Cleveland, Ohio, USA

The year 2010 presented the world with the magical power of music named Skagtones, looking to hit the scene hard with gigs, recording, and all the fun stuff. This 5 piece band is full of talent and excitement, sure to pack the house and have a good time with their feel good music.


Tireless efforts coupled with their huge talent and phenomenal creativity chiseled the voices that shot Skagtones into the lime light. The innovative tunes coupled with the best strings of characters make this a full package. So far the band has performed at various places and has gathered love from all around. Listeners, fans, and followers of Skagtones have really liked their music and some regard it as a fusion of Sublime and Nirvana.

Skagtones have really embellished the cold gray skies of Ohio with a burst of color. This magical mixture of 5 has evolved as a pioneer in presenting rock music differently. People who used to regard rock music as “noise” have again been inclined towards the wonders rock music can do and this has been done by none other than the Skagtones.