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Colorado Springs, Colorado, United States | INDIE

Colorado Springs, Colorado, United States | INDIE
Band Rock Metal


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"Sixty 8 is all about creating retro metal songs that rock"

Title: "Sixty 8," by Sixty 8

Style: Metal

Personnel: Tryg Bundgaard, vocals; Kurt Schwartz, guitar; James Lee guitar; Brett Eurich, drums; Paul Asher York, bass

What this band's all about: Bassist and songwriter York says his band is trying to make the retro metal they've always loved.

Best CD Moment: "The lead break on 'Any Race of Man' (is) really phenomenal lead guitar.

Biggest Influences: Lynch Mob, Audioslave, Guns N' Roses

Sixty 8 has the potential to please metal fans. If you like '80s metal, '90s grunge rock and modern nu-metal, you may like Sixty 8's album. The band draws on all these influences -- blending them into songs that keep you guessing. Bundgaard switches easily from deep, masculine vocals that recall nu-metal to the high-pitched effeminate squealing of an '80s hair band.

The instrumentation follows a similar crooked path -- sometimes opting for the structured beats and riffs of modern metal and other times indulging in the more chaotic, climatic guitar playing of the past.

That said, don't expect anything too profound from this band. Sixty 8 drew most of its sound from '80s glam rockers, and Guns N' Roses didn't become popular by inspiring deep thoughts. Like their predecessors, Sixty 8 seems to put the most energy into determining, "Do these songs rock?"

J. Adrian Stanley
- Gazette

"Sixty 8 "Before the Fall" Review"

Unknown and unsigned. In both cases let us try to do something about it, because this band from Colorado Springs deserves more, much more! At least the attention of the last two generations heavy music lovers because Sixty 8's sound has an eighties glam/sleaze attitude, as well as a classic rock catchiness as a modern day nu metal groove. Without pushing this in the direction of certain names, it has a sound spectrum that goes from Skid Row to Audioslave. As long as it's ballsy! Without disregarding the rest of the band, singer Trig Bundgaard should be mentioned here. There are more varied vocalists, but the range he gets out of his throat is admirable! From Corey Taylor's aggression over the roughness of Sebastian Bach to the power of Chris Cornell and even a Geoff Tate high pitch, he does it all. I won't go into specific songs here, the twelve tracks offer an interesting whole and that makes "Before the fall" an excellent album. A smash hit without record deal, it's outrageous! Therefore, everybody go to and CD Baby.

- Hellspawn Magazine

"Sixty 8 "Before the Fall" Review"

After a well received EP, this is the band's first full length album, and solid it is too.

Take some solid 80s/90s American trad metal and beef it somewhat (OK, LOTS), and you'll get the idea. Think Whitesnake or Dokken with some extreme influences.

The opening tracks 'Blood Red Sky' will fill your brain with pounding riffs and rhythms. Contrast that with 'Any Race Of Man', an acoustic ballad with a fantastic electric solo and layered strings, a powerful number that sits between G'n'R and Extreme, but a lot better than either (not difficult).

The bulk of the album does have a solid retro feel. 'Over' is a stand out track, with heavy and solid production (still some work to do on that bass drum though). The guitar intro to 'Better Days' is almost 70s, and ever so slightly funky. The riffs on 'The Race Goes On' are powerful, with vocals to match. The twin guitar work is almost power metal. 'I Won't Play' nods at Marshall Law.

A solid album and well worth checking out if you like a retro feel to modern extreme.
- Gey Ready To Rock Magazine

"Rock Report Review of "Before the Fall""

