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Red Bank, New Jersey, United States | INDIE

Red Bank, New Jersey, United States | INDIE
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"Girl Power!"

These days female-fronted rock bands have it hard. How hard? While it's not a proven statistic, it seems fair to say at least half are compared to Paramore. Maybe that's an exaggeration but it almost feels as if the new barometer of female-fronted rock is Paramore and Paramore alone. Do Hole, Sleater-Kinney, Heart and The Bangles mean absolutely nothing?

The other day a sampler was sent to me from the New Jersey band Six Volt. They are led by Nichole Deppe, who sounds absolutely nothing like Hayley Williams, but because of the band's penchant for spiky guitars and melodic hooks will probably meet those comparisons in the imminent future. Whether or not Six Volt make a dent in the ever-difficult arena of rock music remains to be seen. But one thing is for certain, Deppe can sing. Her vocals are crystalline, honey-dipped and far-reaching. Moreover, she's complemented by bandmates who have an effortless swagger that seems to suggest crafting music comes rather easily. That last statement is most important because none of the band members are out of high school. Hanson Redux? Jackson Five 2.0? All of that may indeed be too premature, but there is certainly something intriguing about a group of teens writing a song that seems prime for radio stations.

"Mind on Me," is proof of this. The song drips with the kind of commercial flair and inherent energy that radio charts would eat up. And while it may be suited more for the Disney Channel or movie soundtracks, that's not exactly a bad thing. These days being a commercial rock act is virtually impossible, and any angle or edge is one step closer to the big dream. All of this is of course irrelevant to music purists. In the end, they want to know if the music is good, if it has substance, if it's chasing down something new. Six Volt may not have oodles of substance or ingenuity, but for those of us that like jubilant, caffeinated pop-rock, there seems absolutely no reason to pass this up.

Guilty pleasure? You better believe it. -

"J-14 Hot Band Alert: SIX VOLT"

J-14 is scouting out the hottest bands around... and this week's pick is Six Volt.

Here are five things you need to know about Six Volt, whose debut album drops September 14!

1. Drummer Robby Webb came up with the name Six Volt after a practice in the fall of 2009. "[It's the] five of us, and the 6th member is the fans!" the band tells J-14. "We also liked Grandpa's Space Shuttle but our parents thought it was too crazy!"

2. Six Volt's single, "Mind On Me," is about someone who's figuartively invisible to the person they really like. "When you have a crush on someone at school and they don't pay any attention to you and you wish they did, so you want them to think about you all the time -- to get their mind on you," guitarist Granger Whitelaw, Jr. explains.

3. Six Volt is currently on the road -- their next stop is July 10 in Marlborough, MA, and they wrap up the tour in Philadelphia on August 29. Even cooler? They're giving away a PRS Guitar at every stop! Get all the tour dates here.

4. Singer Nichole Deppe loves being the only girl in the band because the guys don't treat her any differently. "No drama!" she tells J-14.

5. Guitarist Joe Cilento, who originally formed the band last year with Granger, admits he's done some silly things before. One thing his parents still don't know about? "I rolled down a hill in garbage can," Joe says.

Six Volt sent us this exclusive shoutout and an acoustic version of their song, "Mind On Me." Check it out -

"SIX VOLT Charged with Electrical Power"

