Six Time Losers

Six Time Losers

 Orlando, Florida, USA

Some may want to call it "Alt-Country", but we feel that is due to the watered-down comercial radio friendly music that today's Country has become. We maintain that we are simply returning Country to it's glory days of a simple, honest genre that truly tells the story of its artists and their lives.


Six Time Losers are a country band based out of Orlando, Florida. The music they play may be a bit different from what you hear on most country radio stations these days. Call it alt-country, americana, or anything else you'd like. It's still undeniably, country. The band features two guitars, bass, and drums. With accompaniment including steel guitar, harmonica, and organ. The core of the band has been playing together for over 10 years, but have been playing around Florida as Six Time Losers since 2009. Over the last year, they've been stepping up the number of shows and fans, playing all over the Southeast with acts like: Gary Allan, David Allan Coe, Langhorne Slim, American Aquarium, and many more. They are currently recording their second full-length album, shooting for a release in early to mid 2013. In the meantime, do yourself a favor, and catch them live on stage. That's where they're most at home.


Pull The Alarm (13 Tracks, 2010)
Six Time Losers (3 Tracks, 2012)

Set List

We prefer to play 45-60 minute sets. However, we have an extensive repertoire of originals and covers. So, depending on the situation, we are available for anything from 30 minute to 3 hour sets.