Sigh, why can't this be just plain awful? That way I can write 4 sentences, add a little comic relief & off we go to the next. But no, Sixty 8 just had to be different. Tryg Bundgaard is one of the most amazing singers I have heard in a while & their music just had to be rooted in 80's melodic hard rock/hair metal. So now I have to listen a couple of times and I am obliged to go a little deeper because these guys rightfully deserve it. Rascals! Why?
As previously mentioned Mr. Bundgaard (all out of artistic sounding stage names, were we?) was rewarded at birth (& with some effort along the way) with an awesome set of tonsils. The man holds the steady middle ground between a young & boldly sounding David Coverdale & the sheer lust & attitude of Axl Rose some 15 years ago. To tell you fine people outthere that a singer like this can singlehandedly lift a record to another level is not necessary anymore, I presume.
Add to that the man is backed by a band that knows how to perform & write a decent song and we have a genuine winner on our hands.
And apart from the slightly underachieving mix this 'Before The Fall' is a highly enjoyable cocktail of Dokken, Whitesnake and Skid Row all jamming together in the beginning of the 90's, just, eh...before the fall. - Rock Report

"Sixty 8"

“From Colorado Springs comes SIXTY 8. The band is Tryg Bundgaard on vocals Kurt Schwartz on guitar, Brett Eurich on drums, James Lee Humes on guitar and Paul York on bass. They have been playing for several years now and have released a super cool self-titled record that opens up with the guitar fuelled 'I Won't Play’, which is reminiscent of Dokken thanks mainly to Tryg Bundgaard's vocals. This is a catchy melodic tune with fiery guitars, good start. Next is the heard hitting and heavier 'Blood Red Sky'. Then comes one of my favourite songs 'Over', a cool melodic ditty again in the Dokken style, very cool song with smouldering guitars, I can imagine this would be pretty cool live. Another favourite is 'Any Race Of Man', this is a mellow balladic song with lovely vocal lines from Tryg.
'Alone' again goes for the Dokken style but lack that little 'pow' of the other songs. 'The Race Goes on' is another favourite song; this chugs along at a cool pace and comes over again like Dokken jamming with Blue Murder and Skid Row, some fine drum patterns and guitars on this track. 'All She's Ever Known' is another mellower track built around acoustic guitars and is another good song. Last track 'Killing Time' is a moody guitar edge rocker with a modern twist added in again oozes Dokken flavours.
Overall then Sixty 8 shows potential, the sound is nice and the band needs to get this sent over to the indy rock labels pronto, I'm sure someone like Z Records or Metal Mayhem would show interest. Check them out at www. myspace. com/sixty8band

Nicky Baldrian
Fireworks Magazine
- Fireworks Magazine

""Before the Fall" Review"

Sixty 8 from Colorado Springs formed in 2004 and Before The Fall is their debut full-length album. This album is for fans of 80s metal with some modern influences. This is very well-played and produced album filled with riff oriented hardrock with a top-class singer named Tryg Bundgaard who has a great rock voice with power and sometimes he reminds of Sebastian Bach (Skid Row).

Soundwise these guys reminds of Lynch Mob, Dokken and Skid Row. This is an album where the variation is really wide and you never know what to expect from song to song. Just listen to the great rocker "Blood Red Sky" with great riffs and melodies. "Any Race Of Man" is a laid back acoustic ballad that sounds like Tyketto's debut and the strings are great. "Over" is a straight ahead hardrock song with good chorus.
"All She’s Ever Known" is a strong mid-tempo rocker with acoustic guitars leading the way with wonderful melodies and a good chorus a'la Tyketto. If you miss the days when Dokken still made good music then check out Killing Time. Before The Fall is a good album that contains hardrock taken from the old school. If you're into old school American hardrock with attitude then check out Sixty 8.

"Sixty 8 interview for Fireworks Magazine"

From Colorado comes melodic hard rock band Sixty 8 who came together in 2004. Influenced by a diverse range of music from Foghat through to Soundgarden, Dream Theater, Avenged Sevenfold and Skid Row, the band shows beauty as well as forceful rocking beats as with the tracks “Any Race Of Man” and “Over,” the former my new fave track, played with subtle beauty whilst the later is melodic and dark and comes over in the vein of Dokken.
I caught up with bass player Paul York to find out more about the band. “Tryg, James and I do the songwriting. James will come up with one of his riffs and Tryg will jump in with vocals and words,” enthuses Paul. “I usually bring in a finished song. Sometimes we’ll all get together and flail away and come up with something cool. Sometimes we just flail. Kurt and James are such gifted guitarists that you can just start barking out notes and they will translate them on the fly.”
The band has been getting a lot of good media response. “It’s been extremely positive,” he tells me. “It resonates with people because they’ve heard it before, but in a new way.”
The lads have just signed a deal with Rescue Records and their song “I Won’t Play” was aired at the Midem Convention in Cannes, France.
The band should be finished with their debut release this summer. “We’ll play some live dates in support of the disc and head back into the studio to start disc two. We want to move past this phase of Sixty 8 and see where the band can go. I’ve been pushing the incorporation of new instrumentations such as mandolins, pipe organs, female vocalists, synthesizers, strings etc. Brett and Tryg aren’t too hot for altering our sound this dramatically. James and I figure “What the hell we can always pull these elements down in the mix” he laughs.
Sixty 8 are a band to look out for over the upcoming months. Check them out at and on this issues cover CD.