ByWalter J. O’Neill, Jr.
Red Bank — Tucked away in a
private recording/rehearsal studio
are five young, talented musicians
who are electrifying their
young fans and record industry
executives. The youngest band
member just graduated eighth
grade, while the oldest just finished
high school.
“It was about a year ago that
Joe Cilento and I were sitting in
my bedroom when we decided to
start a band,” said Granger
Whitelaw Jr., the youngest member
of the group. Only Whitelaw
and Cilento are left from the original
members. “The others just
could not make the commitment
that was needed.”
Cilento, who is from Ocean
Township, attends Red Bank
Catholic, while Whitelaw just
graduated Holy Cross School in
Rumson. The band held open
auditions and selected Robby
Webb, who just graduated
Rumson-Fair Haven High
School, to play drums, and Jake
Wood, who attends High Tech
High, to play the bass.
“We were looking on YouTube
and saw this little blonde girl
singing gospel songs with a
strong powerful voice,” said
Whitelaw. “We contacted her and
asked if she wanted to sing for
That young female is Nichole
Deppe, a junior who attends Vo-
Tech School in East Brunswick.
With the five band members now
set, the group decided on a name.
“We call ourselves Six Volt,”
said Cilento. “We consider our
audience the sixth band member
and the one who provides us with
the power and enthusiasm to
The band had all the pieces in
place. All they needed was a little
jolt. That is where Andy Karp,
the former Senior Vice President
and Head of A&R (artists and
repertoire) for the Atlantic
Records subsidiary called Lava
Records, came in.
Karp sent the young musicians
a song called “California” and
asked them to make a demo and
send it back. Four days later,
Karp was in his office listening to
the incredible sounds coming
from Six Volt.
With a highly charged music
executive behind them, one of the
first professional contacts the
band made was with Peter Eric
Zizzo, the BMI award-winning
music producer and songwriter.
Zizzo had authored hits for
Celine Dion, Jennifer Lopez,
Donna Summer, Diana Ross,
Clay Aiken and Avril Lavigne.
Seven years ago, Zizzo wrote a
song called “Headset” that he
wanted Lavigne to record. That
never happened, so he sent the
song to Six Volt and asked that
they put their own unique style
and sound to the lyrics. When the
band sent the song back to Zizzo,
a new partnership began.
Among the acts that Karp has
moved to the forefront are Kid
Rock, who sold 10 million copies
of “Devil Without a Cause” and
the double platinum release from
Uncle Kracker. Karp has said,
“people usually think: How can I
get a record deal? The proper
question is: How can I make a
career for myself as a musician?”
Whitelaw and Cilento seem to
have taken an idea and made it
into a reality and a career. Six
Volt has five full time employees;
they have released an EP, and
have a few songs on iTunes for
download. They are also currently
involved in three country-wide
Last week, the band was in
Portland, played a few shows and
flew back home so Whitelaw
could graduate with his eighth
grade class.
What makes these young musicians
different from other garage
bands is that they play and perform
without adult backup.
This summer the band will
play live in 22 cities and are finishing
their first self-titled album,
due to release on September 14
2010. The first single that Six
Volt released, “Mind On Me” has
received strong reviews.
For a young group with very
little business experience they are
making smart investments and
decisions. They might have five
full time adults working for them,
but the band members decided
that 5 percent of their income
would go to the homeless and
causes that help the environment.
Just recently, the band has
signed on with Maria Shriver and
Arnold Schwarzenegger, who
started a charity to provide after
school music programs. Each of
the band members talks with
maturity and shows their desire to
share their wealth and give back to the community.
Paul Reed Smith Guitars, one
of the best names in the business,
is sponsoring Six Volt on the
“Youth Rock Live” concert tour.
The band is playing at various
Simon Malls in the Tri-State area
and every show a $600 PRS guitar
is raffled off.
Whitelaw is on the PRS SE
roster and plays a custom PRS
McCarty, built by Paul Smith
himself. “I met Granger about
two years ago and have seen him
grow musically. We are honored
to support him as a player and Six
Volt,” said Smith.
Six Volt will perform live at
Pier Village, Long Branch, on
August 11, as part of the musical
lineup for “Rock to Prevent.” It is
a benefit concert featuring the
best young musicians in New
Jersey and is sponsored by
Prevention First.
They say looks are deceiving,
and that is the case when you see
Six Volt. They are young, but
they are extremely talented and
have a mature sound. These are
not your average garage band
kids; they are professionals in
every aspect of the word.
“We don’t consider this a job,”
said Cilento. “We love playing
music, it’s fun. This is what we
want to do.”
When asked what he would be
doing ten years from now Cilento
smiled and said, “I hope playing

- The Link News

"Jersey band Six Volt hits with a charge"

TRENTON - Six Volt is a 5-piece pop-rock act from Red Bank with a catchy sound. Their song "Mind on Me" will surely strike a chord with the young pop-rock set. The band's sound is similar to bands like the Jonas Brothers but with a bit more of rock edge, like that of Avril Lavigne, with hints of Taylor Swift's tween love anthems.

While the band's members are still high school age, they offer their talent up on a level of much older performers.

