Sixty Long Seconds
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Sixty Long Seconds

Leominster, Massachusetts, United States | SELF

Leominster, Massachusetts, United States | SELF
Band Rock Alternative


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"What Would You Do featured soundtrack"

Single "What Would You Do" is one of the featured soundtracks of the movie Chronicles of Life by Purety Productions. - Purety Productions


"You & Me" and "What Would You Do" featured on NECN The Morning Show Soundtrack segment on March 30th, 2011. - NECN The Morning Show

"Sixty Long Seconds - Life With No Regrets"

Hey Rock lovers! Wanna listen to rock music with lyrics that actually make sense and that we can relate to in our daily life events? Well, then you gotta listen to “Life With No Regrets”, the first album by Sixty Long Seconds.

I’m glad I’ve picked up today a copy of their album. All the lyrics have a great message, that will lift you up and get you singing and jamming in no time! Their first album is composed of 11 tracks, and no, it’s not all hard rock, there are great rock ballads as well: You & Me, What Would You Do, Days Go By, and Moving On. I love them all already! Seriously, this album is worth listening to! These guys owe nothing to many rock bands out there!

Even tough these are not listed as their musical influences, I can feel a small resemblance with Metallica, Green Day, and 30 Seconds to Mars, which are bands I love. But I will not spoil it all for you, you gotta check it out for yourself! -


Life With No Regrets (released March of 2011)
1. Advent - Pt.1
2. Found My Way
3. What I Believe
4. You & Me
5. Life With No Regrets
6. What Would You Do (movie Chronicles of Life soundtrack)
7. This Is The Moment
8. Days Go By
9. You Freed My Mind
10. Moving On
11. Let Go



Sixty Long Seconds came about when Marcos, David and Mike - who knew each other but belonged to different bands at the time - started hanging out and casually started to write music that touched people and took a different direction from their previous projects. The outcome of their chemistry, natural flow and progression resulted in their first album titled "Life With No Regrets" which aims to remind its listeners via a positive, compelling and inspiring approach one should live every moment of life as if it was their last minute.

Not afraid of exploring the limits of their genre, Sixty Long Seconds touches on every extreme and everything in between in their new album while maintaining distinguished taste, elegance and popular acceptance.

From rancorous distorted guitars to piano and voice performances; their lack of inhibition in seeking and producing what is real and relevant instead of conforming to the patterns most follow, earns them the right to their own spotlight.

Sixty Long Seconds' engaging and contagious performance style comes from playing at various venues and music festivals across New England, including opening for bands like Saving Abel, Tantric and Kenny Olson from Kid Rock.

Marcos Miranda comes from a metal/progressive rock background and is the singer, composer and songwriter.

David Ossanes has a solid foundation on alternative hard rock/experimental and polishes every song with the edge they deserve. As a professional photographer and art designer, he directed, produced and created the CD artwork and the band's website with the creative collaboration of his band mates.

Maichel "Mike" Silva is a seasoned drummer who has played in many hard rock bands in the past. Mike brings creative production and arrangement ideas to the table every time the band faces a stone wall.

Sixty Long Seconds can be best summarized as the result of the sum of genres ranging from Hard Rock to Pop.

*** 60LS answer 3 questions about what makes them unique ***

1 - So what's Sixty Long Seconds all about?

Part of what makes us who we are relies not only in the expression of our music but also in what we believe. 

In addition to the rhymes and melodies, we aim to bring a conscious message to people to live their lives as if it was their last minute, thus, Sixty Long Seconds. 

2. What's the reason you do what you do?

We all know the decision someone can make in one minute could be incredibly meaningful - even for a long time - not only to their own lives but especially for the lives of others. 

And unlike the old adage concerning living a life with no regrets that revolves around "sex, drugs and rock' n 'roll" goes, our approach tends to lean towards being more profound and humanitarian.  

We're certainly after all good things in life but also concerned about leaving a legacy and inspiring people through our music to do the same. To have a deeper and more fulfilling purpose in life. To experience actions that go beyond the self and can impact many, for a long time and in a positive way. 

3. What's the driving reason for recording this album?

It is safe to say that of all of the topics we sing about, we do believe ultimately in the power of good. Of how ordinary people like Mother Teresa, M.L.K. or Naraynan Khrishnan can realize such extraordinary accomplishments.      

"Life With Regrets" - among other aspirations - was composed to praise unknown heroes and remind others that what you do for yourself although good, ends in yourself. But what you do for others lives forever.