Six Ways From Sunday

Six Ways From Sunday

 Oak Forest, Illinois, USA

We are an alternative Rock Band from Chicago whose music is emotionally influential and can relate to everyday experiences. Our music encompasses many different rhythms and melodies that give the listener a real roller coaster ride.


Four guys from the South Chicago Suburbs combine their talents to bring not only emotionally influential music, but also experience driven lyrics. This combination keeps the band in the reality of the real world that everyone is forced to deal with. With the rising of “Six Ways From Sunday” they continue to keep true to their musical foundation. Frank was inspired early in Junior High to compose songs to help express his own emotional outlook on life; Tim joined on in his high-school years to combine his poetic lyrics to Frank’s composition. In Tim and Frank’s college years they encountered light turmoil. Upon the reconciliation the song “What if” was produced. After failed attempts to find a suitable drummer, they stumbled upon Anthony in early 2009, who also brought in with him Jason. Realizing that their talent together was something that couldn’t be ignored they united to form “Six Ways From Sunday”. Composing songs with a good taste of a Rock/Alternative mix and an online fan base and a local fan base that grows daily, they will never be ignored.


Long Road Ahead - 2008
- Where I'll Be
- How I Feel
- Distant Memory
- Blind
- The Sign
- Same Ol' Path
- What If
- M.I.A.
- Tell Me Father
- Hold On
- Long Road Ahead

Set List

Typical set list at original shows are about 45 minutes - 90 minutes. We do play covers and can play for 4 hours if needed. For a more detailed list of our covers, please visit