Moley & Eoin are two brothers. Virtuosic singers, Moley is a rapper/beatboxer, Eoin guitar, inspirational pop, pitch perfect harmonies, fun, Kind of a big deal in Ireland at the mo. Unbelievable feedback from live gigs,see biog above, the biggest Irish band since the Clancy bros!


The self titled debut album featuring the lead single Sitting By The Sea
Releasing in Ireland on November 6th, 2009

''Size2Shoes...fits all!'' - Steven Spielberg
“I’m a huge fan of Size2Shoes. From the inspired mastery of their harmonies, to the streetwise intellect of their humours. Unique, unaffected, awesome.” – Russell Crowe
Sons of esteemed Irish musicians Dr. Nóirín Ní Riain and Dr. Mícheál ó Súilleabháin, Eoin (29) and Moley (25) were always destined to ply their trade in music. Both brothers are singers and Size2Shoes is their acoustic pop band. On their debut release, the self titled Size2Shoes, the duo present a unique and quirky contemporary Irish sound. The tracks deftly mix rap, vocal percussion and virtuoso guitars with sharp double vocals and a huge dollop of humour. The Size2Shoes experience is, in the main, tongue in cheek, an exercise in fun. The immense musical heritage of the ó Súilleabháin brothers shines through in the power of the musicianship and their ability to weave stories in song. The brothers have a seemingly effortless ability to grab and hold an audience, leading them through the sublime and hurtling them headlong into the ridiculous.
Size2Shoes have many well known admirers and are lucky to have had the opportunity to perform all over the world and in much esteemed company. The classical violinist Nigel Kennedy called them ‘the best fucking singer-songwriters in Ireland’, not a title they claim, though are happy to take it as it was meant in the moment! Riverdance composer Bill Whelan invited the brothers to record their very first demo in his private studio in Galway. They have recorded with Sinead O’Connor and Size2Shoes have performed with Paddy Maloney, Julie Feeney, Brian Kennedy and a host of others. One of their favourite shows to date was Electric Picnic 2009.
Hollywood actor Russell Crowe is a huge fan of Size2Shoes and the brothers have jammed with him on several occasions and will be heading to Australia in mid 2010 to record their second album at Crowe’s private studio. Size2Shoes also had the privilege of meeting and playing several times for director Steven Spielberg when he visited Ireland in July 2009.
Size2Shoes are simply good old fashioned entertainment!


Size2shoes, Size2shoes

Set List

Our set is around an hour, with or without a break/interval. We write 90percent of our songs though we do some medleys also, e.g 90's club classics medley, Morrissey & The Smiths Medley, Teddy Bears Picnic.