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"Sixth Floor Review"

January 2006: Eddy Metal

"Alright, these guys have been trying to get on my shows for years, but to be honest, out of town bands are not my #1 choice these days.

But, I hate to see bands being punished exposure-wise for being brought up in the country. So I decided to give them a try. Now here I sit a few weeks later and I still have the taste of crow in my mouth. Never underestimate or count out rockers from the country! These country guys from Bowling Green, KY got it going on.

They have a heavy COC-ish, Down-ish sound that is hard rock/blues/metal all rolled into one. Down South metal, if you will. Smokin' guitars and soulful vocals have made this cityboy a fan.
- Louisville Music News

"Southbound review"

"...I’m talking about Sixth Floor. They take the tradition of Southern Rock, and bring it all the way forward, to 2005. To a world of cell phones, tech wars, dot coms, and a million other luxury grievances that Molly Hatchet and Lynyrd Skynyrd never dreamed of. That old sound that was so comforting; the lilt and the groove and the jive that drove “Whiskey Man” and “Sweet Home Alabama”, has now been given a Vortec engine and fuel injection. It’s still all about fast cars, summer nights, and good times, but it’s also about how even in 2005, yes, people really do still live in trailer parks with dead-end jobs they hate, and still barely make the rent. This is real. These are songs from real life. Not reality TV. Or some guy with a Master’s degree in marketing making up a prepackaged band whose name necessarily includes Jesus, Chevelles, or Bitchwax.

Whether these guys ever “make it” in the way that most of us have come to understand making it, is irrelevant. They have already made it because they have a voice and a sound and a soul that is their own. Whatever happens from here on out can never change that, nor take that fact away. They have done something few bands ever do. They built their own sound from the foundation up, and night after night, in small clubs full of pumping fists, they burn that mother down.

Sixth Floor are making music that is incredibly special and uniquely sincere. It is genuine, and that truth tears through my speakers like cleansing rain. I’ve heard a lot of music in my lifetime, and loved a lot of it. I don’t think I’ve ever been so wholly convinced that a band deserves to be heard as this one. What I feel is a simple human reaction to joy. I want other people to feel this, too.

All this yammering really comes down to just one breathless phrase:

Dude. You gotta hear this." - Starvox Music Zine

"Rock 4 Relief"

September 2005--Sixth Floor organized and hosted "Rock 4 Relief," a benefit concert which raised money for victims of Hurricane Katrina. Proceeds from the event were donated to Habitat for Humanity. The event was featured three times on local ABC-affiliate WBKO; two regional radio stations, and three regional newspapers. - Sixth Floor

"Revolver Raw Talent"

Featured in May 2005 edition. - Revolver Magazine

"ABC-Affiliate feature"

Sixth Floor was most recently featured on ABC television affiliate WBKO in recognition of their ten year anniversary, and received a letter of praise and congratulations from the news anchor. - WBKO, Bowling Green KY

"Radio Airplay"

Daytime airplay on WPTQ, 103.7 The Point, Glasgow/Bowling Green.

Featured on "Home Cookin'" with Tommy Starr (WDNS) D-93, Bowling Green

Airplay on WTFX, 93.1 The Fox, Louisville

Airplay on WBUZ 102.9 The Buzz, Nashville

The band has made in-studio appearances at each station. - Regional markets

"Rave Reviews"

No frills and no BS behind this band, just good, solid tunes with a hint of southern flavor. This band is definitely a unit, letting their music do the talking, if you know what I mean.

These are songs that when you hear them, you don’t forget! Now, if a man who I would readily call a loud-mouthed, guitar swinging redneck can write songs that hook ME, that’s a big plus!

Far from just blasting away, Sixth Floor has a sense of melody and rhythm that elevates their riffs to major league hook status. The Amplifier
- Various Print Media

"Sixth Floor w/Lynyrd Skynyrd"

Featured in All The Rage ( prior to appearing with Lynyrd Skynyrd at Starwood Amphitheatre in Nashville. See photos for ad display.

During the 1 hour performance, the band sold 42 CDs to people who were hearing the band for the first time.

"Before Lynyrd Skynyrd takes the main stage at Starwood on Saturday, August 12, heavy up with hard Southern rock from Sixth Floor. Now an official band of the Jagermeister liquer brand, Sixth Floor's in-your-face style and instrumental precision has caught the attention of major labels and leaves audiences breathless." - All The Rage


New single debuts May 6, 2007 on WPTQ and MySpace.
The current single "Face Down" is currently featured in the Top 20 playlist on WPTQ (February-May2007)
Airplay on local shows: WPTQ, WTFX, WBUZ, WDNS, Revolution 91.7

IV from the Floor (EP pressed by Jagermeister) 2005
Southbound (LP) 2004
Let Freedom Ring (LP) 2001
Supersonic Hydrophonic Phototron (LP) 1996
Sixth Floor (LP) 1995



Sixth Floor is comprised of four hard-working good ol’ boys from Kentucky who have fine-tuned their own “Sabbath meets Skynyrd” brand of rock. Their energetic music and soul-baring lyrics that celebrate
the common man have earned the loyalties of fans and respects of industry professionals
throughout the region.

• The current single, "Facedown" has reached the TOP 10 on WPTQ 103.7 The Point's playlist (

• In 2006, the band showcased at the Atlantis Music Conference and received Honorable Mention accolades from the Unisong International Songwriting Competition. The winning entry, Work Horse, also received high praises from the CMT/NSAI songwriter's contest, and has earned 5 stars on

• 2006 live performances include opening for Disturbed and Bloodsimple (on the Jagermeister Music Tour), Black Stone Cherry, Stuck Mojo, and Lynyrd Skynyrd with the Marshall Tucker Band.

• The band has earned endorsements from Jagermeister (, Coffin Case (, Gibson Gear
(, and Hung Clothing (

• Their 2004 release, Southbound, features an introduction by Dukes of Hazzard star Ben “Cooter”
Jones. Jagermeister published a four-song EP for the band in 2005, which they recorded with
famed producer David Barrick (Black Stone Cherry, Kentucky Headhunters).

• After a recent appearance in Revolver magazine, Sixth Floor licensed a collection of their songs
to World X-Treme Wrestling for use in television broadcasts (on four cable networks), DVDs,
and at live events.

• Drummer George Collard is a featured competitor and regional winner of World’s Fastest
Drummer ( competitions.