and his tasteful lead playing is the saving grace of the album's weakest material ("Shattered" and "Bring It On") and an added bonus to "Children As Weapons" and "Drown Me." It'd be interesting to see this band try to form its own footprints rather than trace the well-worn paths of giants, but at least it's tracing those footsteps with conviction and accuracy. - Jeff Beaudoin/F5 Magazine


Current singles on radio airplay/streaming:

"No Angel, "Within", "Bring It On", "Children As Weapons", "Drown Me", "Jimmy's Song", "My Demise", "Day By Day", "Hypocricy", "All I See Is Black", "Within", "Bring It On", "Shattered", "Fade"


as Waste of Time - "Waste of Time", "Desire"

as Six Stigma - "The Inevitable", "Demo", "Within" (Fall 2005), "The Price Of Fame" (Winter 2007)


Feeling a bit camera shy


Wanna know how we found each other? Go to the 2nd paragraph. Wanna know about US? Give us a listen. We’re just 4 guys with the common goal of sharing our music with the world. Wanna know what makes us tick? Give us a listen. We don’t scream, rap, cuss excessively, or glamorize drug use…and we don’t write trite songs that you and your friends can listen to and share a giggle. We want you to FEEL the music. Give us a listen. When we’re pissed and would like to figuratively punch that special-someone right in the face, we want you to feel the same for 3 ½ minutes. When our hearts have been ripped out and stomped on, we want you to share the journey for little while, even if it’s from the outside looking in. We write about the emotions everyone feels but are afraid to share. What sort of stuff do most of us keep inside? Give us a listen.

“Six Stigma” formed from the band "Waste of Time" in October 2003 by Jason Carroll and John Splichal. 8 rough months, an incredible work ethic, an inability to quit, and 2 internet ads finally led them to Lucas Daniel and Ian “Token” Demory. For all intents and purposes, the Six Stigma story starts here. Upon the addition of Token, the band immediately began working to put together a set and within a month, they were out on the Wichita scene. Within 2 months, they were headlining their own shows and playing out-of-town gigs.

2004 laid the slab; 2005 was the placement of the bottom bricks; 2006 was the end result. With trips to Omaha, Oklahoma City, Manhattan (KS), Lawrence (KS), Dallas, and Nashville, the band was gaining road experience and grabbing fans along the way. Besides hitting the road, the guys were steadily taking care of business in their hometown of Wichita. Mid-to-late 2005 began an enormous swell of fan support and accomplishments. Six Stigma was not only picking up casual fans, but picking up RABID fans. These fans follow Six Stigma everywhere and make no bones about who their favorite band is. Fan 'Street Teams' have not only been started in Wichita, but also throughout the region. Currently, Six Stigma Street Teams are active in Topeka and Kansas City with new ones being planned in other cities.

In two years, “Six Stigma” has put themselves on the fast-track of accomplishing their ultimate goal. From a live performance standpoint, they’ve already played over 150 shows throughout the region. The highlights of this schedule include opening for national recording artists “10 Years”, "Allele" "Slave To The System" and “Silvertide”. On January 20th, 2006, Six Stigma held an official CD release party for 'Within' and a double capacity crowd of over 400 people showed up to give their approval and support to Six Stigma. Spreading their music through live shows has proven to be a successful tactic. Their stage presence and sound continues to impress and win over fans at every venue they play.

From the all-important recording standpoint, “Six Stigma” has almost 30 recorded songs to its credit, and is constantly writing newer material. They are no one-trick ponies, and to date have had 12 different songs played on local and regional radio stations and probably a few other ones that they don’t know about. Their current album ‘Within’ has been a hit with fans and critics, and helped them secure a distribution deal with OarFin Distribution, enabling them to not only have their music in stores such as Best Buy and FYE, but also selling out at those same locations! And in the fall of 2006, they completed work on their upcoming album, "The Price Of Fame", which was recorded at the world-renowned OmniSound Studios in Nashville, Tennessee!

The band has also had enormous success via the internet: the title track ‘Within’ was “Track of The Day” at on August 13th, 2005 and their account has received almost 50,000 plays!

Lots of people think this band has what it takes. Give them a listen…and decide for yourself.