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Fort Myers, Florida, United States | SELF

Fort Myers, Florida, United States | SELF
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"FGCU Student's Aspirations Not Under Raps"

November 7, 2007

S-Jayy turns closet into recording studio.

Other college students are out partying. Not Stevie Johnson.

He's usually standing in his bedroom closet. Rapping into a microphone. You have to see it to believe it. The Florida Gulf Coast University student has turned his cluttered walk-in closet into a makeshift recording studio -- complete with a stand-up microphone and a cable snaking out to his computer's ProTools program. A sheet of cardboard -- tied to the closet shelf -- holds his lyrics. "Everybody's surprised when they see this," Johnson says.
"They're always saying, 'It doesn't sound like you recorded it in your closet.'"
Here's where Johnson -- better known as local rapper S-Jayy -- has been recording his upcoming CD, "Chapter None, Mixtape Vol. 1." And it's been a nonstop process these past few months.
Just ask his roommate. "I'm always trying to get him to come out of 'The Dungeon,'" says Jeremy Graves, 20. "He never leaves. His door's locked, and he's always in there with his headphones on.
"He's always focused."
For one day, at least, S-Jayy will step away from the closet mike and his piles of notebooks scribbled with lyrics. He's one of three performers lined up for today's Eaglepalooza festival at FGCU. S-Jayy will share the stage with rapper Yung Joc and pop singer Melody.
It's just one more step in S-Jayy's plan to make it as a hip-hop artist. Another step is finishing his CD and giving out free downloads online and free copies on campus.
He's releasing the album on Tribal Units, a label he's starting with "his boys" back in Melbourne. The CD will include originals and reworked versions of popular songs such as 50-Cent's "Ayo Technology."
"I'm just trying to get people to hear my stuff," says S-Jayy, 22.
He says this album is much better than his first attempt: a mix tape he made in high school.
"It wasn't really good," says
S-Jayy, wearing jeans, a gray FGCU T-shirt and a baseball cap turned sideways. "I listen to it now and I kinda laugh."
This new CD will probably have about 20 tracks, rapped to beats supplied by his Melbourne buddies and sampled from commercial hits such as Justin Timberlake's "What Goes Around."
S-Jayy says he spends a lot of time getting his songs just right -- especially the lyrics. He's always scribbling lyrics in notebooks, which litter his bedroom floor along with pens, sneakers and discarded Bud Light bottlecaps.
He wrote the song "To the Top" about making it in the rap world. It's about trying your hardest and shooting for success.
"Can't go nowhere but up/ ain't much of a drop," he raps in his easygoing flow. "So in order to do that, I gotta grind to the top."
S-Jayy also writes about college life, parties and women. Lots about women.
"Get on the Job," for example, is all about meeting women at clubs -- women with "booties looking soft like a cotton swab."
"I try to use a lot of humor," he says.
S-Jayy doesn't write about the street, he says, because he doesn't know a lot about that. He's not 50 Cent. "I don't claim to be a thug or a gangbanger," he says. "I'm just a real dude. I speak the truth." S-Jayy got a taste of rap success recently when he opened for Lil' Wayne at Orlando's Club Firestone.
"Girls were screaming," S-Jayy says and grins. "I've never experienced anything like that.
"It was a very positive sign."
Graves says he's impressed with his roommate's skill and wordplay. And he's convinced S-Jayy will indeed grind to the top. "He can rap about anything," Graves says. "Just give him a beat, and he'll rap to it."
S-Jayy says he has the willpower to make it happen. He's always talking about focus, and how he's more focused than most people he knows. He doesn't have much time for parties or even a girlfriend. He's got his music. And he's got his hip-hop dream.
"I have that vision," S-Jayy says. "I know what I want to do. "And nothing's going to get in my way."

- News Press Charles Runnells

"FGCU Rapper Sets His Goals Sky High"

Local rapper S-Jayy is not aiming for hip-hop superstardom. He wants to be an icon. "That is my goal and I will get there," said the Florida Gulf Coast University Student. Born and raised in Palm Bay, S-Jayy came to Southwest Florida for college and the opportunity to play basketball at FGCU. While at school he quickly began to focus more on music and writing lyrics. Since then his quest for icon status has led to gigs at the university and opening for best-selling rapper Lil Wayne. He is currently in the studio working on the follow up to his "Chapter None Vol.1". Vol.2 is scheduled to be out in September. Check out S-Jayy's music at myspace.com/sjayy.
Q:What influenced you to play music?
My father is from New York and my mother is from Guyana, South America. Those diverse backrounds have created a "gumbo effect" with my musical influences; it is a little bit of everything. Growing up my parents would listen to a sundry selection of music, from Bob Marley, Sting, Cameo, Sade to Luther Vandross. Right now, my influences include Prince and bands such as Coldplay and Incubus. Artists who have created a distinct style and sound such as Lupe Fiasco, Kanye West and Andre 3000 also inspire me. Q:How would you describe your music style?
My music style is unlike anything that people are used to hearing from a hip hop artist. Fashion is a large part of my style, which becomes a reflection of my music. You might hear me doing songs with rock bands or something very soulful. I like doing music my way and not following what is trendy or typical, but still being able to captivate the world. I am just doing me! Everything I do musically is intended to reach everyone from the young to the old. I want everyone to feel what I am saying.
Q:How responsive are audiences in Southwest Florida?
Honestly it all depends on the location. I have performed at a coffee shop before and obviously, you are not going to have people standing on tables jumping up and down, but at the same time you can tell whether they like what they are hearing or not. I have performed at clubs where they really feel my performance and all the attention is on me. It really depends on the venue.
Q:How would you describe the music scene in Southwest Florida?
The music scene in Southwest Florida is on the rise. I mean, Plies is doing well for himself right now. I feel like more record labels are starting to take interest in the area. I do feel like there needs to be more opportunities for local artists through radio staions and performance opportunities. It is important that Southwest Florida support its artists. - News Press: Juan Buitrago

