Red Bank, New Jersey, USA


SIX VOLT is a band from the Jersey Shore and was formed in the winter of 2009 by Granger Whitelaw, Jr and Joe Cilento. The band now includes members Granger Whitelaw, Jr. (Vocals/Guitar), Joe Cilento (Guitar), Jake Wood (Bass), and Robby Webb (Drums). In the summer of 2009, the band was “discovered” by Andy Karp, the legendary head of A & R at Atlantic Records for 19 years, now working independently. In addition, Bob Chiappardi of Concrete planet, a 25-year veteran of the business, Peter Zizzo, Eric Sherman of 10th Street Entertainment and a number of others have joined the “band wagon” (no pun intended) in support of this new group. The “band wagon” have and/or currently work with artists including Kid Rock, Matchbox 20, Linkin Park, Aerosmith, Avril Lavigne, Jennifer Lopez, The Fray & Jason Mraz to name a few. The band’s fresh sound and talent has earned them high esteem in the Tri-State area and their audience is quickly expanding. In addition, they give 5% of their profits to help feed homeless kids across America and other environmental charities.


If Everybody Knew

Written By: Ben Romans & Jared Scharff

So, would you ever go out with me,
When you walk out, look back, and act like we,
Were meant to be.
No, I could never walk up to you,
And say the right words, As if it might work, to make,
You get with me.


Everybody, Everybody wants some love,
Everybody’s looking for that sweet, sweet rush,
Everybody’s trying, But don’t know what to do,
You’d be mine, If everybody knew.

Okay, How do I change your mind?
How do I shake you up, I’ve had enough,
Don’t waste my time.
Hey, would you spend a couple nights with me?
Don’t have to go far, to get to my heart, and make,
Some history.



Cupid don’t come every day.
Shoot our arrows anyway.
Baby are you scared to play?
Nobody has to lose, If everybody knew.

Everybody, Everybody,
Everybody, Everybody,
Everybody, Everybody,

Chorus X2

You’d be mine, If everybody knew.


Single - Release Date: October 26, 2010
1. If Everybody Knew