- Fireworks Magazine

"Sixty 8 "Before the Fall" review by Rock Zone"

If you're looking for a band that mixes everything from Classic Rock, metal, Nu-Metal then Sixty 8 is one band that you will no doubt want to check out......I have read a few reviews of this album and many people who have reviewed this CD have said that Sixty 8 sounds like a band that you've heard but you just can't put your finger on it! To my ears when listening to this CD I thought the band...had a bit of a Queensryche vibe to it...If you close your eyes and just listen to the CD then you will probably notice that Lead Singer Tryg Bundgaard sounds a lot like Geoff Tate......Let me make it clear that Sixty 8 is no rip off band and are not trying to come off as some Queensryche Clone......Sixty 8 is a great band in the fact that all the songs on this CD have lyrics that are very thought provoking....That is to say that they're not your typical lyrics that every, other metal band has used 1000 times before.....Sixty 8 really have songs that are well written and performed really well....The band's musicianship really shines throughout the entire album...If you're looking for something a little different, but a band that can really can deliver the goods then Sixty 8 is one band that you'll want to check out......Do yourself a favor and pick up their latest release Before The Fall and you'll become an instant Sixty 8 fan as I did. What really impressed me the most about Sixty 8 is that this is a band that is oozing with talent and they have real promise......They're not afriad to be themselves....They aparently have no desire to sound like every, other metal act out there......Sixty 8 is a band that not only delivers the goods but they also are a band who have something fresh and original to offer Rock fans all around the world. Some stand out tracks on this CD are "Any Race Of Man" , "Better Days" , and "All She's Ever Known."

Jason Houston

- Rock Zone Productions

""Before the Fall""

Before the Fall

When naming their band, Sixty-8 could have opted to go one number up, squeezing out loads of publicity from just the name alone. But instead they chose to fly under the radar as they pulled and pinched from a variety of musical influences to mold their own sound.
Each tune on Before the Fall has it’s own character. “Blood Red Sky” rocks out strong while “Interactive” slows down and suddenly Sixty-8 sounds a bit like Whitesnake, in a good way, crafting homage.
“Any Race of Man” is a non-syrupy ballad with soaring vocals that wear a tad thin, but you could definitely hear it on the radio, if that’s where the kids are still listening to music these days. “Over” and “I Won’t Play” carry on the 90’s sound, and “All She’s Ever Known” is another radio friendly mid-tempo tune that Sebastian Bach wishes he had in his repertoire.
The latter part of the album continues with a harder approach ‘a la Dokken or Motley Crue as Sixty-8 head bangs it out old school style on “Alone” and “Shadow”
Sixty-8 makes use of a wide range of style on Before the Fall. I’ll say it, they do employ the “hair band” sound that draws yays and nays across the board; but Sixty-8 pulls it off being pop and without being a parody. Staff-Susan Evani

""Before the Fall""

Sixty 8: Before The Fall

Modern Melodic Hard Rock/Metal

Rating: 4.5/5.0
Independent: Self-Promotion

American rockers Sixty 8 are determined to defy convention and stand the American music scene on its head while at the same time making you wonder, 'Where have I heard this before and why does it sound so good?' The reason is simple: Sixty 8 deftly dovetails classic rock and metal with modern nuances into their own self-defined genre they call retro-metal or nu-classic rock. Whatever. Frankly, there's nothing earthshaking or intensely novel here: 'Before The Fall' is simply entertaining and satisfying rock/metal music. Forget Nickelback and other contemporaries. Sixty 8 is the real deal.

