SIZE provides a live show that is stunning. Their music contains an urgency and earnestness not often found and is described as "forward-thinking while remaining accessible." Their EP "In Frames," offers listeners violence and beauty in ways that are challenging but familiar.


Reviving mid-90s era guitar grandeur with a contemporary indie rock outlook, SIZE is a band born of war, intellectual confusion, and religious fanaticism. Jason Bachman, Jordan Miller, Dave McLaughlin, and Scott Broody have been playing together in one form or another since the fall of 2001. History is alive and well with this band but not without a progressive focus. SIZE has learned and moves on, never forgetting the musical and social climate that has produced them. Their live show is explosive and anthemic. Their recordings are innovative and well produced without ever losing grit. Truly a result of their time, their social consciousness - always present; never heavy-handed or preachy - lends an earnestness and urgency to their music not often found elsewhere.

SIZE is inspired by such diverse, if however obligatory, influences as mewithoutYou, Damien Rice, Lovedrug, Mute Math, and Peter Gabriel. Their originality lies in their refusal to simply repeat or repackage what they have heard. They will not be pigeon-holed into any rock sub-genre. Their music brings to mind shades of Jimmy Eat World's size, Death Cab for Cutie's vulnerability, Copeland's delicacy, and Radiohead's dynamics and energy all the while creating something that is entirely their own.

In Frames, their third EP, is a reflection of all they have been through and a foreshadowing of things to come. Bachman, Miller, McLaughlin, and Broody have combined their multi-instrumentalist talents into their proudest achievement to date. Under the engineering ear of Saturation Acres Studio's Bret Alexander and with the help of the mixing talents of Mike Patrick and Tom Kee at Shotgun Audio, it is an innovatively produced collection of songs. And the band's choice in technological talent is a perfect reflection of its musical statement. Alexander is best known for his work in the Badlees and therefore is no stranger to the sounds of the 90s, while the Shotgun team are at home mixing drum and bass tracks. "This combination of guys behind the scenes has given us exactly what we wanted - the messy precision of experimental electronic music combined with a gigantic, retro sound," states Miller.

Dynamics permeate In Frames. Beyond the pure sound of movement, violence and beauty, the relationship between the organic and the constructed, humor and passion, and confidence and ambiguity are ever-present throughout. It is no accident that In Frames opens with "Memory," almost as a prelude, then moving through a virtually classical musical form to ultimately arrive at a song titled "See as Far as You Can." This track, incidentally, is more a reminder for the band itself than a command to its audience. This is classic SIZE; subtlety tucked into a saturating sound.

In their hometown, SIZE is known for their work ethic. They are a self-promotion powerhouse who put on their own shows whenever necessary. Given the well-rounded talents of each member, they have always had their hands in other musical projects,the visual and technological arts, and activist arenas. As a result, their social network is dense and far-reaching, engendering a deep groundswell of support in their hometown. Their dedication to local causes gives credibility to their authenticity. Plain and simple, they put on one hell of a show that is more than just a good time. It is not just saturated sound; this band imbibes the culture around them.

This team of musicians has come together in a unique way to make an EP that is both challenging and familiar. In its simultaneous forward thrust while remembering to nod to the past, In Frames is a sound entirely for today. It is a testament to SIZE's restraint that even within a single song, as soon as you think you've heard their best, they give you more.

"In Frames offers an emotional intensity alien to the mainstream. [SIZE] speaks earnestly about what is and what could be. I believe them. This EP is dynamic and charismatic. A success." - Andrew Gena, WITF Harrisburg Public Radio 89.5FM, Harrisburg, PA.

"A retro vibe without being boring, forward-thinking while still remaining accessible, brilliant and catchy song-writing, great performers...[SIZE] is better than Oasis. These guys are really good." - John LaMere, WOCM Ocean 98.1FM, Ocean City, MD.


"In Frames" EP
January 1, 2008

"Baccalaureate" EP
March 1, 2004

Set List

Song list -
Rafters and Roofbeams
See As Far As You Can
Collar and Lead
Hypermusic - Muse
The Bends - Radiohead
Volcano - Damien Rice
Champagne Supernova - Oasis
Minerva - The Deftones