"Mr. Tie & Trucker Hats S-Jayy Interview"

“Easy, slick and smooth”, all words used to describe the sound that is uniquely S-Jayy. In an industry where artist are all beginning to sound like clones. S-Jayy does a grand job of standing apart and staking a solid claim as an influential and definitely eclectic hip-hop artist.

Born and raised in Palm Bay, Florida the 23-year-old Florida Gulf Coast University senior relocated to SWFL with plans of playing ball. Music came much later as just a hobby. I sat down with S-Jayy recently to find out what we could expect from Chapter None Volume 2, his second mix tape which is set to release early September.

It’s safe to say; S-Jayy has since turned his hobby into a well-suited craft. Working with Core DJ, DJ Quest on “Material Girl” a real laid back song about a girl that likes the finer things in life, and S-Jayy has no problem giving it to her. S-Jayy has gone in with Volume 2 Chapter None, but is he the next artist to blow out of SWFL? What’s his take on the state of Hip-Hop in SWFL? Will this mix tape serve it’s purpose and propel S-Jayy into the mainstream?

S-Jayy Background/Stats:

Opened for some of today’s biggest artist such as Busta Rhymes, Lil Wayne, and Yung Joc.

Performances @ Club Level, Club Venu, Ultra, The Clubhouse, Cache’ and Envy Lounge.

Fort Myers Gulf Coasting states “S-Jayy has iconic potential and is a star on the rise.”

Check out our conversation and you decide:
- CheChe Naturally of 239hiphop.com

"S-Jayy (Makin It Magazine pg.24) 1st Quarter Issue"

Writen by:Kelby Cannick
Having opened for acts such as Busta Rhymes, Lil Wayne, and Yung Joc, independent artist S-Jayy is gaining ground with his "Ties and Trucker Hat" movement. His undeniable drive, slick lyrics, and animated flow, are bound to grab the ears of all that hear him. Born and raised in Palm Bay, Florida, the 23 year old's versitility gives way to an eclectic sound which moves crowds from all walks of life.
Working with mega producer DJ Quest of the Core DJ's, S-Jayy recently dropped the single "Material Girl"and also "My Get Up" which was produced by King Midas both have been widely received in South Florida. Having performed at local venues in Florida, S-Jayy is now expanding his "Ties and Trucker Hat"movement to North Carolina. As he prepares to set forth on a college tour, S-Jayy is in search of a strong promotions and marketing team to move his career to the next level. You can check his music www.myspace.com/sjayy and download his latest mixtape Chapter None Volume 2. For booking or more information, contact Felicia at 239-839-2563 or Felicia@somonsmangement.com. - Makin It Magazine (pg.24)


Chapter None Vol.1
The Snippet
Chapter None Vol.2
Moon Rockz



If music is the universal language then Stephan “S-Jayy” Johnson can speak directly to you heart. S-Jayy story is one of humble beginnings. Born and raised in Palm Bay, Florida S-Jayy began his musical journey at an early age. His father hails form the Big Apple and his mother came form Guyana, South America. Growing up in such a rich cultural atmosphere gave S-Jayy a different view of the world. His parents listened to artist like Prince, Hall and Oats, The Police, Loose Ends and Coo Mo Dee. Listening to such a variety of genres gave S-Jayy the musical spark.

S-Jayy began his career as a way of expression, a way to release his vision. He worked diligently to perfect his sound as an artist and musician. To become the best S-Jayy knew he had to open shows for the hottest artist. S-Jayy finally hit his mark and has opened for Busta Rhymes, Lil Wayne, and Yung Joc.

When you listen to the pure creative vibe, the passion in his voice and the powerful lyrics. S-Jayy is a true advocate of charity & mentorship. His values lead him to give back to those are less fortunate. S-Jayy is a true model of what every artist aspires to be within his community. He organizes community food drives and donates his time to work with various organizations to raise money for community & youth projects. A motto that S-Jayy continually says is “The only real failure in life is the failure to try.”

Music success runs thru his family. S-Jayy’s uncle is Jolyon Skinner, a songwriter with Universal Records. Jolyon wrote the hit single "I Wanna Know” for R&B sensation Joe. S-Jayy knows the road to true music industry success is not easy, but turning your dreams into reality is the only way to live.

Still attending Florida Gulf Coast University S-Jayy is making noise within the music industry and local markets. According to the Fort Myers Gulf Coasting “S-Jayy has iconic potential and is a star on the rise” & the Fort Myers News Press calls S-Jayy's flow “easy, slick, and smooth”.

Inspiration and versatility drive his craft to new heights. With a refreshing sound, sophisticated style and an undeniable love for music S-Jayy will soon be one of today’s most influential artist to come!

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