Two things make this work compelling. The first is the amazingly passionate and versatile vocals of Tryg Bundgaard. He's equal parts Coverdale and Rose with a host of others thrown in for good measure. For my money, he steals the show on songs like 'Blood Red Sky,' 'The Race Goes' (Axl) 'I Won't Play' and 'All She's Ever Known.' Secondly, there is the shear depth and breadth of song composition: there is enough variety on this album to please any rock music lover. There are touches of melodic hard rock, melodic metal, modern rock and combinations of the three. As a unit, this band delivers the songs with compelling precision and strength. Additionally, the production and mix is nothing short of brilliant (listen for the bass!)..

Now for the songs themselves. The work opens with 'Blood Red Sky,' a strong melodic hard rocker with a metal edge thanks to the heavier riffs and Bundgaard's screams. These guys mean business. From 'Interactive' to 'Better Days' you're treated to basic melodic hard rock wrapped in a modern rock wrapper. The best of these is the incredibly orchestrated 'Any Race Of Man' where, again, Tryg shines and the lead guitar thrills.

After 'Better Days' to the end melodic hard rock with a dose of metal here and there rules day. 'The Race Goes On' brings a raw rocker with a true metal tone with wild vocals and twin guitar solos. Equally impressive is 'I Won't Play' with it's steady pace and strong riffs. Another highlight is the rock ballad 'All She's Ever Known' whose acoustic foundation and passionate vocals define its intensity. Finally, there is the best cut on the album (at least for me), 'Killing Time.' It begans with a tandem acoustic and electric opening only to move towards an epic melodic rocker worthy of stadium filling appeal.

Even though there is hardly a dull moment on this album, I did tire a little during the modern rock influenced stretch at the beginning. This accounts for the less than perfect score.

Obviously, I found Sixty 8's 'Before The Fall' to be a compelling and entertaining musical adventure. This is simply solid American melodic hard rock and metal they way it should be done. I knew it existed somewhere. Why people wallow in the mud of Hinder and Nickelback when they could be living in the green grass and high tides of Sixty 8, I'll never understand. We just got to get the word out. Highly recommended! - Craig Hartranft



CD (EP) Sixty 8 - Sixty 8 2005

CD “Before the Fall” – Sixty 8 2008
"Any Race Of Man" L. A. Music Awards Inspirational Song of the Year.

"Any Race Of Man" Nominated Rock Single of the Year by L. A. Music Awards.

Sixty 8's CD "Before the Fall" nominated for "Rock Album of the Year" from the L. A. Music Awards

Sixty 8's "One Of Us" played at 6000 Movie theaters throughout the U.S.

Selected as Sonicbids Emerging Artist for

Featured in Fireworks Magazine (June/July 2008)

Featured on

Sixty 8's song "Another Drink"("Alone") used in the DVD and online for sale versions of "Everwood" TV show. Episode 175508 "Turf Wars."

Sixty 8' song "This Game"("I Won't Play) used in the online and DVD sales versions of "Life" TV show. Episode 214.

"I Wont Play" featured at Midem Convention in Cannes, France 2008.

Tryg Bundgaard won "Top 5 Vocalist" from SingerUniverse.

Some airplay in Southern Colorado for the songs "Alone,""I Won't Play,""The Race Goes On" and "Blood Red Sky."

Sixty 8 has received placements on Undiscovered Radio Network, Unsigned Rock Zone, Indie 104-iRadio LA,, Underground Rising, Metal Head Radio, Rockstars Unglued etc.

Sixty 8 represented the State of Colorado on the "All States/All Stars."

Top Ten in the Hard Rock/Metal Categories on Our 3 times.

The Buzz is building for Sixty 8 - / Craig Hartranft
“…This is simply solid American melodic hard rock and metal they way it should be done. I knew it existed somewhere. Why people wallow in the mud of Hinder and Nickelback when they could be living in the green grass and high tides of Sixty 8, I'll never understand. We just got to get the word out.”

