Skagg Philips

Skagg Philips

 Denton, Texas, USA

Skagg Philips is a dervish constellation of instruments and voices focused on the singular goal of reaching new heights of personal happiness by transcending vulnerability and suffering, with the absolute least amount of revenge, through the universal beauty of music - all with an attitude toward the past that neither sweeps aside nor blindly carries forward, but rather caresses what resonates with the moment and turns away from that which is out of tune with now.


Skagg Philips is the side project of Jordan Batson. Originally, simply a collection of bedroom demos, since 2011 Skagg Philips has performed as a solo act with the simple instrumentation of vocal and guitar. Recently, Skagg Philips has expanded to become a full band. Current members: Jordan Batson (A.M. Ramblers, Bird Meets Winter, Sleepyhouse) on guitar and vocals, Cory Coleman (A.M. Ramblers, Hares on the Mountain, Cory Patrick Coleman, Sleepyhouse) on drums, Corbin Childs (Ella Minnow, Forever and Everest, Danny Diamonds) on Bass, Joel Larner (Bird Meets Winter) on Keys, and Adrien Wallace (Forever and Everest) on trumpet and vocals. The band’s first full length will be released Spring 2015.


Nay Nay (2011)
Flowering Quince (2011)
10/18/14 (2014)