The group's vocals are provided by Nichole Deppe and Granger Whitelaw Jr., who hit harmonic notes throughout "Mind on Me," and guitar duty is shared between Whitelaw on rhythm and Joe Cilento on lead guitar. A solid foundation for the band is put in place on bass by the band's oldest member, Jake Wood, and the drums are struck by Robby Webb.

The band displays a sense of structure not usually seen among high-school-aged rock performers and benefit from a strong dedication to their music as the band's website explains.

"Mind on Me" was sent to The Trentonian for the review. It focuses on a girl trying to grab the attention of that one guy who doesn't seem to notice what he's got right there in front of him. Deppe's vocal talent really shines throughout, and with Whitelaw backing vocals and rhythm, the song captures the emotion of lovesick teens. Cilento rips it up on lead while Wood and Webb lay down a solid driving beat that sets the tone of the song.

Deppe is an accomplished singer who, according to the group's website, has performed in "High School Musical" and "Hairspray." She has decided to focus on her music career with Six Volt.

The song sounds radio ready and edgier than the Jonas Brothers but still with a pop sound. The song is catchy and wants to "get stuck in your head, like the song you can't forget."

To check out the band, hear their music, and find out more visit their website at <>

- The Trentonian

"Nine Volt's More Like It"

What? Another teenage pop-punk band? I was skeptical too, but this kids of SIX VOLT seem legit. Discovered in 2009 by Andy Karp, former head of A&R at Atlantic records, the band's audience is quickly expanding , and preteens aren't the only ones taking notice. The single "Mind on Me" is honest as opposed to trite, as is usually the case with young pop bands, and front women, Nichole Deppe has a pleasant voice and an attitude somewhat comparable to Avril Lavigne. The album is set to release on September 14 and the tour will bring them to 43 cities including 22 Simon Mall locations along the East Coast; they play the Shops at Riverside in Hackensack on July 24 (PRS Guitar Giveaway at every Simon Mall show w/Whitney Kelly. Fee. All Ages) - THE AQUARIAN

"Makin' Waves: July Edition"

SIX VOLT, the young, fresh, and incredibly talented band from New Jersey , is proud to announce the dates of their Summer 2010 tour. The band plays and records all of their music, every note, and will be taking the stage to perform live in 22 cities. They are currently in their Red Bank, NJ studio finalizing their self-titled album, due to release September 14th and the celebrated first single, “Mind On Me,” was made available digitally on June 1st. Besides their remarkable talent and community esteem, SIX VOLT is highly respected for their charitable ways - 5% of the band’s income goes to the homeless and causes that help the environment. Six Volt will headline the entire tour, aptly titled “Youth Rock Live!” The shows will take place at various Simon Malls in the Tri-State area and has already lined up sponsors in Shuffleboard Records and The Youth Arts Forum, who will be the official presenters of the event. Paul Reed Smith Guitars, has also joined the tour as a sponsor and SIX VOLT will be giving away (1) PRS SE model guitar to a lucky fan at each of their 22 Simon Mall shows. Each date features special opening act and talented musician, Whitney Kelly, also a New Jersey native (Tinton Falls). Kelly will open for SIX VOLT as well as play during the bands break so they can get out and meet the fans. For more information on SIX VOLT, visit or -


Single - Release Date: October 26, 2010
1. If Everybody Knew



SIX VOLT is a band from the Jersey Shore and was formed in the winter of 2009 by Granger Whitelaw, Jr and Joe Cilento. The band now includes members Granger Whitelaw, Jr. (Vocals/Guitar), Joe Cilento (Guitar), Jake Wood (Bass), and Robby Webb (Drums). In the summer of 2009, the band was “discovered” by Andy Karp, the legendary head of A & R at Atlantic Records for 19 years, now working independently. In addition, Bob Chiappardi of Concrete planet, a 25-year veteran of the business, Peter Zizzo, Eric Sherman of 10th Street Entertainment and a number of others have joined the “band wagon” (no pun intended) in support of this new group. The “band wagon” have and/or currently work with artists including Kid Rock, Matchbox 20, Linkin Park, Aerosmith, Avril Lavigne, Jennifer Lopez, The Fray & Jason Mraz to name a few. The band’s fresh sound and talent has earned them high esteem in the Tri-State area and their audience is quickly expanding. In addition, they give 5% of their profits to help feed homeless kids across America and other environmental charities.