A talented singer/songwriter/performer/producer comes as solo artist to you. With a powerful, raspy voice, whether over music or acapella will move, touch, and inspire. With a look that can catch any womans eye and a voice that will melt it just the same is ready to make a big mark in the industry.


SJL (Samuel J. L. Haynes III) started singing at family parties, get togethers and school at the age of 8 for fun and entertainment. Once realizing his unique ability and gift to mimic the sounds and voices of those he heard his parents influenced him to begin singing seriously in church and in the schools choral/ gospel choir. Coming from a family of ministers and gospel singers music was naturally in his blood. He fell in love with singing and performing at the age of 12 when he performed his first lead with his middle school choir singing "Lean On Me", from there he knew music was his first love.

Born in Wichita Falls,TX and raised for the majority of his youth in Alabama. He comes with that southern hospitality laid back feel, full of soul. Growing up as the son of a pastor gave him a different perspective on life, destiny, and choices. At the age of 17 he began to sing in a 4 part harmony acapella group in Portland, Or called Agape Love. Performing in many churches all over the NW. Now 22, after learning some of life's harder lesson has a story to tell of over coming the hard times and striving for better ones every day. Blessed with the birth of his son Sakari J.L Haynes in 2002, SJL, was given a new reason to sing. "Before my son was born I had a lot to sing about, it was self therapy a way to let things out. But once he entered my world so did a whole new joyful reason to sing."

SJL is now working on his own project, which all of his songs are written by him telling his story about love, relationships, and life. "When I have a mic in my hand I become an open book and just like emotions scripted on sheets of paper, my voice narrates the chapters of my life for those listening to hear, learn and fall in love with my experiences."

With a smooth smokey voice SJL will take you back, back to that sweet place in your mind were there are no worries. He will captivate your imagination through his soulful ballads or up-tempo grooves to make you dance, smile, or cry. A unique voice that could easily be picked out of an all-star line up, croons with sweet influences of many greates like Brian McKnight, Baby Face, Eric Benet, Uncle Sam, Steve Wonder and Luther Vandross.


Singles soon to be released: "This Game" and "Get It Wit Me"

Album soon to be released: "An Open Book" LP 16 song CD hitting stores Sept. 1st

Set List

Sets are usually formatted for 15minutes; 30 minutes; 45 minutes; 60 minutes performed in two (2) 30 minute halfs with a break.

My setlist varies to the event and the crowd. I have a variety of material that caters to all audiences. My main objective is complimenting the mood that is set during the concert and giving the audience a good show. My set can go as long as 60 mins, I typically do 15-20min sets opening for headliners. The set can be performed profanity free for colleges, outdoor events, and other functions that require clean lyircs.

I do not have covers songs. In the process of begining a repertoire consisting of Brian Mcknight, John Legend, Tyrese, Carl Thomas and Uncle Sam.