Six String Splint

Six String Splint



Six String Splint is a non-genre band based out of Muncie, Indiana. We produce totally original music and aim to be more than just professional musicians, but also to spread our name and our music to the world. We are Six members tall, and definately know how to feel a crowd. The band roots back to the end of 2004 (though most of the members have been lifetime musicians), and has gone through many different changes and adjustments lyrically and musically.
We call ourselves a non-genre band for a reason. We feel that our music changes from song to song and thus does not fit one particular genre. Typically, we blend an electric grindhouse sound with those of warm acoustic tones that progress and create a foundation for people to relate to. Most of our music is custom cut to portray and coincide with the feelings and emotions of the songs, and therefore does not follow standard tempos but rather increases and decreases to follow mood, as in a orchestra or a symphony.
We have much faith that Six String Splint will be successful. Most first time listeners are immediately hooked and are wanting more. We are greatly appreciative to those of our fanbase and anyone who aids in our road to success. We are looking forward to hearing your response from this package with any feedback that you may have in either direction. Feel free to contact us from any of the above listings for further booking or recording dates.
Thanks for listening!


WCRD Ball State Universtiy Campus Raido Station
and our first 8 track CD, Rythmic Fusion

Set List

Follow You There
Sexual Fellings
Pepper Up
Sun Come Out Today
I'm A Rebel
Mermaid Girlfriend
Necklace Red
Burn For You
Eyes Of Fire
Don't Rush
Scratch my Back
White Number Ones
Wind River Glacier Mounties
Crystal Ball
Pay My Taxes
Calm After the Storm
Green as Grass
Six String Splint Theme
Silky Pillow Baby
I'm Gonna Sleep So Good Tonight