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Oklahoma City, OK | Established. Jan 01, 2014 | MAJOR

Oklahoma City, OK | MAJOR
Established on Jan, 2014
Solo R&B Hip Hop




"Who Is: Si'Yir Royale | The Hype Magazine 24/7 News From Hip-Hop to Hollywood"

Introducing SI'YIR ROYALE (sigh-year), a 20 year old award-winning Singer/Songwriter/Rapper from Oklahoma City. Teamed and signed with producer/executive FYU-CHUR (future), the multi-talented entertainer is rapidly on her way to stardom.

What sets Si'Yir Royale apart from others is her remarkable ability to sing and rap with the best of men along with her super-creative, seemingly second-nature skill as a songwriter. Currently, Si'Yir and FYU-CHUR are in the lab crafting a unique and creative sound that will impact music and comfortably cross between Rap R&B AND Pop genres at the highest level. SO GET READY!!

As you see your self, who is Si'Yir Royale?

Si'Yir Royale is royalty. She is everything that it takes to be royal and refuses to be less than that. A Goddess bound in human form and an enmity of what Queens should entitle themselves to now a days. I believe that as women we are all Queens and should not degrade ourselves or think otherwise. So, she is here to bring out the queen in us all. Even me.

What brought you to the entertainment industry, specifically music?

I've always been an entertainer every since I can remember. As a little girl, I HAD to be the center of attention! I loved dancing and singing in front of my family and I still do. I had always featured on other peoples tracks writing a chorus or hook here and there but, had never took that step to try on my own. So, when I came upon the opportunity to do so when meeting FYU-CHUR through another artist, I took it and ran with it and I've been in love with the work ever since!

What and/or who influenced the sound you bring today?

Life has been my biggest influence. Hands down. As an artist I want people to be able to listen to my music and it be exactly what they need to get them through the day. So, if I can take the puzzle piece of my life and put them together to create a picture that people can hang up on thier walls of happiness or whatever emotion they feel at the time, that is what will influence me to continue to make music. Good music. Plus, the fact that I love all kinds of music allows me to play around with different sounds and dip into different genres.

What's happened in your career that makes you feel this is the industry for you?

Music has always been apart of me. There is not one day I can remember that I haven't sang or meditated in the art. So, I knew that in some shape form or fashion I was destined to be an artist. I didn't know how, when or what would happen but I've always known. Now, I can say I feel it coming and I thank God that I have been blessed with such a phenomenal team who are just as passionate about music as I am. We are ready!

How did it feel to be recognized last year with two "Best Of" Awards from Perry Broadcasting?

There's no better feeling in the world to know that your music is loved and appreciated by so many people around you. People close to you. People can love your music from a distance and you never know who they are but, when people who are local listen to your music, tell you how much they love it AND it shows through them voting for you? Best feeling in the world. I am eternally grateful for the winnings and know there will be more to come!

Tell us about your current project?

Right now Im working on continuing to diversify my music. I want it to be relatable to all audiences not just to a specific group, race or class but to everyone. I definitely look forward to dropping a debut album soon but for now, be on the look out for another radio single coming soon!!

If you had to pick one song of yours, that really explains YOU, what would it be?

Alive describes me more than anything I've written so far. Its all about fun, enjoying life and throwing away your worries. It makes you feel like life has no consequences. We are going to party until the sun comes down. We are going to put the sun to bed because we are just too high on life. That's me 100 percent.

Last but not least, HYPE wants to know...What's your CRAZIEST "Where they do that at?!" moment...

I would have to say my "Where they do that at?" moment was at my very first performance was at an event called Project X in Lawton, Ok. It was an outdoor event at a skatepark arena type deal and everything was fine and running smoothly all night until the act RIGHT before me was performing on the stage all the power completely shut off in the middle of their show! I was next and almost didn't get to perform. Despite the fact that I had to perform at night, at an outdoor event, on the ground not even on stage, and in the dark, I got up there and did my thing and the crowd loved it. Ill never forget that night. I learned the true meaning of the 'show must go on'!

SI'YIR ROYALE in FYU-CHUR's Freshmen of The Year Cypher 2015:

SI'YIR ROYALE - MAD (U Mad or Nah?) (Audio)

SI'YIR ROYALE - Falling Out Of Love (Audio)

Si'Yir Royale Website:!siyir-royale/c1y3n

- @NormaJeaneJr
Posted 13th April by The Hype Magazine - Hype Magazine

" | NEXT TO BLOW: Female Rapper/Singer Si'Yir Royale - MAD (prod by FYU-CHUR)"

Redefining female rap is SI'YIR ROYALE (sigh-year), an extremely talented 20 year old Singer/Songwriter/Rapper from Oklahoma City. Teamed and signed with producer/exec FYU-CHUR (future), the rising star is without a doubt on her way to stardom. Si'Yir and FYU-CHUR are currently crafting a unique and creative sound that will impact music and comfortably cross between Rap RnB AND Pop genres at the highest level! -

"SI'YIR ROYALE takes home both "BEST FEMALE R&B ARTIST" and "BEST FEMALE RAP/R&B SINGLE" Awards from Perry Broadcasting Communications!"

October 25, 2014

Congrats go to Si'Yir Royale (nominated for 5 awards) for winning BOTH the "Best Female R&B Artist" award AND the "Best Female Rap/R&B Single" award for her number#1 song "MAD"! Not only did she win, but she put on an outstanding show as the featured artist for the Perry Broadcasting Communications Award Show! She shut it down and gained MANY new fans.This is only the beginning of greatness from FYU-CHUR and SI'YIR ROYALE! - | Perry Broadcasting Communications


Still working on that hot first release.



- "You guys pretty much got it" T-Pain, multi-platinum Recording Artist & Songwriter
- "She makes hit after hit" Tony Tone, Program Director KJMZ Lawton/Ft.Sill
- "I must say Im really really impressed! Its like a movement is going on" Kiko A&R Atlantic Records/APG
- "Production was AMAZING, Vocals where AMAZING, Everything was AMAZING" Ashley Reid, Epic Records also daughter of L.A. Reid
- "One of the most entertaining submissions i received" Che Vicious, VP of
Kanye West's G.O.O.D Music

The Industry, Internet and the "Streets" are raving about the new comer with many talents named Si'Yir Royale! SI'YIR ROYALE (sigh-year), an extremely talented 21 year old Award Winning Singer/Songwriter/Rapper from Oklahoma City currently based in Lawton Ok. Teamed and signed with producer/executive FYU-CHUR (future), the multi-talented entertainer is rapidly on her way to becoming a star.

The multi-genre entertainer (and soon to be college graduate)  is not only an amazing singer with a wide range, as well as a metaphorically gifted songwriter but she is an incredible rapper who can also act and dance. Majority agree upon meeting her that she definitely has the "IT" factor! Not only is she gifted, she has an genuine and lovable personality to match. She is next up so be on lookout!

Currently, Si'Yir and FYU-CHUR are touring, shooting music videos, and in the lab crafting a unique and creative sound that will impact music and comfortably cross between multiple genres. SO GET READY!!

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