Hellspawn Magazine
"Before the fall" an excellent album. A smash hit without a record deal, it's outrageous!”

HM Magazine "Appreciate the musicianship and the vocals, too...Love the guitar tones..."

Strutterzine Magazine (Holland)
“Sixty 8 sorta surprised me, as they sound like NICKELBACK would like to sound, which is much more diverse than those Canadian superstars will ever be!”

Muen Magazine
“Great voice…the band sounds great!!”

Babylon Magazine (Italy)
“Before the Fall is done in a variety of styles that makes it a special and original album, the bands talent is beyond dispute.”

Rock Zone Productions / Jason Houston
“…Do yourself a favor and pick up their latest release Before The Fall and you'll become an instant Sixty 8 fan as I did.” / Susan Evani –
“…suddenly Sixty-8 sounds a bit like Whitesnake, in a good way, crafting homage.

Rock Report (Denmark)
"Before The Fall' is a highly enjoyable cocktail of Dokken, Whitesnake and Skid Row all jamming together in the beginning of the 90's"

Sam Mc Caslin / Retrospect Records –
“I gotta say - I am very impressed with the songs / the band.”

Get Ready To Rock Magazine (UK)
“A solid album and well worth checking out if you like a retro feel to modern extreme.”

Fireworks Magazine / Nicky Baldrain –
“…the band needs to get this sent over to the indy rock labels pronto.”

Keith "Muzik Man" Hannaleck -
"Rockin' guitar and powerful vocals, love it!"

Mastering God Brian “Big Bass” Gardner (2 Pac, Avenged Sevenfold, Beck, David Bowie, George Harrison, Jay Z, Christina Aguilera, Jimi Hendrix, Madonna, Prince, Queen, Rush, Van Halen etc.) -
“Good stuff!”

Producer Rob Tarango (Lynch Mob, When Darkness Falls, Souls Of We, Tiffany) says "Like the tunz!"

Fireworks Magazine / Sonia Waterfield –
“This is certainly an album that I will be adding to my collection due to
its impressive quality throughout.”

Metal Centre (Poland)
“Sixty 8 runs out beyond the frame of typical Rock music.”
"If you're into old school American hardrock with attitude then check out Sixty 8.”

HardHarderHeavy Webzine (Germany)
“What more could you ask for in a debut! Attention success!”
“…worthy of your attention, if you should fancy the raw and mean sound of Guns N' Roses, Skid Row, and just a small hint of Pantera 'ala their 'Cowboys From Hell' period.”



Sixty 8 sounds like a band you’ve heard before, but you just can’t figure out who it is. This is because Sixty 8 incorporates many elements from classic metal and rock bands of the past into their new songs. Sixty 8 refers to their genre as Retro-Metal or Nu-Classic Rock. The band came together in 2004 and released their self titled EP later that year. Becoming famous was never the objective. Sixty 8 just wants to play and write what they were not hearing on radio and then test it out on live audiences.

After playing out quite a bit over the next couple of years, the band’s sound matured. The bands writing became more diverse as each band member added more of their past influences into the mix. Sixty 8 really hit stride in 2007 when they received a series of positive endorsements from licensing groups, promoters and online radio. The band’s song “Over” was played in over 6,000 movie theaters prior to Spiderman 3. Sixty 8’s song “I Won’t Play” was featured at the 2008 Midem Convention in Cannes, France and recently their song “Alone” was added to the DVD/Online release of an episode of the WB’s show “Everwood.”

Sixty 8’s most recent effort is their full-length CD “Before The Fall.” The 12 song disc encapsulates a 5 year period and shows how the band has diversified over the course of time. What makes this disc compelling is the stylistic differences between each song and that every cut has its own atmosphere. Sixty 8 can tone it down and take comfort in melodic dwellings and then turn around and blow up everything in their path with the next song. There may be no rhyme or reason for how one song relates to the next, but Sixty 8 makes each song a member of the same tribe. The first cut “Blood Red Sky” has already received airplay. For those of you who feel that we have left behind some of the better attributes of our musical past, Sixty 8 may well be your connection.