Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, USA
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Sixty's sound is The Universe's soundtrack. It is a natural fusion of multiple genres of music. A mash up of sounds that in thought may not mix but when brought together, the results can't be denied. No matter who you are or where you're from, we can all relate to life. Inspiration Music.


Every moment of life provides inspiration, good or bad. It is because of this that Sixty was born. Early on he experienced the madness that life has to offer. As a means to escape his reality, he turned to Art. Music, anime/cartoons, comic books, video games, visual arts, and fashion (just to name a few) would lay the foundation for everything.

Sixty creates music as a means of what he calls 2-way Expression. He feels Art, in all of its forms, exists for this reason. First, it allows artists the space to express themselves, be heard, and be understood. Second, it allows those who vibe with them know that they aren't alone and that we can all relate.

Fusing multiple genres of music into one sound, Sixty and Co. have created music that sounds like nothing ever heard before. With all of their releases, Sixty, Brahverse, and Peace Brah Productions plan on becoming rulers of The Universe while encouraging others to do the same.

Sixty's debut album, "Saturn Synopsis" is available now at or on itunes!


Saturn Synopsis
Five Deadly Venoms EP
The Other Side Of Jupiter

Set List

Varies per show.